Viral infections of the female genital organs

Genital herpes

causative agent of genital herpes is herpes simplex virus (HSV), usually of type II.This disease refers to infections, sexually transmitted.HSV type I, is usually caused by "cold" on the lips, it can also cause genital symptoms after oral sex.

• Symptoms

severity of the disease can vary from mild to very severe.After 2-7 days after exposure to a small area of ​​the skin of the external genitalia occurs itchy irritation.Over the next 12 hours for this limited outbreak there are small reddish spots, which quickly turned into small bubbles.Recent soon be opened to form a plurality of painful sores that can be covered with scabs.With further development of the disease is increased inguinal lymph nodes.Suffering and the general condition of the patient who is experiencing flu-like symptoms.Manifestations of the first attack of infection (primary herpes) can last up to three weeks.

• Diagnostics

Appearance rash enough character, but to confirm the diagnosis is necessary to take stro

ke discharge for the purpose of cultivating the virus.Blood tests can indicate the fact of exposure, but not to determine whether the cause of the exacerbation of herpes.

• Forecast

third of patients forget about the disease after the first attack;the other third of the lungs occur occasionally acute;the remaining relapses occur at least once a year, although they take place more easily than the first attack, and are usually resolved within a week.When the primary attack of herpes infection duration of cutaneous manifestations help reduce antiviral drugs such as acyclovir or famciclovir.These tools, however, can limit the duration of relapse when treatment is started after the appearance of the skin elements.For ease pain recommend painkillers, e.g. paracetamol or topical application of the anesthetic gel.In severe cases with severe pain during urination in women helps to relieve the suffering of a warm bath.Antibiotics are powerless in such cases.If relapses occur more frequently than five times a year, it is expedient to suppressive therapy, which provides for the appointment of antiviral drugs for a period of at least six months.In severe cases, suppressive therapy can go on for years.Patients with genital herpes infection is the source of life, so if sexual intercourse should use condoms, especially if the partner has not yet met with the infection.The primary attack of herpes late in pregnancy may cause serious harm to the baby, so in such cases the delivery is carried out by caesarean section.Recurrent attacks or primary herpes in early pregnancy do not pose a high risk for complications of the child.Pain and irritation in the area of ​​the external genitalia is not always associated with infections, sexually transmitted infections.Inflammation can develop as a result of an imbalance of the normal microbial flora, allergic reaction or widespread skin lesions such as eczema.

Many go to the doctor, fearing that contracted genital herpes, though actually skin damage in the area of ​​the external genitalia may be due to very different reasons.These include, inter alia, include:

• Genital candidiasis (thrush)

This fungal infection accompanied by irritation, redness and itching of the skin of the vulva, prepuce and glans penis, and in the perianal region (around the anus).In women, it is often observed vaginal discharge and the formation of small cracks in the skin, especially by rubbing or scratching.

Men marked redness and soreness of the foreskin and the glans penis, the formation of ulcers unusual.Unlike genital herpes inflammatory rash captures more extensive areas of the skin;fever and lymphadenopathy was observed.To confirm the diagnosis may be taken swabs for laboratory studies, although cutaneous manifestations usually enough to identify typical candidiasis and antifungal agents.Using scented soap or bubble bath may worsen symptoms.

• sensitivity to external influences

Skin Irritation vulva may provoke soap, shower gel and bubble bath, and a variety of creams and lotions.In such cases, in order to cope with the problem, it may be sufficient to abandon these drugs and wash the affected skin with pure water, followed by applying water emollient cream base.Generalized skin disease can affect the skin of any part of the body, including the genital area.However, manifestations in the skin of the external genitalia may differ significantly from the typical clinical picture of the disease.There is also a group of special skin conditions (these include, for example sclerosing zoster), which is most often appear in the external genitalia.These diseases require the appointment of a specific treatment, in particular - steroid ointments.Thus, if the skin lesions in the vulva can not be cured after application of simple tools, you should seek help from a GP who, if necessary, referred to a specialist.All kinds of abnormal growths on the skin of the external genitalia may appear I have a virus infection or parasitic infestation.In most cases, the rash characteristic form allows you to identify the cause of the disease, and treatment is usually straightforward.

genital warts

genital warts or genital warts are caused by infection with human papilloma virus (HPV).It should be noted that viruses sexually transmitted (mainly types 6, 8 and 11) are different from those that cause warts on other parts of the human body.Tina Other viruses that are transmitted through sexual contact (eg, types 16 and 18), are considered to be responsible for the development of cervical cancer, although warts in this case, as a rule, lacking.

