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Under what conditions are going to save the pregnancy?

Statistics on the world is that in 20 of 100 premature babies have birth defects.The main reason is that these children vital organs simply did not have time to fully develop.In this case, the preservation of the pregnancy will give your child the chance to maximize the future dorazvitsya in the womb.

When is it necessary?

Even if you feel fine and nothing bothers you and your gynecologist prescribes hospitalization, in order to protect themselves from unforeseen situations - better agree.At the hospital, you will at least be constantly in front of the experts, and will be at their disposal all the necessary equipment.You will be provided with everything you need - full bed rest, emergency assistance in case of emergency.

If the threat of premature birth is low, you may find only prescribe in the day hospital, where you will be provided with the necessary care and a good rest during the day, and allowed to return home in the evening.In hospitals are going to save for more serious threats of miscarr

iage or those mums who suffer from diseases that affect the course of pregnancy.

what to do on saving?

It depends on the reason you brought to the preservation of the hospital.The physician should immediately evaluate the degree of risk to the fetus and to make for you personally plan to continue your pregnancy.The main thing in this case - trust your doctor and do not doubt his competence.However, this does not mean that you should feel free to discuss their destination.Eventually, you assess the risks and benefits of the use of a procedure or drug.

Typically, the use of drugs during pregnancy is not recommended.How do things stand in the hospital?Here their use is justified only if the benefits exceed their ultimate degree of possible risks.In other words, when a child without drugs just die, it is better to accept them without looking at a possible side effect.The doctor is required to tell you how great the ratio of possible harm and potential benefits.But the decision will always be yours.

Under what conditions are going to save?

Depending on the severity of the condition and pregnant evidence may lie in the preservation of 2-3 days (if it is preparation for the planned caesarean) to 40 weeks if there is the presence of serious diseases.This is usually rare, but cases when a woman throughout the pregnancy is in the hospital, there are.This occurs when a woman has a congenital heart disease, renal failure, or severe form of diabetes.

Here are the main reasons why your doctor may recommend a woman to go to the hospital to save:

- late toxicosis

- chronic diseases

- risk of Rhesus-conflict

- hypertension

- n6ekotorye forms of diabetes

-presence of cervical incompetence

- hormonal disorders

- placenta previa

- «hydrops pregnant" or gestioz

- miscarriage last

- for physical injuries

- age over 35 years

- the presence of multiple pregnancy

what is useful to you for maintaining ?

you definitely need to take with you to the hospital: passport, linens, dishes, bathrobe, clean towel, nightgown, change of underwear, slippers (domestic and rubber shower), a pair of socks, personal care items (toothpastebrush, comb, soap, toilet paper).Also, you can take a book, magazine, or even bring a laptop if you are sure of its safety.Usually after valuables hospital staff is not responsible.

Remember, keep the pregnancy and to ensure its normal course in your power.Listen to yourself and contact your doctor promptly.

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