Ass round and firm

Whatever did not say, but according to statistics, the eyes - it's the last thing that draws the attention of the stronger sex.He says all the same statistics, our ass - is what interests men is much stronger.Therefore, many girls are not without emotion trying to see in the reflection of the rear view mirror and a very upset if you do not see there ass round and firm.But that does not say, but there is a way out of any situation.Just how to make the fifth point was resilient and round, we want to talk about today.

Want ass smaller

Unfortunately, nature would have it, that it was in the buttocks fat accumulates much stronger and very hard burned.But to lose weight so as to get rid of the extra kilos on your hips, not an easy task.Even if much want to have a perfect ass, experts do not recommend giving the load only on its fifth point, bypassing the rest of the body and the whole body with its needs.Combining fitness with the overall load on the body and a special set of exercises for problem areas

- is one of the best ways to achieve the desired result.Therefore, if you need to reduce muscle mass and make his ass more accurate, you must choose exercises with the maximum number of turns and minimum weight.But again zealous not worth it!Pumped her buttocks very dangerous.Too stiff muscles can pinch blood vessels, thereby preventing the flow of oxygen to the cells.Because of this, the body no longer remove toxins, which leads to the formation of cellulite.

Not just overweight ...

Remember that muscles - is one thing, but the extra weight - it's completely different.Just for the resilience of our five points correspond to the three gluteal muscles: large, medium and small.It is their condition and care must be taken.The easiest exercise to raise their tone - a squat, which, most importantly, do not take your heels off the floor and simple kicks.Remember that the effect is only in the event that you yourself will feel as tense during exercise your muscles.And every time these exercises you simply increase.

clear contours

Tone - this is what lies at the heart of the priest to become elastic and took ideal form.So if you have a round and firm buttocks, everything else - it's just little things in life.Incidentally, the number one enemy of the perfect priests - a sedentary lifestyle.So, if you spend most of the time "in the chair", then you can not wonder where the missing your perfect ass.In short, as much as possible go on foot for 20 minutes a day were conducted on a treadmill, and do not forget about the special massage.Due to this point will be your fifth round and fit.

Side view

interesting fact is that the tendency to "breeches" - a hereditary problem.Therefore, if you noticed his relatives this trouble - it will certainly be engaged in them.Remember that the side of the thighs - it's all the same muscles that are in need of training and diet.Kicks - one way to prevent "breeches."Do this exercise without jerks smooth movements, and you can feel your muscles.

And body also

only train the muscles of the buttocks - it's good, but we must remember that to your fifth point as adjacent: news, back, back of the thighs.Therefore, in order to "raise" your buttocks, you need to use all those muscles.Only then can your ass round win not one man's heart.

orange peel

Remember that the phenomenon of cellulite and stretch marks are removed with the help of complex criteria for dealing with them.This fitness club, beauty salon and lessons at home.Only then will your ass elastic and will delight you.

six days - and your butt is round, beautiful and resilient

Day 1: start with the usual sit-ups.Your feet should be parallel and back straight.Going to work, give up transport and within walking distance.Anyway, try to do without an elevator.

Day 2: you're also not using the elevator, preferring stairs.On this day you've feel like you have a strained buttock muscles and make sure that it really works.

Day 3: to complicate the task, and to the usual squats you add kicks back and to the side.Start to learn stretching exercises.Taking a shower, do not forget about the special massage brush.

4th day: If you feel that you have sore muscles, do not stop doing the exercises.You can try anti-cellulite bath, where it is necessary to use a citrus oil, a special body exfoliation, massage your thighs and buttocks, and after all, do not forget to use a firming cream.By the way, start the morning run.

Day 5: Increases your total time runs and it should be the rhythm of your breathing.Do not forget about firming cream.

Day 6: you can safely try your old jeans.But even if you have climbed in, do not stop and continues to maintain his fifth point in the normal state.And she will always be elastic, and will have the perfect shape.

Your habits - it's your ass

1. Do not sit too soft because the muscles of the buttocks become because of this flabby and lethargic.Change your sofa on hard chairs.

2. Smoking robs the body of vitamin C, which has beneficial effects on the connective tissue.In short, smoke less and eat oranges anymore.

3. Salt is able to retain water in the body, due to which the fabric become lumpy shape.Therefore, instead of salt used in food flavorings from natural herbs.

4. Fortified drinks are a lot of calories.Drink alcohol in a smaller amount.