Summer, sun, sea, beach

sultry summer time when it is time to shake off the winter clothes and go to the beach to sunbathe.Small shorts, thin T-shirt and high heels and attract the eye of men from fourteen and above.The gentle rays of the sun and caressed the white skin after the rain, and the warm water lapped pleasantly cools the skin warmed by the sun.Lying on the beach and listening to the catchy songs about summer, I thought, as it was well-acquainted with someone of the opposite sex, and only those thoughts left my head, and I was again plunged into the meaning of the song "Summer sun sea beach ..." II felt decent hit the soft spot.I screamed, as befits a typical girl and turned around.It was a ball and it was running guy.A beautiful and tanned, he quickly ran up to me and with a worried glance examined me.

- you do not hurt yourself?Excuse me, we feed an athlete ...

- Survive.And you seem no worse than an athlete - I forgot to hit the soft spot.

- Well, I'm far it does not look like - the stranger replied.

- Well and good, but it too had a heavy hand - I rubbed the sore spot.

- Sorry again.My name is Artyom.And you?

- Katya.

-Kin whether that ball ... - shouted waiting for the ball.And he gave his strong hands the ball.the impact was not weak.

- And you do not accidentally drove me to the ball, eh?And we took off on some of his friends.Painfully you strong innings.- Then he blushed and lowered his eyes, and I knew it was him.

- I'm sorry, it would be me.And once again I'm sorry that you lied.I was afraid that I will fall hurt the prettiest girls - began to drive up my new acquaintance.

- What are the words, but I hasten to warn you that this is not flattery, I peck ...

- Maybe then give a phone number?I'll call you, and then as a redeem his guilt.For example, treating ice cream.

- Well, if you want ice cream to atone, you can do it right at the crime scene - I said, and pointed to a tent with ice cream.- I am not against - even bolder I said.

- And all the same phone number you will have to give me - with these words he ran redeems his guilt.

While I was lying contentedly waiting his ice cream, and I thought, how quickly my wishes come true, thanks to God for the blow to the soft spot and this handsome.Here are my thoughts were interrupted by a shadow over my head.Squatting down, he looked into my eyes through my dark sunglasses, trying to see my eyes.

- So what?- He asked, handing me an ice cream.- Can I count on your phone number?

- If not, then what?- Defiantly she asked, and immediately snatched from his hand my ice cream.

- Go fired - he said.

- Well, of course ... no one does not do so because of a phone number.So do just sick in the head - I do not believe it.

- So I'm sick in the head - he said and stared into my eyes - and you have beautiful eyes!- Surprised he said.

- I wonder what you have seen through my sunglasses?- I asked sarcastically.- And do not move down to the topic - I brazenly passed on "you".

- Ha!And you do not miss a girl!- He was very happy.- I want to know you better and learn more.Well, please give me your phone number - all he continued to beg.

Still, I gave him my number, in the end, my wishes come true, and their foolish to oppose the sale.And a new acquaintance never hurt, especially with such a handsome man.So I lay in the sun a couple of hours, I was approached a couple of times guys, but they do not cling to me.The first was better, and I noticed he was watching me.As soon as someone approached me, he found himself right there, and began a conversation with me.After a while I got bored, and I got up and left, so that my departure would go unnoticed for him.I only went beyond the beach as the phone started ringing.

- Have you already gone?

- Yeah, what?

- Sorry, but I wanted you to say goodbye.

- Another time, I went - I lied and hung up.Something he started annoying me, it hurts too persistent, pesters his attention, I would even say that he manyachny some.After these thoughts I got sick at all to see him, and besides, he did not let me get to know the other guys.All agreed, will not come to this beach.The city and the other beaches are full.

This is my new friend so frightened me with their attention, that I was afraid to go out with him.Well, who knows what.When he called me, I otshila him, saying that I could not see him at first sight, he was very upset.

I really could not go for a walk with him, because I have a terrible back and shoulders ached, I burned in the sun so that it seemed as if I had been dipped in a pot of boiling water.Thank God next to me was my loyal and best friend Lena.Her I would never trade for anything.As she smeared me different creams and tools for burns, it builds a different version of his manyachnogo behavior.She's still the same dreamer and lover of various adventures.And in the end we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to check, though it would be easier to forget of course, but in this case, Lena, it was easier to check Artem than to persuade Lena forget Artem.

Praise Lena and her miraculous ointments in the evening I felt better, and we decided the next day to go to the same beach where I met with Artem.

- Che will do?- All I elicits Lenka.

- watch him - calmly answered my Sherlock Holmes in a skirt.

