Useful properties of milk thistle oil

oil thistle (thistle) applications.

The healing properties of milk thistle are known to mankind since ancient times.For the first time the plant is mentioned in his writings more ancient doctors.In modern medicine, many countries, including Russia, officially authorized the use of this plant.

thistle recommend the use of people who are rehabilitation after diseases of the liver, and those who are trying to give up alcohol and drugs.This plant also helps those who are undergoing radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Oil of milk thistle helps to eliminate the side effects of medications, adverse effects on the liver.This oil being pure natural means is useful in the lesions of the stomach, liver and intestines.The main indications for use of this tool are hepatitis, gastritis (chronic and acute), ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, fatty degeneration of the liver, cirrhosis, and biliary dyskinesia.Oil of milk thistle helps with stomatitis and periodontal disease.

This oil - the perfect r

emedy for dermatoses, so widely used by doctors this direction in medicine.It is recommended for psoriasis, alopecia, allergic reactions of the skin, with dermatoses, diaper rash, acne, vitiligo, herpes (flat, red), and others.

Thistle oil well helps with disruption of the heart and blood vessels, for the treatment of diseases of the nose, throat, ears.A good assistant is the oil and "female" ailments.

Application oil thistle (thistle): contraindications.

Thistle oil - absolutely natural product, it has no contraindications, it is absolutely harmless.But if you have some serious disease, before you decide to apply thistle oil, it is better to consult a doctor, discussing technology use and dosage.

Useful properties of oil thistle (thistle).

main active ingredient rastoropshevogo oil - silymarin.This natural oil account for up to 12 kinds of substances.Silymarin helps to strengthen cell membranes, especially true for liver cells.It is known that the liver is the first blows takes a variety of harmful substances, so monitor the health of the body is very important.Silymarin are beneficial to the human liver, strengthen and regenerate the cells of this important body.

oil stimulates the metabolic functions of the body, it even helps burn fat.Oil - the perfect cholagogue natural remedy, and yet without sufficient bile, which is produced by our body, worsen digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

oil of this plant contains a rich set of vitamins.It contains vitamin elements F , D , A , E .And vitamin F - is a combination of several types of polyunsaturated fatty acids forms.Due to this, thistle oil has antisklerotichesikm action.They are important for the activity of the heart and blood vessels of the human body.Agents reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, and prevent its deposition on vascular walls.

These acids, so - the perfect prophylactic against strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerotic lesions.These compounds are useful for normal brain works.

This oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer effect.It - effective hepatoprotector.The oil helps to strengthen the immune forces, raising the total resistance of the body with every infection.

chlorophyll compounds contribute to the activation of metabolic processes that occur in cells and tissues.They have on the tissue and cell rejuvenating effect.Chlorophyll acts stimulating the metabolism of the heart, liver, and it is not possible without redox reaction in our cells.

Tocopherols protect our body from activating cancer factors.These compounds also prevent aging of the body ahead of time, maintaining its reproductive ability.

As for carotenoids, these substances affect anti-allergic.These compounds necessary for normal metabolic processes, e.g., in the heart and liver.Carotene is needed retina, it is also necessary for normal growth and physical development.

This oil many vitamin compounds A and E. They are - quite powerful antioxidants that protect our body from premature aging and the development of malignant transformation in him.Vitamin E is necessary for the normal operation of our body in terms of reproduction.The aforementioned vitamins have a positive effect on our skin, eyes.They prevent develop inflammation.Thistle oil contains the necessary body to better absorb calcium and phosphorus Vitamin D. This compound helps to strengthen the immune system.

This oil many trace elements.The structure includes elements of zinc, manganese, magnesium and selenium, which are responsible for the normal reproduction of the hormone insulin by the pancreas.

Vitamins spectrum need the brain, central nervous system, muscles and the endocrine system.

Thistle oil and cosmetology.

With thistle oil do great massage the neck and face.Oil advised to leave on the skin for the whole night.It helps to nourish the skin with vitamins compounds, hydrates and rejuvenates.

oil increases the protective function of the skin, improves the color and condition of the skin, making the skin more elastic.

can protect your skin from the sun or from frostbite in winter, wiping hands and face before leaving the house.

This oil can be used every day, and as one, and as part of other oils such as almond, olive and others. They can soothe the skin, strengthen hair and nails, oil is indispensable for teenagers, because the treats and prevents acnetheir appearance.

oil is used for the prevention of varicose veins, because it has a fortifying effect on the vascular wall.With oil often make anti-cellulite massage.

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