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Pregnancy exercise

At the foot of the truth is!

safest in terms of exercise during pregnancy - walking.Even if for reasons of health, doctors have forbidden you to all the other kinds of sports load, this type does not cancel one.Walking helps keep fit and does not allow the muscles to atrophy.But a walk during pregnancy need to correct.

few tips on how to make walking, being pregnant:

1. During the walk you should always monitor the position of the back - do not bend much back, and to distribute the load on the muscles of the back and abdomen evenly.It helps in this case a special belt for pregnant women.

2. When walking is better to look a few steps forward, but not under his feet as the last option greatly overstrained muscles of the shoulder girdle and neck.

3. Walk several times, but for short distances as long walks negative impact on the joints of the pelvis and hips.In pregnancy, the body's hormone production is relaxin, weakening muscles and joints.

Stretching exercises before and after the walks

It is important to do stretching exercises before and after the walk.But it is necessary to be careful so as not to pull the cords.In fact, during pregnancy they are exposed to this much stronger.So, here are the exercises:

1. Raise your hands above your head and stretch, then lowered his hands and put them behind (in this case, you can slam).Repeat 5 times.Hands and you should try to keep your back straight.

2. Place the feet shoulder width apart and bend slightly at the knees.Hold the balance tilting the torso and head forward until will not see the floor beneath his feet, and slowly return to the starting position.Repeat 5 times.

3. Both hands take to the right, head turned to the left, stay in this position for 30 seconds.Run the same thing in another direction.

4. Exercise for the shoulder.Lower and raise your shoulders up and down, and then make a circular motion 5 times in each direction.

5. Exercises for the neck.Turn the head to tilt it toward the right or left shoulder on 5 times for each type of traffic.

Exercise for 4 days a week

This plan is suitable for use in all four days of the week.However, it is best to separate the days of physical activity from one another, to give the body a chance to recover.

Wednesday: walk at a slow pace for 5-10 minutes in a warm-up, then you need to stretch a little bit and take a walk for 15 minutes at its normal speed.After 15 minutes, slow down and slowly walk back in a matter of minutes 10.

Thursday: repeat everything exactly as did Monday.If you feel fine, you can add another climb up the stairs at a slow pace.

Saturday: all the same as on Monday.

Saturday: you can walk at your leisure, without forcing himself to move it at a certain speed the planned period of time.After the walk do not forget to stretching exercises.

load for each of the trimesters

Every trimester your body undergoes changes, to which you and you need to adapt their physical activities.

First trimester: you may be surprised that you have not diminished energy, but on the contrary increased.The reason - the increase in the volume of blood saturating your body with additional doses of oxygen.But this does not mean that you have to work harder than before.Your goal is to support itself in normal physical condition, pregnancy does not accept physical feats.The total time walking without the usual warm-up (about 20 minutes), you can just add an additional 5 minutes, but no more.Peretruzhdaetsya dangerous during this period.

Second trimester: you gain weight rapidly, which is a normal process.At this stage, it is necessary to reduce the intensity of the walk, t. E. To walk slowly, but by the time the same as in the first trimester.

Third trimester: walk slow down as much as possible.You can stick to the plan to 4 days a week, but the walk is not on time, and on the sensations.It is important to avoid walking under the scorching sun, various uneven places with terraces and steps.Your weight shift increases the risk of falls.

Home, listen to your body, enjoy all the period of pregnancy.Pregnancy load does not preclude, but adjusts depending on your condition.That is why it is so important to read your body's signals and time to listen to them.Be healthy and active!