Pearls - magical properties

Indian legend has it that the first drops of rain falling in the sea, get to shellfish, and the moonlight to help them fall asleep, and so there is a pearl.A few beliefs in India say that the pearls grow in the mind of a toad or frog, others believe say that pearls are formed in the clouds and falling into the sea, got into the sink.In the Middle Ages Indian scientist-mineralogist he wrote about a elephant on his forehead which magic pearl was grown .The Philippines believed that the sun rises over the sea sun got in pearl, and so formed a pearl.In the North, were carried legends of pearls, which have been associated with both joy and grief.Russian legend says that pearls bring only the good man keeps his youth and has beneficial effects on his health.In China, believe that pearls - is frozen yin and pearls longevity and youthfulness.

Even in the years before our era mentioned about the pearls, the Roman emperors adorned their apparel pearls.Pearls are considered the most valuable and precious mate

rials used for the decoration of jewelry and clothing.

oldest shells found in the Arabian Gulf, the coast of Persia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Red Sea, the oldest pearl from the Persian Gulf, it 4000 years.

The church pearls were a symbol of the love of God, her clothes were decorated with the priest, altar and other attributes of church activities.Pearl - the only precious material, which does not require treatment, it is ideal in the natural guise.In the Islamic and Christian religions believe that pearl - symbol of purity and perfection .The Quran describes the pearl as the gifts of heaven.

Pearls considered truly divine gift and also has miraculous properties.We believe that if the pearls to hold in the mouth, it purifies the blood and stops the heart pains, promotes blood clotting.It is recommended that pregnant women wear pearls, since believed that pearls facilitates pregnancy and helps to bear a child.Rich in ancient wine put pearls believed that pearls can protect them from the poison.

Astrologers believe that pearls beneficial to people born under the sign of Pisces, and especially recommended to wear pearls unmarried women and girls regardless of age.Pearl acts as an amulet against the evil eye, and protects, develops intuition, protects against theft and promotes longevity.It is believed that the pearl is reunited with a host of displays and well-being, for example, if a person is healthy, shiny pearls, pearls and if faded or dim - means the owner is ill or sick, so close to the old master pearls begins to fade, and contact with skinsecretions, pearls may actually be an indicator of health.The pearl is the negative force of the Moon, say people in the know, so good luck brings pearls only to those people who believe in themselves, and the other can hurt.Man wearing pearls, becomes permanent and tames vanity and pride, becoming obedient.The composition of pearls include water, earth and air - that's why pearls have always cool, and has a calming effect on the person.In general pearls consists of 2% water, 85% potassium carbonate, and 13% komhiolina.As part of the pearl powder found 22 species of amino acids, vitamins D and V. Pearl improves overall health and increases the tone.

Pearl is not only magic and magical properties, but also healing.It is widely used in folk medicine.Pearl acts as antipyretic, relieves epilepsy, helps with fractures and bone disease, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, diseases of the uterus.It helps with pain in the liver, kidneys, removes the problem of the bladder and urinary tract, dissolves kidney stones, eases allergic reactions.It helps with hypertension and related diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.It soothes the nervous system and improves memory.Prepare even the "pearl water", putting a glass of water a few gems of the night.Water helps with hemorrhoids and diseases of the gums.It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and hemostatic effect.

Pearls should not be worn continuously, it is necessary to give a rest, put in water.It is not necessary to buy the pearl, it must be presented.Do not wear pearls with other gems.The color of pearls varies from white to black, there are also yellow, pink.

In the Middle Ages it was customary for the wedding the bride gave a string of pearls, believed that pearls enhance her love and loyalty to him, had to give a young husband or his parents.Occupation dobyvatelya pearl was considered the most dangerous because of the depth of the pearls, but now the pearls are grown, that is cultivated by placing inside the shell grit.Then placed at a depth of 2 to 6 meters into the water and after 3-4 years harvest.To date, so get do95% of pearls, so it can not be regarded as artificial, because it retains all its beneficial properties.Pearl is a river and sea.

pearl powder is sold in pharmacies in Japan, as it contains a lot of minerals, cosmetologists powder is added to cosmetics for skin care face and body.Just pieces of pearls added to shampoos and conditioners for hair, strengthens nail polishes.Komhiolin or protein pearls protects us from ultraviolet rays and maintains pH balance, normalizes the cell.