How to lose weight with the help of the bath?

Of course, as with any procedure for hiking in the bath has a number of limitations: fever, such as acute respiratory infections;menstruation;acute period of chronic diseases;Pregnancy and breast;malignant skin rash;Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and other diseases related to nervous system.In turn, you just need to pay more attention to visiting the baths, and listen to your body.If you have a concern, it is better to abandon the procedure or contact your doctor for advice.In that case, if you are completely healthy and confident in his body, then you can safely go and bathe.There are 3 main types of sauna: Russian, Finnish and Turkish hammam.

Russian bath appeared during the formation of the Slavic peoples.In the annals dated X century, a bathhouse called "Soap."The temperature warmed to 100 degrees.The main attributes of the bath is the aroma of herbs and humidity.

Finnish sauna more forgiving.Here, the temperature is kept in the region of 70-80 degrees.Humidity 30%, much less than in Russian.It is

believed that this room is good affects the respiratory system of the body, improves the immune system, improves circulation, helps to relieve emotional stress.

Turkish hammam, which in Arabic means "hot", the "cold" of the baths.The temperature rises to 40-50 degrees.Suitable for people who can not tolerate high temperatures.One of the features is to carry out procedures such as a soap peeling.It prepares the skin for further treatments.

The best thing you can lose weight with the help of Russian baths, because in it the person sweats heavily, and all the toxins and waste products leave.

bath, exfoliation, massage.

in an effective weight loss program include the Russian or Finnish sauna combined with treatments including massage, body wrap.First comes the peeling of the top layer of skin from dead cells, so-called peeling.For this purpose, the salt from the Dead Sea.It nourishes the skin with useful elements, improves blood circulation.In the waters of the sea is 21 kinds of minerals needed to succeed in life.For best results, it added essential oils and lotus flowers.Purified skin will be easier to respond to treatment.

Next is one of the best ways to combat cellulite - wrap.This requires a film specially prepared composition.The latter may consist of mud, kelp, honey, anti-cellulite oil, green tea and so on. G. Means is applied to problem areas, for example, the thigh.During this procedure removes excess moisture and reduces fat in the body.After the obligatory relaxing full body massage.

Using a range of treatments and saunas to lose weight can be up to 1, 5 kg.

After the bath the muscles are in order, recovering their strength.It increases blood circulation and thereby expand the vessels, which have long been in a compressed state.Steam wrinkles, sweating removes from the body toxins.

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Banja rather complex undertaking.It is necessary to competently approach the visit.You can lose weight without these procedures, simply After bathing.When you first go to the bath, it is necessary to remember that there can be no more than 15-20 minutes.After this time, take a break just as much as steamed.Such visits will be enough for the beginner 2-3.Over time, this amount can be increased.People with limited experience 5 bath taps.The most important thing during the steaming listen to your body.Once there were some ailments - it is better to get out.

help in weight loss teas are that you need to drink before visiting the baths.Here are some recipes:

Chicory. In preparation solution from chicory roots using it.These drinks soothe the nervous system, normalizes gastrointestinal tract.Chicory is very useful for people who have suffered, for example, pyelonephritis, as it improves the functioning of the kidneys.

Peppermint. This perennial herb.It normalizes digestion, has a diaphoretic effect.

Raspberry.The people this berry is used for pain in joints, temperature violation of the intestine.Usually this solution is prepared: take a spoonful of raspberry, pour boiling water and wait 10 minutes then strain and add water to the previous level.

Kalina. Tea with Kalina has a diaphoretic and diuretic effect.In addition, it improves blood circulation, which in turn accelerates the regeneration of the skin.

After a hike in the bath is very useful to use the scrub.This is no problem to buy it in the store, but for lovers of cosmetics, prepared with their own hands, you can make it out of sea salt, honey and sour cream.Apply this scrub on your skin and massage.

After then 2 visits to the bath steamed your body is ready to take further procedures.Take the healing clay or mud, rub them the trouble spots and wrap film.Top Black clay best suited for anti-cellulite treatments.It burns fat.

After all procedures, apply cream or oil for weight loss.Such funds more effectively applied to the steamed skin.Strengthen result can massage problem areas.

Sure, using a bath, you can lose weight pretty quickly, but the result stayed as long as possible, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, and then you will definitely be a success.

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