Strips tooth whitening

Some people are very negative attitude to visiting dental offices, thus preferring home teeth whitening methods.Just want to note the illogic of such procedures, and the harmful effects of self-whitening, often causing acid etching enamel.In recent years, the emergence of a variety of techniques designed to change the color of the enamel, in particular special strips which can dramatically change the color of your smile, just allow to achieve unique and unrepeatable results.

buying a set of strips designed to whiten teeth, you got a unique chance and a million advantages of the impact on the enamel, such as persistent effect, simplicity, security applications and, of course, speed.Use these strips is very easy, on top they are covered with a special film containing gel before use only need to be removed.Pasting strips need daily enamel, it is desirable for half an hour during the week.

advantage strips

this way to make the enamel of your teeth snow-white has a number of advantages compared to othe

r modern means, is used in dentistry.First of all, whitening strips can be used on their own without any professional involvement was, moreover, this method is very effective.Just a 3-day use strips can be seen the results of your efforts - has cleared the enamel on 3-4 pitch compared to your true color of teeth.The effect of bleaching lasts quite a long time, and this factor favors the use of this particular means.I would also like to note that such whitening is absolutely safe for the structure of your teeth.Furthermore, the rate of whitening acts as the lower teeth and the upper, thereby obtaining vivid and natural identical colors teeth.

How to use whitening strips

People constantly use whitening strips, should know how to apply them correctly.It is not necessary to keep the strip longer than the specified period.Failure and prolonged use may lead to the strip tooth sensitivity to acidic hot or cold foods.Pay attention to the finding of whitening strips in the mouth.You can not with bleaching strips drinking, talking, smoking, in any case can not swallow strips.Take care that the strips do not fall on your clothes.

Some people at first use whitening strips complain gum irritation, or teeth sensitivity.Do not worry, it is not necessary to run to the doctor, it is a temporary phenomenon, it disappears with the further use of whitening strips.

Also, remember, teeth whitening strips are for natural enamel, they are not able to improve the color of artificial crowns or porcelain veneers.Do not bleach braces, it is also a waste of time at best you can get uneven whitening, which will look very unnatural.One of the fundamental factors that favor the use of these bleaching devices, is a delicate effect of these strips to seal and dentures.

huge selection of different tools that can whiten the enamel, enables you to make your smile even more open and charming.And this fact is often an important factor in achieving success in your career and personal life.

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