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course, by and large the structure of light and dark hair is the same, but they have different thickness.Blond hair thinner, they are more affected by the harmful effects of the environment (including salt and chlorinated water, sun), quickly loses pigment and destroyed.Also, their owner often suffer from a lack of volume.At the same time the amount of hair blondes more than brunettes and brown-haired women!Accordingly, the sebaceous glands in the head, too, more blond.This leads to the fact that the scalp blonde relates generally to fatty or mixed type.Therefore, fair-haired charmer is better to use a mild shampoo suitable for everyday use and regulate the activity of sebaceous glands.The rest of the care of the natural blond hair is more thorough hydration, nutrition and protection from external influences.Blonde and Light Light Brown girls also usually have to put up with the fact that their hair does not have such a rich color and shine like a dark-haired friends.But this may be parti

ally correct: Nordic beauties care is recommended to use shampoos and conditioners that are designed specifically for light hair, - they contain UV-filters, vitamin E and other ingredients that protect against the harmful effects of the environment.Proper care blond curls also involves mandatory application of tools that support color.Moreover, regardless of their group is natural or is obtained using dyes.Products that promise to keep hair color blondes typically contain light-reflecting shimmering particles - micropigments that support color saturation until the next shampooing.Common, such as shampoos and conditioners, rinses the contents of honey, chamomile extract.It is believed that these ingredients give the best possible shine.Of course, radiance and smoothness can be achieved only on the hair, which groomed and healthy.Therefore, in the arsenal of the planet are constantly blondes should also be the means to care for the weak, dry, brittle, split ends.Only then in reality they are not so.


Painted in bright shades of hair - is, of course, is a separate issue.The structure of the clarified hair more porous, so they are not very durable.And require more frequent use of moisturizing, nourishing masks and balms, which act on the outer and inner layers of the hair, making them more surface smooth and shiny.For rapid and gentle care dyed blond mop is fine Shampoo "2 in 1", say stylists.You probably know that the more intensely bleached hair absorb the dye.This can lead to undesirable effects on them more saturated shade during the application.Therefore, when I was at home hair color, do not forget to reduce the time of exposure to the selected drug.By the way, clarified mop barely keeps cold pigments, so often, instead of noble ashen quickly gaining unwanted golden hue.In order to maintain an acceptable color in between persistent staining (every 3-4 weeks), you need to regularly use coloring shampoos or foam.These are now represented in the range of many companies.

Care Basics dark hair is essentially the same - cleansing, moisturizing, protection.Haired brunettes and stylists prescribe use tools that smooth the hair surface and contain reflective particles and UV-filters.You certainly drew attention to the fact that there are a number of products for black hair, promising to maintain their color - for example, extracts of cocoa, chestnut.These shampoos and conditioners are designed for colored and dark for natural hair.With their head of hair color brunettes and brown-haired women for a long time does not tarnish from the sun, salt and chlorinated water and other adverse factors.By the way, dark-haired young ladies need to keep track of time in the sun and sea water with great care, since their hair can burn and noticeably damaged.In this case, come to the aid of instant recovery of funds deposited immediately after the sun or sea bathing.Owners of burning black curls obtained by artificial means, are shown with means richer formula - with oils and valuable plant extracts.They are designed to deliver hair from constant stress produced during the application.Special products marked "lasting color" and the like to prevent leaching of the pigment and thus nourish the hair, so they remain healthy, with saturated color and shiny.We advise you to remember that colored hair are susceptible to the accumulation of pigment, especially towards the ends.For this reason, reduces the exposure of dark paint on the ends, not to get rich black color (unless, of course, in your plans do not include cascading staining).

fiery beauty

Finally, a few words on red and red shades.They are attractive only when their color is bright, rich and shiny hair is noticeable.Otherwise, the haircut looks cheap.But the catch is that these shades tend to be washed out of the hair shaft faster than the others.Therefore, you must also use a good balm for colored hair and to maintain color - toning or tinting agent.Natural fiery hair will also look beautiful and shiny, if you use the toning shampoo or gel.If you have a sensitive scalp, choose means, which include natural ingredients, for example, extracts of citrus, soy protein extract, hibiscus, etc.In all of this beauticians and stylists do not tire of repeating: if you, whether you're blond, brunette or redhead, disturb some unpleasant symptoms (eg, excessive oiliness, dandruff, lack of volume), it is better to consult a doctor or use specialmedicinal products to address these issues.

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