Treatment of menopause traditional methods

As mentioned above, during menopause often occurs sleep disturbance.If you often wake up early, you suffer constant irritability and nervousness, you can help a tea gathering.We take St. John's wort in three parts (grass), but also a balm.The 2-parts - hop cones and cuff (leaves).Mix the grass.Take a tablespoon spoon healing mixture brew a glass of the boiled water, mix, kept in a thermos, we filter through cheesecloth and drink.You can spend a month's course of this drink, then must follow the three-week break and then repeat the course is.If you want to change the taste of the drink, it is possible to vary the weekly number of a particular ingredient, it all depends on your taste.

Climax: facilitating its occurrence traditional methods

Often during menopause is required to reassure the shattered nervous system, for this it is necessary to brew tea with lemon balm, mint, you can drink herbal tincture blue cyanosis, a decoction of the hawthorn.It helps bath with pine extract and mineral sea salt.It

should be reviewed and their food.We need to abandon the acute, including the seasoning, salty, fatty, fried.In the diet, if possible, enter more vegetables, fruits, dairy products.You should drink more juices and pure water.Try to throw finally smoke.To hormones returned to normal, you need to use plants, the natural content of natural fitogrmony.This lime, oregano, hop cones.These plants - great defenders of the female body.

Climax: relieving the condition with the help of the collection

Treatment folk remedies a good climax with a special collection.If you carry heavy menopause, try to make this collection.Take a couple of parts of woodlice, couple - mint, one part valerian root, crushed into powder, and some - ripe cucumber lashes (for lack of lashes, take a cucumber seeds), a couple of pieces of crushed fruits of mountain ash, some fruit or crimson leaves (it is if you do not suffergout or nephritis).

To prepare the collection, it is necessary to take a couple of spoonfuls of the boiled mixture, and half a liter of water and let stand in a thermos for a couple of hours.Drink a half cup collection is necessary for up to 4 times a day on an empty stomach or after a meal 2 hours.If the body does not oppose receiving such infusion, it can take a week for 2 days for a little bit.Then it would be necessary to make a break for 10 days if suddenly there drowsiness, inactivity, lethargy, it is necessary to exclude from the valerian, and mint.In general, the major components of the collection are the mountain ash and wood louse.These plants - the main helpers for women to relieve the severity of menopause.They all can be taken separately, and the remaining grass only complement them.

If disturbed heavy menstruation, or have irregular pressure, the infusion can be added of the lemon balm, yarrow or part of the shepherd's purse (herb knotweed).You can add all the herbs, and you can separate any, it all depends on what will be more acceptable for your body.If

are scarce thick of bleeding, you should be tested for blood clotting.When the climax comes, it can rise.Components that are part of the recipe above, tend to increase the prothrombin index.The exception is mint, raspberry, valerian and lemon balm.In this case, you can add to the collection of horse-chestnut flowers and grass clover medicinal.I recommend taking a tincture with 10 percent alcohol with the addition of brown chestnut fruit peel and 40 drops three times a day.

If two weeks to use this collection, without stopping, the climacteric syndrome are likely to take place.

Hop cones to relieve menopausal syndrome

Take 25 grams of hop cones, pour rubbing alcohol (100 ml), insist 7 days, through a cheesecloth filter, take 5 drops, plus a dining room spoon of water in the morning and before bedtime.This hop infusion creates a truly miracles!Headaches are, sleep improves, the nerves calm, tides disappear.

treatment of menopause with the help of a mountain ash

not necessary at menopause immediately grasp at hormones, remember, the best assistant - the mountain ash.It is well affect the female body and regulates hormones.Tincture of Rowan helps win palpitations, dizziness, sweating, hot flushes.It contributes to the health and vigor.Rowan can be brewed and dry and fresh.She insisted on cognac, vodka.

Take 200 g of mountain ash, grind and pour vodka: liter per 200 g of rowan berries.The capacity put in the cold for 2 weeks then through a gauze filter and take teaspoonful three times daily.

Cherry - the assistant bleeding and menopause

Take dry bark cherry branches, brew spoon glass of the boiled water in a thermos stand a 15 minutes, drink half a cup 3 times a day.

collection, helps with menopause and heavy uterine bleeding

Often when menopause begins to uterine bleeding, in this case, you can prepare the collection of nettle leaves, and motherwort herb shepherd's purse (all in the same amount).Spoon mixture pour the boiled water (1 stack.), Put in a water bath for 15 minutes and tormented, then through a gauze filter.Drink half a cup for three times a day.

endowment menopause Veronica and heather

Veronica drug popularly known as "klimakterin."Take a spoonful of heather and speedwell, pour half a liter of water, in a thermos insist night.The infusion of a spoonful drink 30 minutes before lunch.

Red brush and hormones during menopause

Gram root pour 50 liters of vodka in a thermos stand a week, drink three times a day for 30 minutes min.before a meal.Tincture of red brush helps resorption of tumors: it contains natural forms of hormones.

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