Cosmetics of pigment spots

complexion becomes uneven, not only due to the ultraviolet radiation.Dark spots on the skin arise from the hormonal fluctuations, endocrine disorders, and gastrointestinal tract, oral contraceptives, stress, trauma, and hypervitaminosis beriberi ... lead to their appearance as inflammatory processes of the skin (e.g., acne)and traumatic treatments.Cosmetics of pigment spots should be in every woman.

What's happening?

Melanin - the pigment that gives color to our skin.Normally it as a natural filter to protect the skin from the aggressive action of ultraviolet radiation.However, the melanocytes (skin cells that produce pigment) responsive to a number of factors - primarily on the same sun and hormonal fluctuations.This leads to the fact that the local production of the pigment is significantly higher than normal.As a result, formed foci of hyperpigmentation, which do not pass with time, like "ordinary" tan - or routinely returned as freckles.Modern drugs are able to "erase" spots, but they are too ag

gressive - this is their main drawback.The skin reacts to irritation, dryness, complete loss of pigment, and even, ironically, by the same hyperpigmentation.Because hyperpigmentation, which arose on the site of inflammation - a sign that the melanocytes are too sensitive to traumatic stress.A bleaching is precisely such an aggressive factor.It is a vicious circle.

Comprehensive Approach

compromise between efficiency and respect for the skin was found in the extract of the plant dianella mechevidnolistnaya, which became part of the new corrective serum Clinique.This ingredient blocks the enzyme tyrosinase, which is involved in melanin synthesis.Thereby it retards the emergence of pigment in the skin.Thus dianelly extract does not cause allergic reactions.Also included in the special form of the serum vitamin C: it also inhibits the synthesis of pigment and helps to stop the inflammation.Thirdly, in the composition have salicylic acid and glucosamine for exfoliating action.Finally, yeast extract: it breaks large clumps of pigment on the skin surface at the microscopic particles.


Four weeks of application mode "twice a day" serum smoothes and improves skin tone, though the impact is gentle and does not cause allergies, irritation, redness, dryness and flaking - side effects of many medicationsagainst hyperpigmentation.Every year, lead to dark spots cosmetologists 10-15% of patients.The most common pigmentation occurs because of trauma to the skin: after burns, both thermal and solar, on postoperative scars after skin inflammation.Solution hyperpigmentation can only be as complex as this means Clinique: with bleach substances and blockers melanogenesis peeling ingredients, antioxidants, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agents.However, such funds should be used for at least 12 weeks.Such long-term exposure is necessary to suppress the production of melanin and discoloration of the pigment in the skin cells.

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