How to spend a family Christmas party

So Christmas - a time of fulfillment of desires and hopes of all of us.This holiday is a direct continuation of the Christmas series.He is the center of it, between the New and Old New Year.And we want to mention is not worse than the meeting of the New Year.Therefore, we should make every effort to do so.So how is it done?Holiday in the first place, begins in our hearts, and then envelops our mood and pushes out to organize something original.In this case, as you know, the main thing is your immediate initiative and idea.As you know, we are women that are different.After all, who but we have scrupulously and diligently post to any business.The main thing to believe in themselves and their capabilities, and then, all of you do not take, you can do it.This will be your fundamental basis of how to spend a family Christmas party.

And so, the first thing that may come to mind - it does not make a big family Christmas carnival.Declare his household that Christmas is scheduled fabulous family dinner.Start in

the first place, to design an apartment.Create a festive atmosphere, thanks to the garlands and Christmas toys, you surely have not yet had hidden after the New Year.Be sure not to forget about the Christmas candles.After all, Christmas - it is, as we have said, a magical holiday and candles create the effect of this, the most magic.Anyway, take a mental note that the presence of candles for Christmas - it is a long tradition that is constantly passed from year to year.Himself a fabulous Christmas dinner can be varied, for example, you can choose any particular cartoon, and maybe this will be the biblical party.Regarding the latter, there will be enough use ordinary white sheets or blankets, tying them on top of his clothes.The difference between the two, so the title of "carnival", only that any proposed under the themes of the plot will be necessary to choose a specific and relevant to this suit.If you opted for cartoon characters, here select them based on the complexity of the image of the costume.The suit is likely to have to sew by hand, so consider this.

course, preparation for the holiday, should begin in advance.To did not happen, like in the popular saying: "How to go on hunting and gathering of dogs."Therefore, try to make you do not have one hand to cook Christmas dinner and other festive costume sewing.Connect to tailor case someone else from the family.The two hands to implement the plan, it will be much easier.Of course, do not cut out and sew the outfits space, it will be enough, if you take the old clothes and stick to it symbolizing one or another character, design elements.For example, the fox - tail, rabbit - ears, and so on.If you do not have time, to show their talent seamstress, try to dream a little, in the form of impromptu.For example, you can for a quick hand, paper or fabric scraps, ribbons over his shoulder to make (as a final).And write them, marker, different names of the same characters.And during the holiday, refer to each member of the family in accordance with the inscription on his belt.Believe me, it will be really fun.

Also, you can sew scraps of colored cloth or buy any, a few small Christmas bags.Here, the main problem is that each color corresponds to what is in the pocket.For example, yellow - candy blue - small trinkets and so on.This game will be very like your child.You can come up with a variety of puzzles, giving answers to that, he will receive a prize from a particular bag or just play with your family to the game "Guess in which that bag ...".Regarding the puzzles here as a basis, we can take the biblical parable that will be very important to this holiday.If your child already knows how to read, even if of course, on Christmas Eve, read this book talk.And do not forget to do it yourself.Better yet, let it do all the members of the family, and then be able to guess all together.The most original idea Christmas party will be, if you turn in a figurative sense, of course the word, your child's angel.For this case, take an extended snow-white shirt and attach the angel wings that can be done, carefully cut them out of the pieces of white poster board.Your child is in such an outfit, certainly will be the main for the Christmas holidays.

Here, we have listed some key points of how to spend a family Christmas party.Believe me, so you remember it exactly.It is worth knowing that Christmas - this is, first and foremost, a fairy tale.So, then, it should do and fabulous throughout.Especially pleased, thereby kids.Present, on this day, a fairy tale yourself and him.Good luck Christmas.

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