Dental implants: indications and contraindications

modern dental implant consists of a titanium screw.This screw with the help of surgery "inserted" into the jaw, where there are no teeth, and the connecting part between the titanium roots and teeth - abutment.And then on the "inserted" implant crown is attached.The crown can be plastic, metal-ceramic, ceramic or gold, it all depends on the willingness and financial capacity of the patient.This design is considered more reliable support for the denture.

Implantation of the implant is approximately one hour, and then the implant fuses with the bone in perpetuity.The implant is usually set to "primary stabilization" (to catch on) with respect to the bone hard and immobile.In the case of the weak "primary stability" implant, close the cap, and then sew a few months in the gum to implant merged with the bone.After a complete fusion of the implant to the bone gum is opened, the cover is removed and screwed into the implant abutment and healing abutment.

With strong "primary stability" to the implant for a

few months set denture (temporary structures), which manages both the chewing function and aesthetic.And only then put on permanent dentures.In the lower jaw implants take root two months, while the upper jaw up to six months.

The best prosthesis implantation?

  • No need for grinding the adjacent teeth to correct the defects of the dentition.
  • With convenient dental implants can restore the edentulous jaw.
  • Dentures mounted on implants are much more stable, and the functionality of traditional dentures.
  • prostheses on implants invisible, and hence easier to get used to them, because there is no any discomfort.Besides it gets stuck underneath the food.
  • When chewing the implant to evenly distribute the load on the whole jaw, and this, in turn, would not allow the place where there is no tooth formed bone tissue atrophy.

Operating term dental implant

accurate and specific data to date there is, as the first implant was installed first patient back in 1965.and, as is well known, it is still functioning.And due to the huge leap in technology, clean and as such term titanium implants certainly increased.However, to avoid problems with the implants, oral hygiene must be observed, and to monitor periodically visit a dentist.Smoking and abuse of coffee increases the risk of losing an implant twice.In a qualitative and correct prosthetic implants will last for many years.

Price implantation

Imported high-quality dental implants cost at least $ 200, and it is only the cost price, as this amount does not include the price caps for implants, disposable instruments, equipment and other necessary materials.This amount did not include the salary of specialists and profit clinics.And so the installation of imported high-quality implant will cost 700-900 dollars.

Domestic dental implants are cheaper, but ... Experienced and qualified implantologists are afraid of is to work with them, but a lot of things copied from the best foreign analogues.And, nevertheless, may form different problems: cracking implants, ingrowth stub profound bone subsidence not suitable Parts.And then it turns out that the operational period and the number of emergency situations will be directly proportional to the saved funds.

certain future domestic implants will be better, than it is now, but until this moment has not come, it is better to use higher-quality implants.

dental implants: indications

  • absence of one or more teeth.Due to the implantation can be repaired places with missing teeth.You do not even have to grind the adjacent teeth, as is done when installing bridges or other structures.
  • Complete absence of teeth.In the case of a complete lack of dentition implantation is a more effective method of recovery because without the presence of both sides at least 2-tooth (for fixing) can not be established conventional dentures.
  • absence last teeth in the row.In this situation install conventional dentures impossible since no two points of support for fixing the prosthesis.
  • High sensitivity (and therefore intolerance dentures) to the materials used in the manufacture of dentures.

Clearable contraindications for dental implants

  • bad oral hygiene;
  • presence of caries even a few teeth, especially in close proximity to the intended place of the implant;
  • inflamed tissue and gums.

This eliminated during the preparation for surgery.Before you install the implant dentist mandatory check the mouth for the presence of various diseases.

As regards the patient, he will have a few months before the intervention to comply with a thorough oral hygiene, it will not only get rid of existing gum disease, but also to prevent re-infection of viral tissue and teeth.

dental implants: contraindications

And then there are a number of contraindications, so it is very important to the operation examined by a general practitioner to rule out the presence of serious diseases that can serve as a limitation for the installation of the implant in the gum.

Contraindications to implantation:

  • Tuberculosis;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • Diabetes;
  • various diseases of the central nervous system;
  • hypertonus of masticatory muscles;
  • Malignant tumors authorities;
  • Hypertension and other heart disease;
  • stomatitis and other oral diseases.

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