How to behave in a relationship

Probably, there is no perfect recipe, how to behave in a relationship.Each situation is unique, each person needs its own approach.

Try to be sociable, friendly, and always in a good mood.Do not ship their human problems.I sincerely try to share his hobbies.Let each meeting with you will be a holiday for him.

necessary from the start to behave.Let the first date with the initiative comes from the man, and you discreetly "add fuel to the fire" and inflames his passion.The girl, who seems to be interested in dialogue, and seems to be little doubt, will cause more interest than is immediately laid all the cards on the table and admitted in love forever.Men are attracted to what you need to win.If at some point it becomes clear that she is ready to tolerate everything, it will probably be not interested.

behave in a relationship should be quite proud of, but not proudly.Each young woman will respect myself.If in the course of the play the young man something to hurt you, is to wait for a while until he c

omes to you and does not apologize and did not make an appearance the next day, that was nothing, how could you not become attached to it.

On the other hand, the response to all actions must always be adequate.The situations are different, sometimes need to call first and to bridge for communication.

encourage men to provide you with attentions, fulfill your petty whim.That brought him responsibility taught him to take care of you.Just do not overdo it.Remember that every person wants to love and affection.Do not be afraid to show your feelings to the chosen one.It is important to strike a balance between healthy selfishness and pure altruism.

not have to be mysterious like Fermat's last theorem and cold as the ice queen.Demonstrate sincere interest in the man, let him know that you are nice and fun to spend time with him and be at the same time a little out of reach.

Try to be seductive, teasing the imagination of men and do not rush too quickly to go to intimate relations.The more effort he will make to get you, the more appreciation.

If you have any problems, always try to talk to your loved one.Sitting with views resentful silence or make a scene of jealousy is not the best tactic.Try not to roll up scandals.Affectionate and gentle girl is sure to find a way to a man's heart.

In the process of development of relations, try to become a man for a reliable rear.Let him know that if he wants to, he can talk to you on any topic, and if you do not want to, then it will not be to stick with unpleasant questions.Men do not like to admit their failures, and if she would not raise sensitive issues, and all kind will show how she is confident in the ability of the elect, both human benefit.Why are some husbands break and drink too much?Because some of their wives constantly sawing, much is required, and often say that they are losers.

It should be the rear, but not the shadow.You should always remain as bright and attractive as the day you met.Let a man sees that his girlfriend stare and others, but he must be sure that his fiancee she did not go to the left.

its actions Instil man thought that he was better than you, no one will.Pamper him with something tasty, to create around himself a nice comfortable atmosphere.Be it for a breath of fresh air after a busy day.Suppose that you forget it all.

Look to his mother.In many ways, the ideal of female behavior is a man sees it.Notice how it behaves, to some communication and care used to her son.

notes how to behave in a relationship your girlfriend, and taking care not copy you in their relations mistakes of others.A good example is always revealing.

against the two should not interfere third party.Always solve their problems themselves.Do not let her friends stuck with their advice.Do not exclude the possibility that they may not be entirely noble intentions.

Try to put yourself in his place, try to look at the situation through his eyes.This approach will help more objectively assess the relationships and protect against prejudice.

Listen to your heart.It is better than clever books and psychologists will tell you how you do that.And remember that it is always better to regret what I did than about what did not.