What is the age difference between man and woman is normal

So what's the difference in age between men and women is normal?This question interested psychologists and doctors in different countries.For example, in Finnish families it believed that the birth of healthy offspring age difference between spouses must be at least fifteen years.

However, the reality is somewhat different."Correctness" of families in Finland, not so much.On average, Finnish husband over his wife's only 3 years.Finnish scientists believe that this is one of the reasons that is born not as many healthy babies.

In Sweden, the Finns do not trust the statements.Can a man with adult sexual needs, have to wait another 15 years, when it is ripe young friend?The Swedes, having studied a large number of couples decided that the age difference between man and woman must be less than 6 years . And, most surprising, the main criterion for choosing a life partner, was not love, and material well-being of the spouses.That is, the ideal partner for marriage is a man who has good earnings,

consistent and interesting work.And love ... secondary.

similar view of the age difference and the British have.However, they are interested in another question.Does the intellectual level of the men on the health of their children?

These studies led British scientists to an interesting result - the smarter a man is, the more chances of his children to be born healthy.They explain this by saying that a man with high intellect more prosperous, have a good job, and so of great interest to the representatives of the opposite sex.Incidentally, in England in almost half of the families the husband over his wife no more than 5 years, the remaining half of the families, equally divided into those in which the spouse under the age of his wife, and those where the woman is younger than her husband of more than 6 years.

As always, distinguished Americans.They decided that the difference in age between men and women almost no effect on the health of their children.Much more important is the age at which a woman lost her virginity.Most healthy babies born to those who have lost their virginity at seventeen - the age of eighteen.And they have increased the chances to create a complete family with children (and Americans each year such families getting smaller).The children of women who initiated sexual life earlier or, on the contrary, after this age, are much more common variety of diseases.

Russian doctors, following a large number of marriages, found that one in three marriages, the husband over his wife on 2 - 5 years.Approximately equal families in which the wife over several years and in which the spouse of 6 - 10 years of age or older.Slightly more marriages between peers.According to statistics, most marriages between same age are at a young age.And only one out of twenty families difference in age between husband and wife more than a decade.

There is another interesting pattern.A woman who is much older than her husband, is greater than he earns.The smaller the age difference between the spouses, the less chance a woman ahead of her husband's income level.

But is it worth to attach so much importance to the difference in age?Fortunately, we have a marriage of love more than by calculation.And if there is love, the age has absolutely no value.I think the wife should be a little older than her husband.This family will be more robust.

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