What does it mean - to be a better friend?

Do not be afraid of me!

It is easy to find common ground, even with strangers, any boring story to tell, so that all heard.Since it is always interesting, so she had a lot of friends and admirers.It would seem that we should be proud of such a friend, but just who wants to be a constant companion "stars"!But how to get out of its shadow, without damaging the relationship, and what it means to be best friends?

Exit dusk

emphasize their strengths.Admonish friends what your character traits and mannerisms seem to them the most attractive, and most try to show them.If you have a charming smile, never misses an opportunity to show it.If you are a good housewife, partying, treats colleagues goodies.Develop the desired quality.Observe the friend, try to understand what the quality most valued by others."Example" of themselves and think about which ones you could develop and which do not fit.Find your style.As you know, meet on clothes.Pofantaziruet, what do you like?For example, you stick to the offic

e dress code, and the dream of a maxi-skirts and blouses open.But what prevents wear them outside working hours?So you will feel more comfortable, because the style will reflect your personality.He is fond of.If you have a hobby, do not be shy to tell about it.People like passionate nature, with fire in his eyes speak about your favorite business.In addition, it will help you meet like-minded people and even find friends.Come "in the light."Homebody difficult to become the soul of the company.Turn to your fitness, dance, foreign language.The more diverse your life, the more interesting you are to others.

will support?

How can respond girlfriend on your desire to withdraw from the shadows?If she is interested to be the only "star" in the sky, and you want to see just as his faithful companion, a review of relations with it.That there is such a friendship and what it means to be best friends?But

confident woman does not see any threat in this.And if a friend has such qualities as honesty and compassion, she is happy to help you become a more vibrant and outgoing.

Point Break

in a company where all of you are well aware, it is not so easy to change the way of behavior.Therefore, to start a new life easier among strangers you people.

expand the circle of acquaintances.Ask your friend to introduce you to new people.

be more active.Do not sit on the sidelines, listening to other people's conversations, and join the discussion.

Each interlocutor try to see something good.Sincere sympathy to the people - one of the pillars of successful communication.Surely you noticed how nice to talk with someone who has a conversation a pleasure.

Be friendly and compassionate, show interest: listen carefully and opponents will certainly ask clarifying questions.

Be confident.Do not be afraid to say or do something wrong.Do not mistake only one who does nothing.

Papa in response

turns out, we'll inherit its appearance from the fathers.Scientists at the Scottish University of St Andrews, analyzing family portraits, came to a surprising conclusion: at pretty women, usually urozhdayutsya beautiful daughters and sons.With normal appearance.But the appeal of the mother does not give her children in almost any advantages.

Beauty contagious

French psychologists conducted an interesting experiment.300 men are bringing images of women rather mediocre appearance: in one of the photos were taken is surrounded by beautiful women, the second - next to the normal girls, and the third - in the company durnushek.And the most paradoxical that the most attractive men seemed ladies shown in the first picture!So do not be afraid that in the context of spectacular girlfriends you will seem "gray mouse".

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