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Influence of drugs on the body of the child

This is not about "preventive" conversations, because the effect of the drug on the child's body is very strong and we must act quickly.Bullying has no effect.Teenagers are not afraid to describe the suffering and death of people who use drugs.This is a time - the age of "immortality."Teenagers can not allow his own death "really."The main task - to help the child to become an independent person, to form a will, self-esteem and independent thinking.Then the child has a better chance to resist the influence of others.Do not suppress it, to recognize his right to defend his own opinion, in case of disagreement with you - then maybe he will find the strength to say "no" at the right time.After all, the main reason why children start using drugs - the desire to keep up with the guys from the company.The authority of peers is extremely large, as big fear of being unpopular among teenagers.

But how to help your child if he is using drugs for some time (ie it is not a one-off event)?Your child is seriously il

l - it is not in promiscuity or lack of willpower.The first thing to do in this case - to put down all the "and" in a relationship with him.Call the child to a serious talk at that moment, when he was sober.Do not try to sort things out when he is under the influence of drugs - it is useless.

Be honest - just tell their suspicions, "I think you're using drugs."Do not cry, do not cry and do not threaten - it can only push him away from you.Do not expect an honest recognition - drug addicts, as well as alcoholics, tend to the denial of their addiction.

Just tell the child about the following: "We know that you use drugs. Your life belongs only to you and you alone have the right to decide what to do with it. We love you and regret that you are causing yourself such harm. We would notI wish you died because of drugs. And if you take the decision to abandon them - we are ready to render any assistance to you. If you have no desire to change the situation, remember that in addition to the right to decide how to live, you have a responsibilityfor their actions. We can see how much damage you have caused myself and family: you have worse health problems began in school. From the house lost belongings and money. Drugs are expensive, and you are not able to earn them by fair means. Accordingly - out-this drug you started to steal. Instead of being a free man, you become addicted, and you're not only depend on the drug, but also by criminals who sold you poison. For all this you answer yourself. If you choose drugswe are forced to limit your freedom not to bring you back, or you'll have to leave his family. "

If the child agrees to apply after talking to Narcologist for help - the purpose of the conversation reached.But this is only the beginning.Do not expect an easy victory.

are completely ineffective ways of dealing with drug addiction, as locking in the flat or "expulsion" in another city.Addict parents should remember that they can not change the situation immediately - arbitrary decision.

In a family where a child is using drugs, parents most importantly - not to become an accomplice of the disease.To hide the problem from others - a big mistake.If friends and relatives will not know about your child's dependence - it is not difficult to "pull" money from them for another dose.Tell me about the drug the child to parents of his friends - perhaps it will save someone from trouble, or open his eyes to the already existing problem.How to help your child if he uses drugs

not solve his problems for a child - at school, with the police, debts, etc.It deprives him of incentives to fight the disease.The members of the family, where he lives a drug addict, there is a great danger of becoming a "co-dependent".Concerned parents choose the wrong tactics: they do not speak with your child about his addiction, afraid to hurt his feelings hidden from others that the family is a drug addict, decide for him problems.All plans in the family stroyut adjusted for "illness" - are not invited guests, do not buy tickets on vacation, etc.Other children in the family should behave "quieter water below the grass" to "do not get in the way", because the family is grief.It is important to remember that such an approach will only aggravate the disease.

main condition under which the possible recovery of the addict - his burning desire to get better, because the effect of the drug on the child's body is destructive.Parents may not want to do it for him.The only thing that can really help close addict - change their own behavior.It is necessary to absolve themselves of responsibility for the child and stop sobriety protect it from the negative consequences of drug use.This will give him an opportunity to objectively evaluate how the relationship affects his life.Let addict sink to the bottom, then the chances are that he wants him to push off and swim.The teenager must realize that the changes it has undergone, even at the physiological level.Realizing this and wanting to get out of the impasse, the child will look for an available method to get rid of dependence.Hearing the child, "I want to tie the" do not need to rush headlong to look for him the best clinic.Let take the first steps yourself - visit the psychiatrist in a clinic.But if he asks you to attend the consultation - do not deny.

So we discussed how to help your child if he uses drugs.But do not forget about your own life.What incentive to sobriety can get a child when his parents spent all their time fighting with his illness?Living in such an impenetrable routine, you will not convince the teenager that a sober life is good.Show him how much he misses interesting.

Currently, there are a lot of different groups help families of addicts, built in the image of Alcoholics Anonymous.Take advantage of the experience of people who are struggling with the same problem as you.