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The baby milk teeth caries

As a result, his teeth erupt been corrupted by.Do your toddler this was not?Excellent!But after the appearance of a beautiful little white Zubikov unfortunately can begin tooth decay ... more details in the article on "The child caries of deciduous teeth."

Defects due to the teats and bottles

Recent studies have shown that children who have too long allowed to drink from the bottle (mixture, juice, tea) and not from a cup or spoon, subject to the so-called "bottle caries".It occurs due to prolonged contact of the liquid (often sentimental!) With enamel.This usually affects almost all teeth!They suffer because of the bad habits (for example, if a little love to fall asleep with a pacifier or a finger in the mouth).However, problems arise not only in its infancy!In older kids are often the main cause of tooth decay is non-compliance with the rules of oral hygiene.If you do not teach the crumbs to clean teeth or rinse your mouth after eating the leftover food will settle on the surface of the teeth an

d between them.Then formed a raid in which they live bacteria that destroy enamel.Then there is a hole in the tooth ...

likely to the dentist!

yellowish plaque, a white dot on the child Zubkov probably made you apply to the competent doctor.Kohl is the case, then you are caught on time, because in the early stages is often possible to cure the disease, even without drilling and filling.Slightly hesitated?The tooth was formed carious cavity (it gradually deepens), which makes itself felt when the baby eats, drinks cold, warm, sour, sweet ... you really can not do without bormashinki, otherwise the kid threaten complications - pulpitis (inflamed soft tissue insidetooth), periodontitis (inflamed tissue surrounding the tooth)!But do not worry about the upcoming procedure.Usually, when drilling some milk teeth kids do not feel pain, so spend it, as a rule, without the strong anesthetic (using gels, sprays).After visiting the doctor smile graced the face again crumbs?We congratulate and wish her not to spoil anything!

What to do to prevent?

To protect milk teeth have lots of ways.We offer you to remember them and to teach the kid.Immediately after the crumbs first teeth erupt, having read to care for them.And since the child is still too small to do it yourself, purchase a special brush which is worn on a finger and removes plaque it (several times a day and before going to sleep at night!).No pasta!Baby is 1.5-2 years old?It is time to introduce him to paste and tooth brush (choose according to age).By the way, it would be nice to give preference to a battery-powered toothbrush - so better the job done.But it all depends on the time that is allocated for the procedure (at least 3 minutes!), And the direction of movement of the brush during brushing.The front teeth are brushed from the gums, with the cheeks - a circular motion (at serried teeth).Plaque with the chewing surface is removed by horizontal movement back and forth, and from the inside - sweeps.Kids from three years of age who have 20 milk teeth, oral hygiene dental floss needed (only for children!).They are perfectly clean between the teeth and do not allow the fly form.If you are accustomed to use them a little and put such a useful thing in his backpack, then in kindergarten, and friend's birthday after eating teeth are protected.Tot hearty lunch, dinner?Offer him a piece of apple, carrots.Solid vegetables, fruits well remove food debris.And then be sure to let propoloschet mouth.It can usually be some water or broth chamomile.Sometimes, problems with the teeth of the child's parents learn too late.And it's not just carelessness.Rather, the fact that dental ailment rather difficult to notice until they manifest themselves in full force.To prevent such an outcome, a year or two children visit the dentist.Doing so desired every 4-6 months (in this period, even if the disease will declare itself, is unlikely to have time to give complications).But with two years and more, visit the orthodontist.This doctor will look, whether developed jaw toddler normal Does he bite (when closing the jaws of the upper front teeth should overlap the lower one-third, and the chewing side - to be in contact with each other), even if dentition ... All withinnorms?So, continue to care, and teeth crumbs will always be perfect!Now we know what to do if your child milk teeth caries.

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