- Ensure that there will be ???- I was surprised.- This is not legal!

- we just lie down and watch them all, you wear another swimsuit and a big hat, and he does not know!Calm down you!

- Ahh ... well, persuaded!- I agreed, because I had nowhere to go.

morning I greatly relieved, another burn in the sun, I was not ready to receive, and even for whom?Or for what?I, that ventured Lena was not important, but Lena was difficult to speak, so we went to the beach.I was wearing a big hat and big glasses on the floor face, had brought two bottles of sunscreen.If yesterday I took the cream for intensive tanning, today is the opposite.Arriving at the beach, I chose a place in the shade, and Lena went closer to the water and to the athletes.In general, she chose the place where I was lying yesterday.So, surveillance began, Lena kept her eye on him, and I'm Lena.And here I was drawn to sleep.I was asleep, I saw that my new friend yesterday frame another girl.He also ran for ice cream, and interestingly enough, I bought the same as me.And then the phone rang.Called Lenka perturbed.

- Well, no, well, you see, and ???- Food Lenka in a tube.

- Yes, I do not care, he's not my husband!

- How it's like he's met you yesterday and kicked all your guys!

- And that, to me, I'm sure he's not the one with the girl met!So calm down - I was trying to calm her down.I like that is not particularly worried about that person, well, guys, all such cables, this is certainly no different from the others.Moreover, he looks good, that's a plus when meeting, because the girls are so naive fool, that first of all look at the figure and the only person that for me it is not so important.After all, if a guy pays so much attention and time, it is unlikely he can find a girl for a minute, because like him she only needed to support self-esteem and self-affirmation.

Then I noticed that Lena was sent to me, and it looks like she was angry that this is reflected in her gait.She's like a little child who forbade something angrily walked toward me, stamping on the sand.

- Pig!First he drove her to the ball almost on the head, then ran to her for ice cream, well, you imagine ?!- Still I could not calm down Lena.

- Specifically what?- I was surprised.

- What specifically?

- The ball stopped ...

- Yeah, he deliberately threw at it, and then ran to apologize.

- So he got me too Ball, then bought ice cream - still surprised me.

- You've got his number, right?- All elicit Lena.

- Yes, but why would you?Just do not tell me you're going to call him!

- No - she smiled slyly - Call will you!

- I what for?I do not need it, Len!

- such deceivers have to teach!

- In our country, such a pile, and you're going to teach everyone ?!

- No, only those who come across me!

- So he's not got to you and me out of the beauty!

- Well, let's call him!- All she whined.

- On!- I handed her the phone.- I'm sure he does not remember my vote, call itself!

She dialed his number, and I watched more for him than for her.He squatted next to her, and what they were talking.Then he reached into his pocket and took out his phone.Away from her.Still he would not talk to me, or rather with Lenka, next to the girl.I did not listen to what Lena told him, and I was not interested.I watched the beach, for people who were sunbathing under the warm rays of the sun.Then my eyes fell on an elderly couple.Both were old and tanned, and I'm sure they were happy.She was lying under an umbrella, as he gently rubbed her legs with cream.Probably about a dream and I'm old, and any normal person, that would be near a beloved husband, with whom lived for decades, and still we are interested in each other ... and then I Lena shook his shoulder.

- What are you ????

- Oh, thought ...

- What is it?About this bastards or what ???

- Neet, I do not need it, and I do not even wonder what are you spoke to him, I did not hear.

- If you're not interested, I'll tell you everything!

- Well, enlighten ... - half-heartedly asked her.

- In general, he does not remember!- And then I started to laugh uncontrollably.- What are you laughing like a horse!Look further.I told him saying "yesterday met in the same place and as well as you are right now acquainted with this girl."After these words of mine he oboldeli slightly."And in the evening you called me and invited to walk, but I could not because I was burned in the sun.And you have, I found myself watching another.I'll be right there, and I will build you a defeat! "Can you imagine, he got up and walked away from her, but something told her.And I do not fit then.

- Well, what are you made it your way?

- laugh at him ... and on you!

- It should be me, then why ?!

- How ?!He did not remember you!- She laughed.- You are my gray mouse !!!

- Well, well!- I was delighted - but know the next time I'm not going to tell you about his new acquaintances!

- Well, look!- She laughed again.

So we packed up and went home.The more I did not go to the beach, at least one.We went only with Lena.And if we were approached by beautiful guys, we immediately otshivali them.Maybe someone thinks we have abnormal, but nice guys are not for us.We need those who will love us, not those who will love you.Do not believe nice guys.Too expensive costs us our confidence sometimes.

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