How to spend time unemployed housewife

Housewife - a woman who does not sit all day watching television or chewing candy, and do not need to take an example from Dasha Bukina from the series "Happy Together" and to think that all housewives are all the polls.You are much mistaken if you think so.

Housewife - a woman, which keeps the house and the children, it is the keeper of the hearth.Home improvement - a difficult task of refining the house, maintaining it in harmony, comfort, cleanliness and order.I do not think that the man was able to maintain order in the house and at the same time to talk to children about what is right and what is not good, and for all that stand at the stove.

man comes home and starts to blame the wife that she was sitting at home, that from her no good, and that it does not bring money into the house.And he's not thinking, whose work at the plate he eats, tucking a lot of mayonnaise, and he does not think, on whose writings he sees sweet dreams, drooling on a clean sheet.It is probably naive to think that childr

en are smart and educated from birth to it all.

Constant accusations that you will not benefit the family, asserting itself constantly insulting you and boasting that his work is nothing without all of this would not have been.And if he does not make mistakes ???Maybe, if it was not you would not be delicious soup on the table, and it would not be clean ironed shirts and socks, and he did not sleep on the sheets, clean smelling fresh.But after such a long reproaches and quarrels, you finally realize that you all had enough of it and you collect all the things take their children and go to live with my mother in the house next door and begin to maintain cleanliness and order there.The order in the house housewife probably in the blood and does not have it knocked out of her.

I have an aunt, and as you may have guessed, she is unemployed housewife.Her daughter, first-class playing the violin and all competitions wins prizes, ie the first and second, in her house all sterile and always tasty food on the table, or at least at the plate.When she came to visit me before, when I was working, and had no time to get out of the house, to my arrival my house turned into a sterile apartment with the delicious smell of the apartment and a delicious meal on the table.

At the time, I naively thought as any man that being unemployed housewife is not difficult and a lot of mind is not necessary.Now then, sitting at home, I understand the difficulty domohozyaystvovaniya and aware of the complexity of such a being.

Our dear men do not appreciate what they have, and they have a priceless treasure in the face and in the way we have.And if you deprive them of all that is waiting for them at home, namely order and delicious food, I'm sure they will miss all of this more than for you.Because after good order hard to get used to the bad disorder.And do not be naive to think and believe what he would've missed you.Men cunning creature, they are prudent, and let us show off by saying that we are creating a cunning and calculating.If you leave it after a small quarrel and a week later he pripretsya to you with a huge bouquet of roses and a diamond ring, and if he is on his knees and tearfully beg you come back home, you know the ugly truth, it lacks orderhouse, clean sheets and a delicious meal on the table.

All we can imagine what a single man at the apartment ... or let's do a virtual walk through the apartment idle men.Everywhere lying dirty smelly socks in the closet no clean shirts, and in turn, he puts on his work not laundered shirt he wore had never been washed, only aired on the balcony.And what he eats ???If you look in the trash, we can see there is a lot of empty packages for an instant noodle, and an empty bottle of vodka.

Of course, what is it something else to drink from grief?You may ask, what sorrow?Is not the mountain to live in a pigsty, go to work in the clothing is not the first freshness, and eat junk food?In my opinion there is nothing worse.A pastel?Probably, no normal woman would not lay down a pastel, which are not made for centuries, not bed linen is not changed even longer.If you come closer and look closely, you can see the crumbs on the bed to eat and ... oh .... fuuu .... dirty socks!

And if it were possible for a couple of days to turn a man into a woman and a woman into a man.Leave the man at home with the children and all the household problems, how would he handle it?I think that is perfectly clear as to cope with male to female cases, because today is full of women who perform work of a man, and they succeed better than men.A good example of this film "Operation Y" famous Hyde, remember at the beginning of the grandmother and Shurik, when my grandmother nursed on one hand the little girl, and the other hand mesilo dough for bread and cooked at the same time something on the stove, but still she had towork.She worked as a security guard at the warehouse.Is it women's work?Especially for Grandma?

And remember, she asks to substitute Shurika her household while she is at work.Review this film, if you do not remember how Shura cope with household chores, all he goes wrong.And then he runs after her grandmother that she would be rescued and saved it.I have only one thing I can not understand!As he left the small child alone at home ???So your child to trust men after this!

Is this film is not sufficient as a shining example of the men in the household are not suitable ?!Is this film is proof that the man in the kitchen complete zero?Of course, this film is enough!And if you think it's just a movie, tell me, do not plot of the film is taken from life?For full authenticity leave her husband in the kitchen with a pot of boiling and capricious children of one and go for a walk with my friends or go shopping, unless you want to risk the order in the house and the health of their children, because they do not know what to expect from a man when he is notcontrol of the situation, and he will not be able to control the situation.For greater certainty remember once again the film "Operation Y".

Being a woman is beautiful and very difficult, and even more difficult to be a housewife.And I think it should not be called a housewife unemployed, because her work - a farm at home.Cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning and control of the order in the house and control their children.And of course, all this takes a whole day and the end of the day tired woman no less, if you have worked anywhere in the city for some paunchy uncle.That's what your day and devotes his life to a real woman - the home, husband and children.

A zarplpta it must include not only the money from her husband for household needs and clothing to cosmetics, but also need to give advance respect, affection, tenderness, and the prize should consist of luxury bouquets and gifts, surprises and love.Do not sotyat Housewives of ???And what would a man know the complexity of the craft, often need to leave their home in the circle of fuss.Let understand what being a woman, a housewife, and may also, at last, begin to appreciate the feminine!

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