Male Country distribute the family budget

Do you think that the husband strange distribute the family budget, and is guided in this obscure your motives?In this situation, just need to talk to the couple about the problem of planning the family budget.And do not listen to anyone, if you are told that you need to plan their family budget only to those families who have large incomes.Nothing like this, you can even say that the opposite is true.Because the purpose of conducting family budget is to control and properly distribute the funds available.

What should begin and what to do in the future in order to properly make the family budget and not to continue it seemed strange that the husband distributes the family budget?Each month the family received revenues, which consist of the salaries of the spouses and, sometimes, other sources, such as financial assistance to parents, etc.Each month the family members spend the money on their own needs.They pay for utilities, Internet, buy food and spend money on entertainment, etc.That is, each month t

he family is spending.In order to profit and expenses were proper alignment, and you need to plan the family economy.

draw up a family budget of the Council for the month.In a normal budget revenues exceed expenses, or at least be equal.When you make a family budget, you will need to specify all of their income, and expense categories need to write all of that will have to pay a mandatory (rent, food, taxes, loans, kindergarten, etc.).

composing the family budget, you can help yourself to delay funds for a leisure trip or an expensive purchase.To do this, you can plan your spending, and analyze them to see which of the costs proved to be useless, and where you can save.This can be done not only for a few months, but also to take it as a habit.Look and things go downhill.Thus, we can save money for the future education of children, and on the machine and a good refrigerator

Family budget also provides a function as restrictive.It helps couples to control the amount of money you can spend, and how much money is set aside.It helps even inexperienced young families in this difficult matter - the distribution of the family budget.

for all families to choose one versatile and convenient distribution system of the family budget is impossible.We advise you before starting its preparation to take into account key factors such as:

- Age family.This should be taken into account because the presence of young children in the family implies an increase in spending on new clothes, shoes, toys.Teens can already look for jobs, but their income is irregular and insignificant.So it proceeds to enter a list is not necessary.

- economic components that comprise a major source of household income - wages and non-core resources - income from renting apartments, rental, by performing additional, minor works, etc.

- factor number which implies a number of employed and unemployed family members.After all, if your family of five people, and income is generated only one of you, accordingly, the level of income per family member is, to say the least, a little.

- Family level needs.Every family has some certain standard of living, and the higher it is, the better and more expensive are the needs of each family member.Since there is a need to purchase an expensive home appliances, expensive clothes, shoes, you need to hire a nanny child, in order to be able to find the time to waste money for trips to the beauty salon and fitness center.

And now we will consider the main items of the family budget.


It is the analysis of these articles should be given more time in order to save it later.Naturally, their content significantly affects family life and her preference, but there is a standard set.Rod and stable costs, which are characteristic of each family can be divided into these costs:

- permanent, in the form of public and obligatory payments, such as payment of credit debt, car expenses, the Internet, etc .;

- on food;

- on clothes;

- on education and overall development;

- to create an interior housing;

- to rest;

- to ensure a certain way of life of the family.

debts - the enemies of the budget

In life there are unexpected situation where the monthly volume of the family budget exhausted sooner than he should have.This means that you miscalculated your family budget.You need it to find mistakes you make a mistake and correct it, otherwise this situation could happen again.When you find these reasons, be sure to consider them, they will be useful in the future.

you are in such a difficult situation, when to wage another week, and, as they say, eat something, I want to, decides on the easiest way to supplement the family budget, how to borrow money.But we must be aware that they will need to return, or maybe even with interest!Lack your budget, this method does not correct.

expensive purchases

any major purchase you need to plan in advance.You must analyze your income and expenses, to make sure that this purchase will bring significant damage to your budget.If you still lacks a bit, try to reduce some of the costs or even eliminate them.

if you scraped together enough money, after all, do not rush to buy, because the family budget should not be emptied until the end.It may happen that the money may be needed urgently for the more important things.

«Family piggy bank" and children

Many people believe that the planned budget is only obliged to adult family members, and children to him should not have any relationship.But allowing the child to participate in the discussion of the future of travel by sea, or be able to dispose of a certain amount of money, you allow the child to feel the psychological level, an important member of the family.And this educational moment will help you instill in your child the culture of the right attitude towards money and handling.This will be a very rewarding experience for him, the child in the future, first think before you ask him to buy another expensive toy.After all, he knows that money does not come from the air, and they have come to an end.

To your husband is not strange distributed the family budget, but as you see fit, determine for themselves the model of your family budget.

joint budget.

In our country, the most common model of the family budget is considered to be a joint budget.This kind of family budget shows that the available funds are involved all family members, as all proceeds go to a "piggy bank."The couple agree that the family is not "your" and "my" money does not matter who earns more.

Equity budget

If the family adopted this model of the family budget, then the husband and wife are counting all the mandatory costs for the next month, and the remaining amount is divided between them, or two, or as they deem necessary to solve.Often the money is divided in proportion to the wages of the spouses.Naturally, the one who gets a smaller salary, will not be pleased with this result.After all, he considers unfair the fact that his personal expenses he received less than another.

Separate budget

Such a model of the family budget is quite widespread in Europe, and we just beginning to emerge.When planning the family budget of this kind, the couple are very careful about their financial independence from each other.In such a family, wife accustomed to dispose of their money and pay their bills.Of course, some of the financial issues they are paid equally, for example, to pay rent an apartment or pay for children's education.

When selecting a model of the family budget for your family, you have to remember that it must be approved by all members of the family, otherwise it will lead to a hidden discontent and future family conflict.

We all have habits and ideas about life, who were vaccinated us when we lived with our parents, and we are now taking a new soybean own young family.Often it happens that the outlook on life and the family budget at the disposal of the young couple radically different, and they can not come to a mutual agreement.But it is important to find common ground in this issue and jointly choose the model of the family budget of your own family.

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