Tips and advice for young mothers

First of all, feeding.Disputes on how to be natural or artificial feeding, when to start solid foods and observe whether the mode of feeding or feed as often as the child wants to go without stopping.First of all, you need to focus on the specific situation.Of course, the best option is breastfeeding.But you must be sure that the baby is getting enough nutrition.Since environmental degradation and postpartum stress, many mothers have problems with breastfeeding: the milk is nutritious or not, or it just is not enough to saturate the baby.In this case, sharply raises the question of the means of increasing lactation - but they are not always effective - or choosing a mixture.Currently, the store offers a wide variety of species.It is important to pay attention to the components of the mixture - they should not be allergens.Buy only need to mix in a specialized store or large supermarket.

replacement feeding often causes digestive problems in children.The mixture can cause constipation, which disturb and

disrupt children's sleep.To avoid problems, use special herbal teas of the same producers as the mixture.It is also possible to use an enema.

With four or five months are allowed to introduce solid foods - to expand and diversify the menu.You start with one spoon of vegetable puree, gradually increasing the dose.Watch out for a change in the child's condition.At the slightest negative reaction to remove the product from the diet.Remember that your child's stomach is very small and very sensitive, use only fresh and safe products that do not contain allergens.It is better to start solid foods is a puree and juices should be administered in the diet with caution: they are much less useful substances than in the mash, and they irritate the intestine much more.

choosing between puree and puree jars, home-cooked, guided first and foremost on its capacity: it alone you will be hard to have time to cook, as all attention is always focused on the child.If time allows, it is better to use all natural, but carefully select only fresh and quality products.

second important aspect in child care is hygiene.Eyes baby washed cotton wool soaked in warm water and clean the ears and nose with a cotton swab, which had previously been dipped in oil.All manipulations with cotton buds must be done very carefully, remembering that you need to clean the ears only, without touching the ear canal.But the most important task for a young mother - baby swimming.To ensure that this procedure was easy and did not cause any discomfort for both - Prepare in advance all necessary.The water should be 36-37 degrees.The first few times immerse the baby in water on a diaper - so it will be comfortable for the baby, who has not yet got used to the new sensations, and for you - unaccustomed child can slip out of hands, and diaper prevent this.Bathe your baby can be supplemented with the water decoction or a weak solution of manganese.Gather a soft towel to wrap the baby after bathing.After a while, the evening will be the favorite bathing time for you and the baby.

addition to the mandatory hygienic procedures to take care of the child's development.In the first days of life for him mother - the only source of knowledge of the world, its protection and support.Your first task - to ensure your child everything necessary for development.Often take the baby in his arms, touch him, talk to him.It should be easy to carry out exercises - alternately flexing arms and legs.Stroking and gentle massage will help the child to develop harmoniously.Massage can be done at home, but first still better to consult a specialist in the clinic.

very important for the baby's regular outdoor exercise.Dress the baby is a little warmer than you dress yourself: on the one hand, he lies motionless in a wheelchair and will freeze than you - but then again, it is protected from the cold, and even a blanket fabric stroller.

All of these tips and tricks will help you to young mothers at first to cope with the baby.But most importantly - learn to listen to your child and understand him.Do not be afraid to ask for advice: even if there are no friends or relatives, knowledgeable in children's issues, refer to the mums on the street - certainly among them there are those who will be happy to help.Do not hesitate to also ask for help from the home - you have to be able to fully relax, sleep.This is very important because it is exhausted and exhausted woman after time starts willy-nilly to see in your child the source of eternal tiredness and even a burden.It is better to prevent such a situation, and your loved ones will be sure to meet them.

What fundamentally important tips and advice for young mothers can be given?Most importantly, remember that child - it's a great happiness that has come into your life, your creation - and better mothers nobody understands her child, so listen to the child, listen to him and after a while all temporary difficulties will go into the background, leaving onlydaily the joy of communicating with your baby.