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- AGO?- I said, chewing food.

- Aah, hamster, again after six hanging around in the fridge?- Loudly said a cheerful voice called Ian.- If only the first chewed, and then be fit to the tube!- Reproachfully said the same voice.

- Ian, I know it was you!Except you no one calls me on the home phone.And I do not turn off the phone just for you.All have long used cell phones!You know, what is it?

- Yes, in the course.And you know who I spent yesterday evening?

- No, of course.And with whom ?!

- with the boss ...

- Whose?

- Well, my course!

- And?How did everything go?

- Oh great!First we went to the restaurant, then a walk in the park, and then we kissed at the lake, and then ...

- Stop!- I interrupted.- You can not continue!You slept with him!

- Neet, then we went to his house, and then we drank a bottle of French wine, and then we have to sleep with him ....

- What is the difference then?All the same, the result is the same!How can you so well?Sleep with all indiscriminately ???

- He is cool !!!He's so handsome, rich, his huge apartment, and he is riding on a steep wheelbarrow!He's cool!

Hmm ... you're only on these criteria, and look!- I mumbled angrily.

- And what else watching something ?!

- And then watch more than that ?!The nature, mind, intellect, all you need to watch!

- You know, once he's got it all, it means that he has and all that you listed!You know what he said to me once?

- What?

- I'm the best employee in his office!

- I bet he says this every employee that wants to drag in his expensive bed!I am sure that he slept not only with you out of the office!

- Well, he told me these words!He know what I said ?!

- I do not know and do not want to know!- I interrupted her.

- oh so ?!Yes I am better than you versed in men ... - I would start Jan, and then I was seized by anger.

- Listen, once you slept with lots of men in the city and beyond than I am, it does not mean that you're the best judge of men!Since I do not sleep with everyone, how are you this does not mean that I do not understand them!I understand, because I do not sleep with anyone who invites me to a restaurant!- I broke through on verbal diarrhea, telling her everything, I hung up.

I did not know whether I regret to say after, but now I have finished these words.How can you be so naive, I do not understand.Believing men for me was too much.It has already been proved, and not a woman that men can not quite believe!

I do not know why, but women usually do not learn how until will burn.As in the saying "smart is learning from others' mistakes, but a fool is on his," and for good reason is women called fools.

But it happens sometimes that smart, who for years studied the mistakes of others, ever be burnt, and be sore.The law of life, no matter how much and how could you not afraid of what is afraid, and would think that with you this will not happen, but eventually it will happen.Some whole life baked and so does not teach anything, such as my Yang.About every thought of as special.

As I thought, munching the last sandwich, the telephone rang.With horror in his mind, I came to the phone.Knowing the nature of the Yana, I guess now would be screaming in my ear that the whole world is wrong and that it is only right, and that who I am, that would interfere with her life.But she knew that I was her friend and she does not want evil.How many times she had suffered for his folly.But all does not learn, probably, and will be fired and will not learn anything.

- Yes ... I -promychala angrily.

- Hello ... -smuschenno voice said Jana

-already greeted.You still want to add something?

Forgive - quiet, very quiet she whispered.

- What?I can not hear!Speak louder!

- sorry!- Louder she said

- louder!- All I required.

- I'm sorry, sorry, sorry!- Jana screamed.- I'm sorry, I was wrong.And you're right.I'm stupid ... I know ... what do I do now?- Ian ache.

- Start thinking grown-up!

- How?

- To start matured.And then we'll talk.

- How?

-Zaelo what?Stop to start sleeping with everyone!- I could not stand it and shouted into the phone.

Forgive ...

- I'm sick of you after each break cry!Tell me why you want this chef ??You guys that enough?You work much has changed because of his novels with the boss ?!You do not think!

- Honestly, I do so I will not!I swear!

- leopard change his spots ...

- What are you doing ?!What grave ???I still want to live !!!- Jan frightened.

- Okay, your life - your rules.Live as you want.More I will not interfere.And if you throw the boss, do not cry, okay?And if you decide to dump the work, then you have to blame all the country!Because I will not forgive you for it.

- Got it, well, so far.

- Bye.

Morning came.The sun shone directly through the window, reflected in the mirror and start me on the bed and sunbeams.I love autumn, when not so hot and not cold.Good weather promised a good weekend.I did not know how to spend the weekend, but something tells us that it is going to be awesome.

Once I brought myself in the divine form, I closed the door of the apartment on the other side, and went into the adventures of your favorite beauty salon.So what if there is a Man, but there are beauty salons.Every weekend, be sure to mask and facial massage, manicure and pedicure.I do not have time to reach it, as the phone rang in the bag.

