Features of laser cosmetology

Modern principles of features laser cosmetology is very much different from their predecessors of radiation treatment of the signs of skin aging.If before the laser procedure was followed by the implementation of a variety of inflammation and redness, and sometimes even burns, now it is a painless process that does not have side effects.But, despite this, before you go for laser correction, you really should consult a dermatologist about it.Also, it is the doctor to be able to say exactly the number of required procedures, taking into account all the features of your skin and the possibility of laser correction, comparing them with the results you expect.

In the current radiation cosmetology There are three types of lasers (technical equipment).These lasers are excellent fighters with a variety of cosmetic problems, which are so concerned about us women.These kinds: Laser removal (epilation) unwanted hair removal laser capillaries and age to fight against aging skin (wrinkles).

So, with the help of la

ser hair removal.Modern lasers for hair removal, which replaced the diode, now called neodymium.Their potential lies in the fact that they do not matter skin type (whether it is dark or tanned from birth).This laser operates at a pigment hair melanin.The laser beam penetrates all the way through all the hair from the hair follicle to the end, and in seconds destroys the hair follicle.This process is absolutely painless, as modern lasers have cooling function of the skin on which there is hair removal.However, it should be remembered that for the final disposal of unwanted hair a little procedure.After all, this type of hair removal is able to destroy only the actively growing hairs, and those follicles that are still passive development, have very little melanin.That's why for the final disposal of hair worth visiting this procedure 5-7 times at intervals of approximately 2 months.

Another feature of the current laser cosmetic laser therapy is to fight with the acquisition of age-related changes in vascular mesh on the face.It most often occurs due to disease or burns resulting from excessive sun exposure, as well as age spots, ruby ​​cells, vascular and surface vessels.That new features laser clinics are able to save you from those nasty parts in your appearance.The basis of this treatment is a direct effect of the laser on hemoglobin.As a result, the beam itself is absorbed by blood vessels, which contributes to the heating of the walls and gluing.As the final result - the vessels in a time no longer visible.To get rid of express vessels needed a couple of treatments.It all depends on their degree of spread below the skin.In general, if you want to get rid of, for example, ruby ​​cells, the therapy takes a couple of minutes.But if you suffer from the presence of the blood vessels, for example, on their feet, there is a procedure and can last for an hour.Full relief from this drawback does not occur immediately, but gradually.Only two months later you will be able to note that you have become noticeably fewer vessels.In other words, the rate of disposal of vascular disease depends on the individual characteristics of your body and its pathological state.

In the case of the treatment of deep vein specialists use modern laser for hair removal, which has a great length of its wave radiation.

Laser cosmetology opportunities not spared and this delicate matter, as the formation of wrinkles on the face.After all, over the years, each woman faced with the fact that her skin loses its firmness and elasticity, healthy changes color to pale, and finally, her tiny folds are formed, called wrinkles.First of all, this process is due to changes in the collagen layer of the skin.And then to help the fight for eternal youth advocates a new direction in laser correction - rejuvenation of the skin.

principle of rejuvenating treatments is that with the help of modern laser comes to generating motivation skin it is a young collagen.As a result, the newly formed collagen smooths wrinkles and removes all other age-related skin imperfections (fights flabbiness, tightens and improves the shape of the face and reduces swelling from the eyelids).

number of such procedures is directly related to the desired end result.Prevention of aging for young skin needs only a single laser correction and a half months it is secure.If you have mature skin, then, with a break of one month, you will need to carry three such procedures.Then, with a break of two months, repeat two more treatments, but after six months pass prevention, fixes the correction of wrinkles.By the way, after three weeks you will see how to reduce the number of wrinkles on the skin.

Another achievement was the effect of laser therapy on benign growths on the skin - warts and papillomas.Very often these formations deliver discomfort for many women, for example, if they are formed on the face.But it is worth remembering that in this case you first need to be examined to know exactly: whether it is possible to cure this deficiency laser procedure?

And finally, one more achievement in laser cosmetology is the ability to treat acne.The laser beam acts on sebaceous glands, thereby reducing its selection, then disappear inflammation and pimples on the face.The effectiveness of such treatments can be seen after the first procedure.

As you can see, laser cosmetology is the guardian of our youth, so we can safely use its capabilities to achieve their goals.