The procedure techniques, the results of abdominoplasty and rehabilitation period after surgery

In some cases it may be recommended for abdominoplasty?

  1. visible excess fat in the abdomen and pronounced wrinkles.
  2. Omission (ptosis) of the abdominal front wall.
  3. Inability to remove excess skin of the abdominal front wall through diet exercise, liposuction and other procedures.
  4. visible expression extensions (pale striae).
  5. a weakened and stretch the rectus abdominis.
  6. general weakness and stretch the abdominal muscles.
  7. expressed postoperative scars on the skin of the abdomen.

addition to readings, abdominoplasty may have contraindications:

  • heart failure;
  • pulmonary insufficiency;
  • diabetes;
  • severe obesity;
  • hemophilia;
  • various diseases of internal organs, manifested in the severe form;
  • minority;
  • planned pregnancy (within 1 year).

tummy tuck procedure

abdominoplasty procedure is meant by a high-tech way to change the shape of the abdomen imperfections.Due to the fact that this operation is quite complex, before it was compulsory thorough examination of patients with the delivery of a

ll necessary analyzes.Abdominoplasty lasts 2-5 hours, depending on the degree of difficulty.During surgery, general anesthesia is used.

chosen technique of abdominoplasty is entirely dependent on its type, but always horizontal incision is made above the pubis with the movement / no movement umbilical hole.The length of the incision will depend on the amount of excess skin that must be removed.

After the cut is made removing excess skin, with subsequent correction and reformation of the subcutaneous adipose tissue.Then the skin is lifted and separated from the abdominal wall and performed reinforcement / connection between a muscle belly, the navel is formed and removed excess stretched skin.After completion of the drain operation is set under the skin to eliminate ichor and blood.In addition, the overlap seams and the necessary dressing.

Moving umbilical hole during abdominoplasty is a necessary action, due to the fact that tighten the upper stomach area is not possible without this method.During this plastic surgery sutured diverged muscles of the anterior abdominal wall and remove the existing excess skin and hernia.After abdominoplasty suprapubic scar is visible, and barely a treasured scar in the navel.

today during a tummy tuck can be used a variety of techniques:

  • endoscopic method;
  • miniabdominoplastika;
  • pannikulektomiya;
  • liposuction;
  • W-shaped incision;
  • brisket section;
  • change discrepancy recti;
  • lifting body.

rehabilitation period after abdominoplasty

After tummy tuck patient should stay in the hospital for 5-7 days.His stay is because after abdominoplasty may be a collection of blood or ichor beneath the skin of the abdomen.On the first day after surgery may need use of strong analgesics injection.The pain in such cases passes quickly, and can be felt only when moving.Some patients may experience during the first days of temporary numbness in the area of ​​surgery.Within 4 weeks will be observed hemorrhages and edematous tissue belly phenomenon.Doctors recommend within a month to wear an elastic compression garment, bandages and eliminate physical exertion.

The average term of the rehabilitation period varies from two to three months.Its duration depends entirely on the following points:

  • volume of surgical intervention;
  • accuracy adherence after plastic surgery;
  • general state of the organism and its function back.

Scar, which appeared as a result of abdominoplasty is recommended safeguard from the sun for 6 months.The final outcome of a tummy tuck can speak only on the expiration of six months.

results abdominoplasty

effect of this type of plastic surgery is impressive.That is why the abdominoplasty is so popular lately.Tummy tuck removes excess amounts of hanging skin, stretch marks skin-fat tissue sagging.Abdominoplasty is able to recover muscular corset abdomen.This result can be stored permanently.It may only change a large weight gain and pregnancy.

During the operation, there are serious surgery.They lead to scars on the surface of the body.The degree of scarring can not be determined prior to the operation.Their depth and size is entirely dependent on the individual characteristics of the skin of the patient.In most cases around the navel forms inconspicuous scar and a scar on the bikini line covered underwear.

After abdominoplasty may experience bruising, subcutaneous accumulations of lymph asymmetries body contours while obtaining more weight, the formation of adhesions, kidney failure, and so on. N. The type and extent of complications depend on the characteristics of the patient's lifestyle and the degree of obesity.Those people are experiencing the first or second degree of obesity, the possibility of adverse effects comes to 10%.People with the fourth and higher degrees of obesity complications occur in 60% of cases.

Abdominoplasty - this is not the way to treat obesity.Tummy tuck is only an auxiliary method in the fight against excess weight, while allowing a simulate body contours.Identifying the causes of obesity and its treatment does not apply to qualification of Plastic Surgeons.

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