- Hello?

- What are you doing?

- Ahhh ... you finally learned how to use cell phones ?!In your beauty salon I go.And you?

- I have an offer for you!


-State importance!Today, chef plans to go on nature with me and with friends, he wants what I would have picked you!

- What?Right said so ???- I feigned surprise.

- Nuu, he said that I took a girlfriend!

- In honor of what the nature of the travel?

- Autumn!

- How much?

- We'll pick you up.

- Okay.I will wait!- With these words, I hung up and went into the sacred space for me.

After I came out of the cabin, which worked wonders again the telephone rang.Of course she was on the line!

- Are you ready?After twenty minutes, we will!

- Yes, yes!What else do I need ???

- No, nothing, everything is ready, get ready and wait.By the way, try to look decently.There will be free nice rich man!

- You just think about it!- I dropped the phone and ran home.

Thank God, there was room of the house in the 200 meters, and soon I was at home.Just before I go home and close the door behind him, he immediately rang the doorbell.Opening the door, I saw a luminous Jan.

- Are you ready?

- Yeah.

- Then let's go !!!- She shouted cheerfully.

And now, sitting in the car, I finally met with another super-man Yana.The man was really great, beautiful, dignified, manly features, well dressed even gathered in the forest.I thought, these men have become extinct with the dinosaurs.

We went not long, but when we arrived, I saw not covered, spread them on the ground that would organize the table, and stood in a small clearing 12 white chairs and a large table, not natural wood, and plastic.The table was elegantly served.Here's how to feed and rest rich, but I could not understand why a man went on a nature as to discuss any agreement.After all, such talk is ideal nice restaurant with a good cozy atmosphere.No, here, too, the situation is good, even very much, it is not for business meetings.Business I currently not represented.And just go on nature with friends.

When arrived, the organizer of the campaign all invited to the table.Everything was delicious, but the talk was boring, but not for them and not for Yana.I'm 50 just in time to feel sorry that I came here.While I ate, I noticed that the man sitting across from me, throwing me a look.The man was not a bad, slender, well-groomed, short cropped black hair, beautiful facial features, big brown eyes, long eyelashes.Its light schitina gave him more charm to and sexuality.He was wearing jeans and a light jacket in black, he was so black.When I caught his eye, he said, embarrassed, quickly hid his eyes with long lashes and joined the conversation.I do not think that men can be so modest and shy, even amused.

When everyone stood up from the table, ran up to me Ian.

- Well, looked after myself somebody?

- 100 I just had time to regret!Boring I never had!

- It's work.The men here are good.

- As always you about his.

- By the way, that one over there with your eyes does not reduce.Vaughan one little black.In jeans and a black jacket.

- I noticed.And he did.

- Ian!Come on, please!- Here called super-man.

- Okay, I'll be!- I threw Janka and galloped away.

Before she could move, as immediately appeared next to the man.

- Let me introduce myself, Egor.I'm the deputy Mikhail Ivanovich for Financial Affairs.- I took my hand and kissed it gallantly.It felt as if we were at a ball some, or a restaurant, but not in nature.

- Very nice.

- I noticed you here terribly boring ...

- Awful - understatement.To death.I can not wait when it's all over.

- Let me entertain you.- With these words, we talked, and I felt that I no longer needed.We talked about everything except finance and business, of course, I had fun, and I did not want to have to leave.I would like that this evening would last forever.

It was already dark and cold, when all things were discussed, all the talk of negotiations.

With the words "I'll call you," he raced to his Mercedes.And I did not believe it, although so anxious.He made a good impression on me, but that's about the men's field, my impression was spoiled.

- Well it to you?- Silently crept Jan.

- He's such a wonderful ...

- Ooooh, someone in love, it seems ...

- I said it out loud ???

Finally I was at home, and every moment I've been waiting for his call.And as evil, Janka ringing me on my cell, every half hour, to find out if he has not called.

- You can call the home ??You already got me ... - I would start, but suddenly I heard his velvet voice.

- I'm sorry, so late, I will not stop?

- That you will forgive me.I thought it was ringing again ... Ian - I'm very confused.

We talked forever, and I felt that I was in love every second minute.He was so good that I forgot all his resentment and anger male.Still, there are ideals, but each has its own ideal, and I found her.By the way, Jan also has found his ideal, it was a super-man.Finally, Ian senses, and I fell in love, but not a happy ending to this story ???Certainly happy end well, because all's well that ends well.And viewers like schaslivo end , and me too.While of course we are not married to our ideals, but this is the beginning of another story.

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