Face masks with peach butter

Peach oil - natural vegetable oil, and like all oils in this category, it contains a lot of saturated and unsaturated fatty acid species.These acids such as oleic, stearic, palmitic and linoleic acids, as well as many others.They are necessary to ensure that our skin cells led a full life.The peach butter and a lot of vitamins, such as E, A, C, P, V. There are many micro and macro connections: phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium and so forth.

especially peach butter helps to care for aging skin onface.It is useful for sensitive skin that is prone to all sorts of inflammations and allergies.

If you constantly apply peach oil for skin care, it will contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin - in general;wetting her nutrition and mitigation - in particular.But the fact that the skin is significantly improved - it is an indisputable fact.

Peach oil.Useful action

  • oil tightens the skin on the face, making it more supple and elastic.
  • It smoothes not very deep wrinkles.
  • oil helps stop flaking skin a
    nd moisturizes the skin.
  • It helps relieve irritation and inflammation.It is not allergenic, so it can be used for those who have sensitive skin.
  • Oil restores a healthy complexion on the face.
  • As mentioned above, peach oil - an excellent moisturizer, it nourishes, softens and prevents desiccation of the skin.
  • Plus, peach kernel oil, but only with the condition of its constant use, helping to care for the delicate skin around the eyes and the eyelashes.It perfectly nourishes and softens the skin on the lips.

Peach oil: application (methods)

oil peach - quite nourishing kind of oil, but despite this, it is very easy, so perfectly absorbed by the skin.For this reason, in the care of skin integument it can be used as undiluted and adding it to other vegetable oils.

If you have sensitive, dry, withering skin, peach oil recommended to apply to your face before going to bed, night creams replacing them, but you must first cleanse the skin.If the skin on the face peels, there are various irritations and inflammations, the oil can be cleaned several times the affected skin area.

oil can be added in various creams and other cleansers, for example, facial lotions, tonics.It is added a few drops per one part means.If it warm up a little bit, then it may well be used as an independent, fairly useful, cleanser, which is used for the face and hand.They can remove makeup from the face and eyes (eg from eyelashes mascara).

skin care around the eyes and eyelashes peach oil may well be used as well as creams, gels and other age.The oil can be applied just before going to sleep on the area around your eyes.As well as creams, oil must be driven into the skin lightly tapping the skin coated with means fingertips.

especially peach oil recommended in excessive dryness of the skin, skin aging century, when there were small wrinkles.

This kind of oil, among other things, use and care of the eyelashes.It prevents loss of eyelashes, improves growth.On the eyelashes need to apply oil every day before going to bed, using, for example, the ending of a brush of mascara, previously, although washed.It is possible to apply oil and little finger, carefully distributing it throughout.

Peach oil - an excellent tool that can be lubricated and cracked, dry or chapped lips.

Peach oil, as vegetable oil, perfect for making your own creams.It will be a wonderful, natural fatty basis.It is popular among women, and as other cosmetics, home cooked: lotions, scrubs, masks and others.

Peach oil: facials

mask nourishing and toning for all skin types, except oily. Take 2 tables.spoon the pulp of a ripe peach, add tables.spoon peach butter and the same amount of natural milk cream.All rub thoroughly, put on the face for 15 minutes Then wash off the mask, not cold water.

Soothing Mask with cottage cheese and peach butter for sensitive skin types. a mask recipe is simple: take a spoonful of cottage cheese and a peach as much oil and rub all applied to the skin 15 minutes after that time, wash off all the warm water.

Mask (scrub) for flaky and dry skin. Take a tablespoon spoonful of almond bran and stir with a spoon incomplete preheated peach butter.The resulting mixture is applied to the skin, previously cleaned and wiped dry, gently massaging, about 1 minute.We reserve the mask on the skin for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water.

Cleansing lotion peach oil for aging and dry skin. In order to prepare a lotion, take a couple of glasses of fresh rose petals or petals of rose hips.We poured them into a separate container and fill it with peach butter.The oil thus should completely hide the petals.Put the container in a water bath petals and simmer, waiting for the moment when the petals lose their color completely.Then pour everything into another jar, cover tightly with a lid and put in the hours maintained 24. At the end of the day we filter lotion and use it for cleaning.