• Symptoms

Up to 90% of all infected by human papilloma virus have no clinical manifestations, so asymptomatic carriage of the virus and its transmission to sexual partners can last many months and even years.If symptoms appear, and then it happens in the period of 6-9 months after infection.

• Appearance

Genital warts genital area in appearance do not differ from any other localization of warts.Sprawl can be both rough and hard to the touch and soft and friable;sprinkler elements may be protruding above the surface of the skin (exophytic) or protruding (flat).Typically warts do not exceed a few millimeters in diameter, but sometimes there education reaching a size of 1 cm or more.They can be detected in any anogenital skin areas, and their number can vary from 1-2 to 20 or more members.The most frequent localization of warts are the trunk of the penis, vulva and the area around the anus.Less often, they are identified on the mucous membrane of the vagina, the cervix in women and the urethra in men.Most warts do not cause the holder of any concern, does not cause itching, and found rather by accident.Very extensive growths may indicate severe impairment of the immune system such as HIV infection;A similar pattern can also be observed during pregnancy.

• Diagnostics

specific tests to identify the virus does not exist, the diagnosis is based on an assessment of the appearance of the rash.Gynecologists are quite common with all sorts of warty growths with regular screening examinations of the cervix in women.If an infection with human papilloma virus has already happened, to get rid of him is almost impossible.While modern medicine allows to eliminate any skin manifestations, ways to destroy the virus to date does not exist.


Genital warts after removal could reappear, and the carrier of the virus to a partner would be a source of infection through unprotected sex for months and years.If the existing warts are not removed, they can persistirovat months and years, sometimes more proliferating.At present we know many ways to treat genital warts, among them - topical application of podophyllin (podophyllotoxin) and cryosurgery (freezing) with liquid nitrogen.These procedures are usually performed in specialized clinics, but sometimes the patient can be performed independently.In more serious cases produce voluminous burning the warts with an electric current (electrocauterization) or laser under local anesthesia.Since the human papilloma virus infection occurs mainly through sexual contact, controlled study is recommended to go for both partners.As mentioned above, genital warts and cervical cancer cause different types of HPV, so women after removal of warts is no need to spend an additional cervical screening.The disease, known as molluscum contagiosum, caused by a virus, which will give in close (not necessarily sexual) contact.However, the condition is more common in sexual partners and characterized by the appearance of specific lesions on the skin of the genital area.

• Symptoms

eruptive elements in the form of small (3-10 mm), smooth, slightly shiny nodules appear in the anogenital region and the adjacent skin.They do not cause pain or discomfort may spread to large areas, although sometimes the rash is limited to just a few elements.A careful examination with a magnifying glass you can see that the nodules are in the center of minute recess.If untreated, the rash can persist for weeks and months.

• Diagnosis and treatment Diagnosis is based on a characteristic rash.For treatment using cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen or moxibustion, as in the case of warts.Another known method for the destruction of nodules mollusk by coating phenol.Complete survey is recommended for both sexual partners.Itch mite (Sarcoptes scabiei) enters the body through close contact with a sick person.Especially prone to infection are children.Although the disease usually affects the skin of the hands, arms and torso, it is sometimes possible and the appearance of small (2-5 mm), intensely itchy nodules in the vulva.Diagnosis of the disease is carried out based on the detection of scabies mite, its eggs or excrement samples of scrapings taken from the surface of the nodule.Although scabies mites themselves can be quickly destroyed by using insecticidal lotion, such as malathion, the resolution of pruritus may take more than a month, during which help to relieve the symptoms of antihistamines.Pubic lice are transmitted by sexual contact.It is small (2 mm) gray-brown insects that move slowly over the skin surface including pubic hair.

signs of infection

• Folliculitis

folliculitis is characterized by the appearance of small inflammatory lesions at the base of the hair.This phenomenon often develops in the field of pubic hair distribution with the possible involvement of a large number of hair follicles.On the skin of the pubis formed reddish bumps in the heart pierced by a hair;They may be slightly itchy and cause discomfort.Treatment involves the use of mild antiseptic cream or daily baths with antiseptic.

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