The role of hyaluronic acid in cosmetics

hyaluronic acid

This acid is a polysaccharide (a complex sugar molecule) that is in our body, is concentrated mainly in the skin and stimulates collagen and elastin.Thanks to the hyaluronic acid, the skin is toned, tightened and retains smoothness.

Due to the fact that the fibers of collagen and elastin proteins are intertwined, the skin is elastic and smooth.Elastin serves as a binder by which the fibers are fixed collagen proteins, thereby creating the outer skin beauty.

question arises - what is the role played by hyaluronic acid?The fact that the acid is between molecular chains of collagen and elastin, filling a space that allows the proteins to retain the fiber in the correct position.With a lack of hyaluronic acid in the body, facial skin becomes flabby, loses its elasticity, at a sufficient concentration of acid skin remains taut and smooth.

Properties hyaluronic acid

acid properties are so diverse that it is used in medicine for the treatment of burns and wounds, as it has found appl

ication in ophthalmology.However, in cosmetics hyaluronic acid can not penetrate even into the upper skin layers, since the acid present in the high molecular weight compounds.But in any case, after the application of such funds form a protective film and the skin moisturized.

Already, the market begins to flow cosmetics, which contains low molecular weight compounds of the acid, which allows it to penetrate into the deeper layers of overcoming the epidermis.

Such cosmetics created only with the help of modern technology, and if you find a cosmetic, a part of which will be low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, do not take the money.

role of hyaluronic acid

cosmetology Experts believe that the main role of hyaluronic acid is to hold water like a sponge, which gives the skin elasticity.However, during aging of hyaluronic acid in body becomes smaller, resulting in the skin can not be so resilient as before.Unfortunately, the lack of acid is a problem not only of people in age, but also young people may experience its deficit, especially girls, are exposed to various chemical drugs can lose a significant portion of acid.Also, the content of this polysaccharide is influenced by bad habits, poor nutrition, climate, environmental conditions.

Due to the shortage of hyaluronic acid is a weakening of ties between the elastin and collagen, which leads to a decrease in the tone of the skin.Natural frame created collagen and elastin becomes unusable, the skin begins to peel, dry, sag.Oval face loses its original form, it becomes blurry.Gloomy picture, there is nothing to talk about.

hyaluronic acid and dietary supplements

today released biologically active additives (BAA), which in its composition contains: vitamin C, elastin, collagen, which enhance the action of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.Upon receipt of such an additive can improve the appearance and body.After acid than the molecular skeleton of the skin, it is another component of other connective tissues such as articular cartilage and ligaments.

For this reason, women who look younger than their age, experience significantly less pain in the joints.They have radiculitis and arthritis.Doctors do not just say that the appearance and beauty depends on the health of the body.We will be able to stay much longer young, if we promptly replenish hyaluronic acid.

use of hyaluronic acid in cosmetics

How does Estheticians use hyaluronic acid?In modern beauty salons this substance serves as an injection, in various concentrations and amounts.This procedure shall appoint a specialist, but in the end you decide, depending on finance, as the cost of the injection starts at 5,000 rubles.

hyaluronic acid injections worth the money, because the skin almost instantly revives and moistened again becomes beautiful.Wrinkles disappear, the skin is smoothed and becomes smooth.This result can be held from six months or longer, depending on your lifestyle.

also perform the procedure in which the acid is introduced to deep wrinkles, then wrinkles and the face is a few years younger.It is believed that this procedure is an alternative to plastic surgery, also much safer.In this case, the results are stored for a period of one year or more, as the acid dissolves slowly, which increases the duration of the injection.

also conduct cosmetic surgery to improve facial contours, so-called reinforcement, with the specialist determines for each individual scheme of administration of the drug, and then make the injection.After this procedure, oval face becomes characteristic features.

Unlike traditional cosmetics, this acid retains moisture of the skin, thus creating a breathable film on its surface.

Application of hyaluronic acid in cosmetics for different procedures do not cause allergic reactions, on the contrary, have improved skin appearance.

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