The use of herbs in the bath

There are many plants, herbs that can be used in the bath, they can even be used in the treatment of various ailments.It just so happened that the traditional brooms in a bath of steel and birch leaves of burdock.These plants are perfectly able to deduce slags and rejuvenate the skin.

But we must take into account the rules of selection of herbs not only for brooms, but also for an aromatherapy bath.Suitable for this yarrow, chamomile, eucalyptus, sage, juniper.Broth, which are prepared from these plants, disinfect pair, as well as to those in currently is.These plants and their fragrances have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system.They are able to destroy harmful bacteria, ease breathing.In the bath, the use of these herbs and useful to those who suffer skin lesions of various etiologies.

Nevertheless, the known fact that the use of different grass species different human exposure.That is why it is very important to choose the right grass before visiting the bath and they gave it to the effec

t that expected.

If you choose the mint and take a bath in a decoction of the plant, you can refresh your skin, beneficial effects on the respiratory tract and to remove skin irritation.This herb helps to eliminate cold starts with all its symptoms.Broth should take the steam room and splash out on hot stones.You immediately feel the magic and the smell of bliss, spreading throughout your body.

can take a bath in a decoction of sage or rosemary.These plants help relieve fatigue, improve blood flow, smooth fine education wrinkled skin.Such decoctions better to use in the shower after a pair of procedures.Aromas of herbs will have a tonic effect, get rid of drowsiness and fatigue.

can take with you and chamomile.This plant as a means of aromatherapy helps to strengthen immunity, improve the body's resistance to infections and germs.

Chamomile is able to soothe.She is relaxing on a tired man.It has beneficial effects on the central nervous system in general.If you want that kind of effect, do not hesitate to take a daisy with the bath, and you can still grab and hops, if after bath procedure is still work or entertainment.

But if we take the aromatherapy steam room the smell of linden trees, you can restore normal sleep, at least, there is nothing you will not be disturbed for the next night.Insomnia will not bother you, the dream will be deep and quiet, you will sleep through the night without waking up.

very common use in the bath decoction of yarrow.Spread the steam room, the scent of this plant has a beneficial effect on the skin, eliminating roughness and cracks.Wounds heal quickly and cracks on the hands, elbows and feet.Under the influence of this aromatherapy skin become soft and tender to the touch.And the skin receives additional moisture.

Those who suffer from excessive sweating, too, need to know what herbs to help get rid of the problem, then to take them to the bath.With such problems it is necessary to give preference to oak bark decoction of the herb sage.They can be used for aromatherapy, and rinse in the shower after a pair of procedures.These plants quenched work glands producing fat that leads to that the skin is not greasy.

To restore flabby, lifeless, aging skin, it is necessary to use a decoction of the herb horsetail.This broth can be used in pure form and in combination with any other herbs that are rich in our fields and meadows.

Conifers also indispensable in the bath procedure.From needles is a terrific flavor.It has a calming effect on the nerves, toning the entire body as a whole.He do good, by the way, and the respiratory system.

after bath procedure to get a charge of vivacity, it is necessary to use coffee.Brew coffee beans and broth Throw the rocks.In the steam room will float quite appetizing aroma, he will give strength and make sure you cheer.

Steam treatments may have beneficial effects on the body of those who suffer from gout.These people should have to turn to the healing properties of cranberry leaves, nettle, willow bark, horsetail, flowers cornflowers.You have to wait until the body to steam, then get out of the steam room and oblitsya this broth, whole body massaged.Such a procedure will help excrete the large number of so-called uric acid.And to her left over, it is necessary that the broth also drink, and slowly, in small sips, in one go in a steam room for several large spoons.

Generally, it is advised not to use one at a hike in the bath with different fragrances.It is better to seek the help of one effect to be noticeable.We must also take into account that the impact of different aroma compositions of different people is very different.Predict hard, what effect a mixture of different odors of a person.

To enhance the effect of aroma, it is only necessary to make the concentration of broth richer.

After all the procedures in the steam room, it is necessary to take a shower, but the water must be so cold, what you could sustain for at least ten seconds.This will help to cheer up and positive emotions, but also - correctly complete wellness in the bath.

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