What is true friendship, and whether it is possible today

Friends, friend - these are people who love you not because you have something to eat or not, because you are a great man in the city, my friends love you simply because you are.Yes, you're a big man, but in their hearts, if not in the city.It come to you for help or assistance when you need.It is for you to remember the happy moments, and want to share it with you.You - one for him, and he is a friend to you.Do you miss him when he's not there, but when the moment of the meeting, think "and that I missed him?".

friendship - as well as love, strong sense of uniting hearts.Nowadays it is very difficult to find friends, and can be easily, we just have too many requirements for a potential friend.Or our thoughts are just busy with something more mundane.Maybe friends and not have to look for, they will find when you need someone to help.Remember when you needed someone to help who helped you?No, do not bring bags to the apartment, and no financial assistance has and something more large scale, which is of

great importance to you.And if you can call him a friend?

Help others should not be a matter, it should be spiritual.After all, friendship - this is not the matter, and feelings.Our physical needs for assistance are only a small change in your life, but they play a great importance for us, because we pay them too much attention.Moral and spiritual needs - that's what is important if a person is in disequilibrium with ourselves, with our own inner world, in the doldrums, it is no physical or financial assistance would not be useful.

True friendship in general terms can not have the right friends set their own rules in their relationship, as the birds build their nests, the general sense of the nest is, for that would live there and hatch eggs, produce offspring, but as a piece of paper orput a stick or twig bird solves itself.Similarly, in friendship - friends decide that it can not be.Of course, friendship is necessary not only to take but to give.But one always takes longer than the other.Respect, honesty, loyalty - this amounts to friendship rather than the rule.

A few years ago I met a chubby cutie, we had become close friends, could chat for days, made for holidays gifts to each other, we went to visit, walked, went shopping, help each other, support in difficult times.But then something happened, for some reason, we had quarreled.I would not say that much, but we have taken offense at each other.Now our separate ways, and I have often been thinking about it.Verna saying "we have not appreciate losing her cry."Sitting writing this article, I began to think about true friendship and about her, maybe she is my friend?Previously, when a friend of her, and I was not thinking about friendship and about the meaning of the word and the importance of these relations.Now, I'm seriously thinking about friendship, about the meaning and significance of this phenomenon and try to see each close friend of his girlfriend.

No wonder they say that the friendship begets love.To some extent, I believe that friendship and love.Reverent attitude to the other, the desire to help him or comfort him, or to rejoice in the happy moments of his life, is not a sign of love?That kind of love is present in the proportion of true friendship.Just a man with another man is not particularly worried, yes, and I would not rejoice too much, instead of joy would envy.And what would know true friendship should probably get used to each other characters.And after going through all the obstacles and resentment, it will remain - friendship.

Now I often think someone should call a friend who is not worth it.Now the word is important, but before I could everybody dignify this title.And now I think before you call her a friend.I guess I'm fixated on friendship.So, I have one friend.I know it is not less than five years.At first she annoyed me very much, her voice and laughter, behavior, manners - just everything!Even the appearance.Somehow I did not want to approach her, but learning in college has done its job, we got used to it so to speak, in my opinion, to be exact, I got used to it.It was a friendship of convenience I think that to survive in this environment, and in order not to sink into the whirlpool of everyday couples.Two years later we finished this college, and during this time, I think, properly got used to each other, and we still communicate.I fell in love with her over the years, even though she lives far away from me, but we will deal with it often, but rarely see each other.Now she was pregnant last month, but I'm waiting for her child with her and very happy for her.

also say that friends do not choose.And, in my opinion, very selected.Today our elected one must comply with all our requirements, if the phone multi-select better and cheaper.C, and more profitably at lower cost.Many parents say their offspring "is not friends with him!It can not be your friend! ", What would they communicate with children of his own circle.Out of range?Children they have children.They have no education, no job.It's nothing.They circle and then no, it turns out that parents choose for their children's friends, looking at the parents of the child.Is friendship has any limitations?It does not necessarily have a friend is to be a good job, or higher education, or two higher.A friend - he is a friend, and not measured in cash in a purse, or a good position.You can be friends with everyone and everywhere, with anyone.Important spiritual connection between friends, not money.We have forgotten how to feel us a naked calculation.Do not confuse friendship with the calculation.If your heart did not shudder at the thought of another, it is unlikely that this friendship.

I do not believe in true friendship should be common goals and interests, and without it, you can just be friends.Although nowadays are friends with people with whom a common interest, because people do not want to bother searching for this other, which would have different interests.It is interesting sometimes to argue with one another on certain topics that concern either you or him.Just be friends, though not much.Communicate with the person they admire, to see the inner world of another person.Just to be friends with a man for what he is there, just respect it and its interests, because he is your friend.

Though I am friends with his classmate around us believe best friends, and I also try to see in our relations this friendship.At the university, we are not apart of waste is not a step, always and everywhere together.And I think that in our relationship it takes more than it gives.Now I do not particularly welcome conversations about my personal life, and she is very welcome, so I know everything about her, and she me almost nothing.During the study, we are always together, but in his spare time from school, we do not really even see each other often, talk on the phone often.I forgot to say that we learn from correspondence courses.So you can imagine what our friendship.A friendship I imagine otherwise.

I vividly remember our last quarrel.We swear only virtually, in reality, we did not fight again, but also because we have told a bunch of nasty things that anyone could become ill from such words and expressions.Although it is said that friends do not like swearing, they always remain friends.In this I am convinced.The next day we started talking as if nothing had happened.Or maybe this contributed to the prospect of a joint study at the institute for another four years ???Is not it a striking example of friendship of convenience?And although I have a warm feeling to it, as if we did not fight, they do not disappear.And if I lose her, I'll think about it?And you want to renew friendships?After all, until we are united university.

I understand that everyone has their own ideas about true friendship, but, unfortunately, do not always correspond to the representation of reality, maybe you can some ideas into reality, but not friendship.And, perhaps, a real friend is one who does not think about friendship and not bother about its meaning and significance, he just friends, not thinking.And anyone who thinks about all this, then he chooses friends for some criteria that would create the perfect friendship of his ideas.A true friendship is created as it arises.So, no need to think, to feel and listen to your heart.Idealizes and take the friendship for what it is.And better not think about friendship, but simply be friends!