Elektrolipoliz reduce belly fat

What elektrolipoliz?

In today's world there is probably such industries that do not use electricity, as it is used in cosmetics and medicine.Elektrolipoliz is a procedure in which electric pulses of low power, influence muscle tissue and nerve endings.For the destruction of fatty tissue and cellulite by using an electric current is passed through the electrodes of the human skin.

This technique is very effective for the prevention of aging and after various cosmetic surgeries.In addition, it helps to reduce with high efficiency belly fat.

This method was developed and first began to be used for correction in France.Currently, two methods are used elektrolipoliz - and the needle electrode.When needle method, the electrodes in the form of needles are introduced under the skin in those areas where a correction process at the electrode, the electrodes are placed over the skin on problem areas.During the procedure elektrolipoliz, current and frequency vary in a few times, which increases the impact on t

he problem areas.It is believed that the needle method outperforms elektrolipoliz electrode method.Approximate time elektrolipoliz procedure is one hour, it requires just 10-12 treatments at weekly intervals to achieve visible results.

elektrolipoliz used in:

  • fat deposits on the face and body;
  • cellulite stage 1-3.

elektrolipoliz procedures carried out in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment that includes massage, myostimulation, mesotherapy.Elektrolipoliz is also used before surgery designed to reduce fat in the body.

elektrolipoliz How it works?

modulated current which has a certain waveform and frequency, impact on the ground require correction after the impact of current in the body begins the process of splitting fat cells, which are converted into an emulsion, and moved into the extracellular space, where to start output by the liver and lymphatic system.

elektrolipoliz on the abdomen and other troubled parts of the body is carried out in several stages.In the first stage under the influence of current felt tingling in problem areas.In the second phase, reduced muscle fibers, resulting in drastic reduction of the fat cells is released.In the third step an electric current passes through the superficial muscles, causing begins lymph drainage and increased skin tone.

elektrolipoliz procedure is usually painless.Some people think that when the needle method elektrolipoliz pain higher than at the electrode, but it is not.When the needle method uses very thin needles that are introduced into the body fat is almost parallel to the skin.As a result, this method causes no pain since in body fat is very small nerve endings.The maximum effect is achieved from the procedure elektrolipoliz about 5-7 days.You can take a course of lymphatic drainage procedures, to enhance the effect.

Like most cosmetic procedures, elektrolipoliz has a number of contraindications:

  • epilepsy.
  • Pregnancy.
  • thrombophlebitis.
  • cancer.
  • Presence of a pacemaker.
  • inflamed skin, which is planned to adjust the method elektrolipoliz.