Baths with sea salt diet

Currently, sea salt can be found in stores and in pharmacies in a large assortment: aromatic oils, extracts of medicinal plants with extracts of different colors (for example, rose, chamomile, calendula), with a content of milk, cosmetic clay,honey.

sea salt diet used in a number of procedures: wraps, baths, Scrubbing, whirlpool.

Spa slimming with sea salt

Perhaps bath with sea salt are the most pleasant and comfortable way to combat overweight.Baths improve the body's metabolism and increase blood circulation.And thanks to the bromine and magnesium contained in sea salt baths also expelled from the body of excess fluid.Sol expels the excess liquid from the hard tissue layers and the skin absorbs the essential trace elements and minerals: calcium, potassium sulfate, magnesium.These baths can help remove skin small stretch.In general, the salt baths beneficial effect on the skin, making peeling, making the skin very gently cleaned, made more smooth, supple and silky.

take salt baths better at nigh

t.At the same time make sure that the water was no more than 37 ° C.And you can not use products containing soap.

For the first bath, use 100 grams of sea salt, and gradually increase the amount of salt and 500 grams.As for time, it should start with five minutes, and then gradually increase, it is necessary that the skin is used to it.After taking a bath with sea salt Rinse with plain water for, pat the body with a towel, and immediately go to sleep.

to sea salt is more soluble in water, it must be placed in a sieve or cloth bag and keep it under the tap.Thus, the salt dissolves better and evenly distributed throughout the bath.

Salt bath with baking soda is also beneficial for the body.For this purpose, the bath is necessary to add 300 grams of sea salt and 200 g of baking soda and lie in such water is not more than 10 minutes.The bath can be taken without the use of soda.To do this you need to add in the bath 500 grams of sea salt and lie in it no more than 20 minutes (to lose up to 500 grams of extra weight, this time will be enough), because skin irritation can begin.

Sprinkle some sea salt on a sponge and apply it to stop, it will contribute to relaxation.In order to achieve greater effect, after ten minutes of rest in such a bath it is necessary to begin to massage the body, especially pay attention to the most "problem" areas.If you do not have a masseur or loofah sponges, massage can be done by hand.Spend 15-20 such procedures and the effect will be more noticeable.

sea salt with essential oils

To increase the effectiveness of these baths it adds cosmetic clay, or a few drops of essential oil, but only of the oil, the smell that you like, otherwise the benefits of taking a bath is not.

If the salt bath add 6 drops of juniper or cypress essential oil, it will be released through the pores of the skin excess water and toxic substances, in addition, normal metabolism.

salt bath for weight loss with the addition of 5 drops of orange essential oil is able to withdraw toxins, normalize fat and carbohydrate balance, to give an invigorating fresh scent.

for salt baths slimming can be selected and the following essential oils - peppermint, lemon, rosemary, ginger, grapefruit, cardamom, geranium.Also, jasmine, vetiver, mandarin, ylang-ylang, limetta, patchouli.All of these essential oils, together with sea salt will enhance the effect of weight loss.These oils help to lose weight, will weaken the feeling of hunger, will give your skin tone.Mix the essential oil with sea salt and a tablespoon of almond oil and then the oil will not float.Furthermore, essential oils have excellent nutritional properties.

sea salt with herbs broth

in a salt bath can add broth linden.To do this, it takes 300 grams of bark, seeds, leaves, flowers, buds limes and pour five liters of water and put on fire.Once the boil, remove from heat, cover and let stand 15 minutes, then strain, pour into the tub and lie in it no more than 15 minutes.This bath is able to excrete salt and fat.

linden If not, you can use plantain, nettles (a diaphoretic, antibacterial, blood-purifying effect), dandelion (removes toxins, enhances the functioning of the sebaceous glands).