Signs that you like women

Finally, it is possible to force yourself to draw some non-verbal character, though, most people, talking, do not think about the situation of their eyebrows, the muscles of the forehead, lips, chin, they do not look for involuntary touches to her during the conversationdo not concentrate on the personal position of the body, too little control of their own voice intonation and various shots.From What?For the following reasons nonverbal treatment, of course, it is considered a natural addition to the verbal, but carries a value less obvious but also a secret.To learn how to read non-verbal cues that indicate the address to your liking, or mood in the serious cases, you need to remember the following features that you like women.

Mimic movements of the mouth, showing sympathy on the part of the object of study

little face relaxed, although his mouth half open, a bit prominent upper teeth.She plays Sponge their backs, bites, touches the tongue.Fingers, she almost imperceptibly touches to his own lips

, if a longish nails, it touches them to the front teeth.All these manipulations look like accidental contact, but give what you like women and her desire to interest account.

gaze and eye movements.

Watches carried away by the fairer sex carefully, and her pupils with all of this expanded.This biological action - it is impossible to control or play.Excitation of consciousness causes mydriasis.Some experts on the psychology say that in a serene situation (when there is no source of fear, worries and anxiety) pupils dilate only at the sight of a pleasant, nice conversation.The saying "Eyes - mirror of the soul" is best suited to this episode.When the conversation is played not only look young lady, and her face.Eyebrows are raised periodically, making face stunned and interested in the words of the interlocutor.The subject of pride for the ladies considered their cilia, so they unknowingly more than usual wink, talking with a pretty representative of stronger sex, the same way, ladies show their own beauty eyelashes and attract partners.And more sympathy on the part of the unfortunate lady gives fun eyes.This happens when a lady and a representative of the stronger sex stay at a distance and have every chance to resolve itself in contact only with the help of sight.The young lady looked sharply translates eyes, and then he repeats this as if hiding, though, really showing his own sympathy for the stronger sex.

contact with the hair.

And the fairer sex are proud of their own hair due to this they often touch them during the dialogue with the representatives of the stronger sex, not verbally telling them about his own liking.Contact with the hair also looks like unintentional act.The lady has the ability to drop their shoulders, correct, run his fingers in her hair ...

Nonverbal treatment using posture and movement of the body.

The first thing that gives the fairer sex in her desire to look and feel the stronger sex - rovnenko posture and severe muscle.If music is playing in the room, the lady unwittingly stumbles into her pace, showing the elasticity of his own body.Her legs opened, and when crossed, the upper leg is a way to show the thigh.During the conversation a little foot rub against each other, or the leg of a table, a chair.Inspired by the partner, Miss unconsciously copy his pose, gestures, body posture.If you notice that the partner in certain gestures and pantomime to imitate you, you know that on the part of the proof of your leadership.
pretty meaningful considered moving your hands.When the lady during the conversation, gesturing, palm turns to you, be resolute, that you call her trust.On openness and sympathy says this hand position: the elbow is in the palm, and palm of the same hand turned upwards.Stroking his own wrist of the fairer sex also gives passion opponent.Illustrative
considered touching elements little face with your fingertips, stroking the cheeks, lips.Non-verbal symbol of sympathy at the interlocutor is considered a touch of the fairer sex own clothes, things, staying close, small components of the décor.

And, of course, plays an important role the voice of the young lady.They

she tries to pay attention, look and feel, to remember.It is essential for all this word?Yes!Although non-verbal information is also extremely significant.By focusing on you, the fairer sex will claim on the same volume as you are.When your statements are soft and hushed - she will respond similarly, do not try to disturb the harmony, and when you speak loudly - it is also talk in the enlarged colors.With the speed of speech might be the same.And the ladies know that the inhabitants of our planet connects laughter and thanks to him, trying to make contact with liked the stronger sex.

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