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Procedures for deep hair restoration

Herself hairdresser

Specialists of beauty did not need to, for example, apply a hair mask.For each type of different manufacturers can find suitable means, but most require regular care and, consequently, in masks, damaged and colored hair.Do not forget that when you treat your hair, you need to adhere strictly to the technology.If you do not follow all rules described in the instructions, even worse, most likely will not, but good, too.It will turn out that you wasted your money on a vehicle.Today, many beauty salons, a new procedure - Biolaminirovanie.Biolaminat applied to the hair, i.e. the gel that is present in the composition of the herbal ingredients, cellulose, protein complexes.Wherein each hair enveloped breathable film smoothing unevenness on its surface.Biolaminirovanie also improves elasticity, does not paint washed out.By applying the gel thickens the hair itself, and, therefore, any hairstyle will look more voluminous.Biolaminat can be colorless or may give a shock of hair color.The e

ffect of Biolaminirovanie hold about a month, after which the gel starts to run off.First Biolaminirovanie recommended to owners of damaged hair with split ends.But to resort to it, you can also, if you want to make your hair more shiny and voluminous, and the color - richer.Biolaminirovanie can be done at home itself, the most important thing - read the instructions, which describes the application of technology, and strictly abide by all the rules.Different manufacturers means for Biolaminirovanie different, and therefore the application of the method is different.For example, if you choose a means of Lebel Cosmetics before laminating composition is applied acid lotion and hair treatment conduct.Biolaminirovanie Molto Bene can be done without the use of special lotion, enough to wash your hair with regular shampoo.But while the hair should be free of grease to the laminating structure kept longer.For home use is better to choose the colorless gel biolaminat so less risk to spoil the mood, you can not guess with the tone.But even transparent composition should be applied very carefully, it is undesirable that it fell on the scalp.The pH decreased bio-gel, acid, because if it gets on your skin, you may be feeling of tightness.

only for professionals

course, carry out the procedure at home, you save both time and money.But there is something that can be trusted only real masters of hairdressing.Otherwise, you risk not get the result that counted, or even harm your hair.Of course, if among your friends there are hairdressers and they will offer you a haircut at home, the result is unlikely to be different from the salon.But cutting hair own master is not recommended.And it's not at all a bad omen.Sometimes we think: what could be easier than to straighten bangs or hair tips?But if the cause is taken amateur, often obtained in the well-known proverb: "The short leg from the chair, file off a little more."At first it may seem that the left side is longer than the right, it would be necessary to trim it a little.When dried and rascheshesh hair, it found that they were originally the same, but now will have to correct right.As a result, a fringe may be too short.Self painting also have to be very careful, especially if you choose light colors.In this case, some parts may remain NOT, for example, on the back of his head, the crown or temples.Then you have to buy a new tube of paint, but when re-staining is a risk that the color will be different from what is depicted on the box.Besides unprofessional paint usually come with 6% hydrogen peroxide solution.For clarification this is not enough, and when stained in darker tone turns out that we knowingly treat hair composition such concentration.In the first case, the hair will be colored, but they are unlikely to brighten up the desired tone.In the second - you may find that they have become dry and brittle, even if the desired color is achieved.

often mistakes happen, and when re-painting, even if you choose natural colors.When the original color on the entire length and ends of the hair darker desired while roots grown, they lighten up more, and the color of the main part of the hair remains the same.If the paint is applied to blondirovannyh strands at the ends may appear greenish tint.The same thing happens when painting in the ash.After the paint cool colors include blue pigment, with lightening hair get a yellowish tint, and the combination of yellow and blue form green.If you want to spend a wash of color using Blondirujushchy powder is likely to be left on the scalp light burns.Again, it may be that some areas were NOT,.There is a special composition that removes ink from the hair, while not affecting their pigment.It is easier to use, but after his application would have immediately paint over red color.And it is better to have in the arsenal of several shades.Perm - a complex process, and the experience here is a must.If properly screwed curls, there is a risk that the hair at the roots of the hall.This can not only damage the appearance of hair, but also cause hair loss.

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