Peony plant and its beneficial properties

In the East, it was believed that peonies may be watered only beautiful girls to pions treated as divine gifts in their honor composed tales and legends, composed poems, their embroidering.We were peonies were under Peter I and began to grow not only in botanical gardens, but also for the whole of Russia in the noble estates.

In late spring, early June, green bushes covered delightful peony pink, white and purple flowers.In addition to decorative applications peony used in pharmacology, since not only flowers, but also the roots of plants have medicinal properties.Petals were collected before shedding at the time of full bloom.They should be dried immediately to preserve the color and keep the vessels in the dark, without access of light.The roots of this plant are harvested at any time of the year.Dry peony roots after digging is necessary in a well ventilated area, or in the shade under a canopy.

Properties peony

The structure of the plant are useful properties of alkaloids and tannins, thanks t

o them peony has anticonvulsant, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory properties.And is used in medicine for seizures, epilepsy, gout and cramps.This is a good sedative and analgesic.Applied peony root in the treatment of hepatitis, gastric diseases, diabetes.Also use them in hypertension, nephritis, oncology and gynecological diseases.

decoction of Peony

In violation of menstrual cycle, use a decoction of the roots of the peony, use it during breastfeeding for the allocation of more breast milk.It helps and spastic colitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, and to improve appetite.

tincture of peony

peony tincture derived from plants "Marin root", which finds application in many ways.Basically peony used in the treatment of nervous disorders and vegetative-vascular dystonia, insomnia and headaches.Just peony tincture treats certain diseases of cancer and diseases of the reproductive system.

Insomnia When insomnia or feelings of causeless anxiety or fatigue, every day for 2-3 weeks, drink tincture of peony 3-4 teaspoons before bed, and very soon your nervous system is normal.After a course of treatment, take a break for a week, and if after that you still feel tension, treatment go again.

tincture can get rid of some kinds of gynecological diseases, particularly well to the treatment of tumors and cysts of the cervix.In such cases, the infusion should be taken while eating a teaspoon.The treatment lasts a month, with the obligatory visit to the doctor to check whether the improvement came.

When will you feel better, it is necessary to make a break for a week, and then take a tincture of peony again, but keep in mind that serious diseases treated with tincture of one does not, as a rule, the doctor will prescribe additional vitamin or more other drugs.


tincture is also used cosmetics for better hair growth and rejuvenation in the manufacture of anti-aging cosmetics.But because of the large amount of alcohol is not recommended for all infusion, only on condition that the hair is healthy, as much heats alcoholate scalp, thereby stimulating work of the hair follicles and facilitating normalization generating sebum.

can prepare baths for washing, brew a handful of petals peony, lubricants clean skin in a thin layer of honey and lean over the bath for 10 minutes, covered on top with a towel, then wash and put the cream.

Bath of pions

can make a relaxing bath infusions of peony and herbal concoctions.To do this, take 2 teaspoons fees herbs (rose petals, jasmine, mint leaves, chamomile flowers), in the winter you can use the dried and crushed leaves of these plants, purchased at a pharmacy.

Take a bowl, sprinkle with about 2 teaspoons of these components, the Gulf of 0, 5 liters of boiling water.The mixture leave for half an hour, then you need a little warm up on water bath, adding peony tincture and pour into warm water in a bath, and then sit there yourself.After a while you feel like leaving stress and improves mood.Also in the bath, you can add essential oils and peony, it is good to moisturize the skin, and men awaken sexual desire.

oil from peony

oil from the peony is cooked very simply, washed with peony petals, dried and stacked in a jar, pour olive oil to cover by 1 cm.

Mask of peony

At home, back skinyouthful appearance and elasticity of the former will help mask dried nettle leaves, chamomile, and tincture of peony

Take 2 tablespoons of herbal, pour warm boiled water until mushy state of dried leaves, the mixture is heated in a water bath for half an hour, then mixed with tincture of peony(2 tablespoons) - mask is ready.This mask is applied to the face and chest area for half an hour, and then removing it with a towel or cotton ball and rinse skin clean with warm water.

This mask is recommended to do 2-3 times a week, and in the summer is better to use fresh leaves of nettles, daisies and peony, Gulf of boiling water and infuse for half an hour.Apply to the chest area and on the face, wash off after 30 minutes.

tincture of peony, though helps cure many serious diseases, but in some cases it can not be used.It is contraindicated in pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with hepatic or renal insufficiency, children under 12 years.On the scent of tincture or some of the components may be an allergic reaction.

Grow these wonderful flowers in your garden, they will delight you not only for its flavor and beauty, but also enhance your health.Now you know, peony and its properties will be the joy.

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