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What to do if your child has atopic dermatitis

Learn illness is simple, its main features - seal and roughening of the skin of the cheeks (from redness to flaking, the so-called "cradle cap"), persistent diaper rash large folds on the body, itchy rash, often brightly colored.Sometimes these symptoms added temperature rise.Find out the details in the article on "What to do if your child atopic dermatitis."

Children Eczema refers to allergic diseases.That is, pick up atopic dermatitis in the corridor clinic pipsqueak can not.Therefore, instead of requiring families to answer the question "Which of you Petenka kissed and infected ?!" mother should find out whether there were earlier a disease in the family.For allergy - a phenomenon inherited.If any of the parents of the child is exposed to, at least one of its varieties (atopic dermatitis, bronchial asthma), there is a high probability that the relative crumbs give not only a rare form of the ear lobe, or an exceptional ear for music, but at the same time redness, diaper rash and other symptoms disea


Bon appetit, itching - also

main reason, which provokes atopic dermatitis - improper feeding, including the use of artificial mixtures.The fact is that conventional products that suit healthy children, causing an inadequate reaction of the body in children with poor inheritance: their skin lesions are formed, erosion, temperature rises and blushing cheeks.That is why, diagnosed crumbs atopic dermatitis, the doctor prescribes as long as possible not to transfer the child to the artificial mixture.If a mother, for whatever reason, can not continue breastfeeding, she should use a specially designed for children with allergic diseases therapeutic products.In no case should not contain cow's milk protein, which are the main instigators of unpleasant symptoms.As for the older children, provoke an aggravation of atopic dermatitis can not only food, but other factors - contact with household chemicals, dyes, pollen, and so on. D.

From medicines the doctor prescribes primarily crumbs topical preparations.After all, only they are able to cope with the main and most unpleasant symptoms of disease - skin rash.Better than other children fit gentle and easy money in the form of creams and emulsions.Naturally, it is not only the texture, but also the composition.Efficient, modern and safe products do not contain aggressive epidermis fluorine and chlorine.They work exclusively in the lesion, without affecting healthy skin.To stop the further development of allergies, the doctor prescribes antihistamine medication that must consume no more than 10-14 days.If there are complications (purulent manifestations), are added to existing drugs antibiotics.Keep in mind, they must also appoint an expert.Experimenting with such a serious drug and to determine the dose is strictly prohibited!

sun, air and water are not always help

Besides drug use, there are other recommendations for combating atopic dermatitis.One of them - a resort and spa treatment.However, not recommended, found in the precious heir signs of illness, missed it under his arm and the whole family to emigrate to the water treatment facilities.During the active clinical manifestations of childhood eczema climate change and the situation is contraindicated, since it can lead to serious deterioration.But even if the disease is finally receded, it is still not worth it to go on a long journey with the child, whose age is less than two or three years.Many motels do not accept such young patients.But when the heir to grow up, you'll be able to go with him to the Crimea and the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.It should be noted that some forms of skin lesions subside under the influence of UV irradiation.Such procedures often can be passed directly into the children's clinic, go to the south of them optional.Now you know what to do if a child has atopic dermatitis.