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Is it possible for pregnant women to attend church?

Attend church can and should be!

amazing, where did such a common myth that a pregnant woman for some reason can not go to church.Many of the "all-knowing" my grandmother somehow always frighten pregnant similar bans, and a worldwide network of women discouraged replete with questions such as "Can pregnant women go to church?".The answer to this question can be clearly - to attend church a pregnant woman is not only possible but necessary!

Sami church officials strongly reject such bans and vice versa appeal to the pregnant women go to the temple.Going to church always gives strength expectant mother and the belief that with the baby and with itself all will be well.For any pregnant woman is helpful and should come to church and pray.Indeed, having come to the temple, she turned to God prayers with his unborn child.That is why a pregnant woman should go to church!But all this makes sense only if the woman wants to go there.Pregnant women can not do anything by force, going to church there will n

ot be an exception.If a pregnant

not yet wedded to her husband, the church advises married even before the birth of a child - then the Lord snizoshlet special grace in their marriage.If a pregnant woman has not yet been baptized, but she wanted to be baptized, the pregnancy does not prevent it.Also, a pregnant woman can safely pass sacrament - receiving the Holy Mysteries will only benefit herself and her baby.

at a later date in the church should not go one - pregnant should call with her husband, girlfriend, mother, or anyone else from the family or relatives.The church can become pregnant suddenly ill, and then will need their help.However, this recommendation applies not only not going to church - birth abortion at all outside the home is preferable to walk in the company of anyone.

But after the birth of a hike to the temple a woman should forget for 40 days.According to church foundations, that is how much time it takes to woman could be cleansed of original sin.Once the time limit expires, the woman can go to church, but first the priest read a prayer over her most pure fortieth day.After that, it will again be allowed to go to the service and participate in the sacraments of the church.

the cemetery - you can, for the funeral - no!

According to all the same "omniscient" grandmothers pregnant, you should not come to the cemetery and the funeral.Moreover, it is dangerous even to look at the corpse.They frighten pregnant "horror stories" that the soul of the deceased to the cemetery can hit the child, and if the pregnancy will be to look at the dead man, the baby would be born dead.

clergymen such signs are equated with paganism and heresy.The priests say that the decision to go to the cemetery or not, is a personal matter for each pregnant woman.If the soul of the woman asks to go - how can you not go?!If there buried her mother, father, child, whom she bears her impending motherhood joy, their sadness or pain?If a woman wants to go there - it can be done.

However, if you stay in the cemetery is connected in a pregnant woman only negative feelings, if the woman is terrible, anxious or just unpleasant to be there - it is better to refrain from visiting such places.After any stress during pregnancy adversely affect the child's development.All the senses, both joyful and sorrowful transmitted from mother to child in the womb.That is why during pregnancy so it is important to get plenty of positive impressions and emotions.It should also protect themselves from stress and negative aspects.

So if it goes on a hike in the cemetery during the funeral days, on the wire, when a woman wants to visit deceased loved ones, provided that it is certain that nothing will break her inner peace - you can safely go.

As for the funeral, even for the average person it is always a great deal of stress, not to mention the pregnant woman.Therefore, during pregnancy need to take care of yourself and the baby, and to refrain from going to the funeral, to avoid this strong and could undermine her health stress.

When baptize the baby?

According to the canons of the Church to baptize the child must be on the eighth day after birth.However, in practice, parents rarely dare to baptize the baby in such a tender age.Usually baptize the baby after he step over a month abroad.The church is quite loyal to this issue - even if you are requested to baptize his three-year or even an adult child, you usually do not even ask the question, why did you come so late.And certainly, nobody else in the sacrament of baptism will not refuse.

As you can see, the Church does not impose any restrictions for pregnant women.Do not pay attention to people's beliefs, warns against hikes in the cemetery, the funeral, and even in the church.The main thing in all this that the expectant mother was given the opportunity to do what it sees fit myself and the baby.Do not listen to anyone, and we must not forget - the signs tend to come true only for those who believe in them.