Beauty treatments at home

We will start immediately with a procedure such as compresses to the face.It compresses these occupy one of the first places among beauty treatments at home.Very often, cosmetic packs are divided into two types: hot and cold.Let's look at these concepts in more detail.So hot compress at home.This procedure is able to:

- relax the muscles of the face;

- ideally remove dirt from the skin and excess sebum;

- remove dead skin cells.

Such packs are ideal for loose and very dry skin.If you have problem skin, prone to inflammation and acne, then hot compresses contraindicated.This delivery procedure is worth doing just prior to use different masks for the face, or a special facial massage.

Before you make a hot compress, do not forget to clean your face beforehand by careful washing.Then take a napkin natural fiber fabrics, dip it in hot water and folded it several times, put on your face for 15 minutes.If after 15 minutes you will notice that the cloth cools down - again from its dip into the same wat

er.These packs are also useful to do from a variety of herbs that are widely used in the world of cosmetology - it is usually in a series of teas, chamomile flowers, sage or limes.

Cold compresses act as a tonic and enhances the color cosmetic.They are best used after applying facial masks or cleaning.Used such "cold" cosmetic compresses when flabby and sluggish skin.At home, this compress is also simple and easy as the previous one.In cold water, add ice, and then to dip a cotton cloth, then folded it several times, put on your face.At the same time, try not to touch your hands compress, otherwise it will contribute to its heat.Keep a compress is approximately one minute.A good effect can give interleaving of these two types compress.This will improve the complexion and raise the skin tone.

Another good idea caring for skin means is to use steam baths .This procedure helps:

- improvement of the nerve endings that are on your face;

- raskuporivaniyu far;

- softening and removal of dead skin cells;

- resorption of inflammatory processes on the skin surface.

After treatment facial steam you will surely feel that she found smoothness, elasticity and become more resilient.The steam bath is recommended to use before cleaning the contaminated skin pores.

This procedure is best used for those who have very oily and problem skin, prone to various kinds of imperfections.If you have very dry skin type - use this procedure cosmetologists do not recommend.

At home, these trays are easy to prepare.Take any small container (pan, high bowl) and pour hot water in it a normal or a decoction of herbs (chamomile, sage, series).Then, covering the back of the head with a towel, omit the face of the pot.This procedure should last 10-15 minutes.After this time, wash your face with cool water and apply it with a cotton swab lotion for the face.Remember that after this kind of procedure, immediately go out is not recommended.

Now let's go directly to the cleaning person .As we mentioned above, the cleaning of the face is best done after using the steam bath.At home skin care facial cleansing is recommended for girls who suffer from acne, or the so-called black spots.If your skin is prone to inflammation, such a procedure is forbidden to do.

So, steam the face on a steam bath, carefully wipe it with a damp cotton swab, and then again it's only been dry.After that, clean their hands (antibacterial or alcohol), the tips of your fingers gently press on the places where the most noticeable acne.Remember that acne should go easily fit extra effort to remove it is not necessary, it is fraught with irritation of certain parts of the skin.After cleaning, wipe the "purified" places three-percent peroxide solution or lotion on alcohol and if you have very oily skin, use a two percent solution of salicylic acid.By the way, wipe the skin with alcohol during the process of cleaning is not necessary, as it will lead to a narrowing and tightening pores, after which it will be impossible to remove blackheads.When removing blackheads beauticians recommend using saline.

And finally, consider such procedures in a "home beauty" as a face mask.This is one of the most effective and efficient cosmetic procedures for the face.In cosmetology, the following types of masks - a moisturizing, nourishing, whitening, astringents and masks the effect of exfoliation of dead cells of the skin.Remember that before using any facial masks should observe the following rules:

- pre-clean the skin;

- apply the mask to the skin is in the direction of your chin to the temples, and from the mouth to the cheek and ear lobes;

- while using the mask is located in a quiet and peaceful position;

- to keep the mask is no more than 20 minutes, after which you must wash them with warm water and wipe dry with a face with a towel;

- after this procedure, apply a face cream that suits your skin type.

Remember, it is best to use a facial mask is after applying the steam bath or hot compress.Stay beautiful, good luck to you!

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