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How to sleep better child with a pillow or without

Rather, the issue would remain in limbo, like most issues relating to children.So no one you certainly can not say "whether or not to be vaccinated," the question of "breastfeeding" and "the first complementary foods" as well have not been solved, and each of the parties to the arguments, opinions, their sources and authorities.

Let's see, weigh the pros and cons and decide how best to sleep on a pillow or a child without her.Let's start with the fact that nature has created us without this handy tool for many people to sleep - pillows, but on the other hand because many of us fall asleep, only put his hand under her head, what it does not cushion ?!On the other hand, no evidence of spinal curvature occurred not only because of the absence or presence of cushions (which is the result of several factors in the aggregate).Even if on the basis of these two thoughts on the question formulated in different words you can answer this way: "Do pillow?" You can safely say "no need" and the question "can you use

it?", The answer is "can", but of courseIf your kid likes the pillow that you offered him.Although again, the vital need for a cushion there, and children up to three years do not need a pillow, unless there is advice from the surgeon (with torticollis or other problems of the spine, sometimes encouraged to buy an orthopedic pillow children).

If still you decide to buy your daze pillow, you should approach this issue carefully, the benefit is now a huge selection of products.What is usually recommended when choosing a pillow vrachi- pediatricians?First, the basic function of a pillow is that to help the body during sleep to relax and unwind, and for that it supports the cervical spine and head.Secondly, the height of the pillow should be chosen by taking into account the fact that its height is greater than the length of the baby's shoulder, thusIt turns out almost flat, it provides the correct location of all parts of the body and head.The neck and body are aligned.Third, the length and width should be selected based on the mobility of the child during sleep, if he constantly tossing and turning in his sleep, it will approach a rectangular cushion 40 * 60 (or 50 * 70) if sleeping peacefully - that suitable square 50 * 50 (or 40 * 40).Fourth, you need to pay special attention to the materials used for filling pillows, considered the most appropriate synthetic materials: they are the only 100% hypoallergenic, but can be a lot of options, and each material is, as its pluses and minuses.Let us dwell a little on the filling of the pillows.

Pooh .As its advantages may be noted that it is very light and lush, with excellent thermal insulation (for such pillow is almost impossible to sweat).The downside of natural filler is that it is a favorable environment for the life of microscopic organisms such as dust mites, peroedov, lice.These organisms filled pillow waste products, as well as converted into a fine dust filler that causes allergic reactions and various skin diseases.Very often poorly treated feathers and they are the remnants of the skin, blood and meat, which at rotting impart an unpleasant odor cushion.In addition, the neural part of the pen can cause damage to the baby's skin.Another disadvantage is that such bad pillows keep their shape and the fact that they can not be erased.

wool .Pros: excellent thermal insulation, softness and elasticity, thanks to sheep curls.Cons: do not wash, hair eventually falls and loses its shape, which return is impossible.In addition, they can also cause allergies in your crumbs.

Buckwheat husk .This natural filler has a number of positive characteristics: accepts any form, including the anatomical curves of the human body, which is conducive to rest during sleep.Proper positioning of the spine, provides quality holiday back muscles, and therefore effectively relieve fatigue and help alleviate symptoms of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine.Pillows filled with this along with massage and physical therapy are very good at twisted, pain in the head, neck, shoulder girdle, but is not required to make any effort, it is enough to use it during the day and night of sleep inThis is another advantage of buckwheat husks as a filler cushions.The density of the cushion is adjustable, very easy, just pour the excess amount of husk, for such purposes, the pillow is equipped with a zipper.The only drawback of buckwheat husks as a filler, it can be considered rustling, this applies especially to children whose sleep is very sensitive, although for many this property rather a plus than a minus.But the better the husk, the lower the level of its rustling.

Vata. Pros: These pillows cheap Cons: they do not last for long, as the wool falls rapidly and, accordingly, the pillow loses its shape.

Plastics .(Sintepon, holofayber, komforel, sintepuh) The most important advantage of this filler - it does not cause allergies (this unfavorable environment for microbial life), easy to wash (after washing restore its volume and shape), the absence of extraneous odors, air permeability, very light,Typically, these pillows do with lightning, so you can control the height of the pillow;In addition, they keep their shape, taking the form of the head during sleep, and straighten the afternoon, after a nap.The service life of these pillows can reach nearly 10 years.

Synthetic materials used as filler cushions can be of two main forms.The first option in the form of beads, they are characterized by elasticity, resistance to stall and crease, and include komforel, sintepuh, holofayber usually balls are siliconized hollow fibers, spiral-shaped.The second option when filling in the form of an artificial reservoir, this option prostёgivayut, so cushion at the base, which is a filler longer retains its shape and appearance.Particularly suitable fillers for the child may be polyurethane foam, latex and viscoelastic temperature-sensitive material.These materials are able to "remember" the shape, they are non-deformable, hard-elastic, well pass the air, thereby possess orthopedic effect - support the cervical spine in the correct horizontal position and relaxed, regardless of the item taken while sleeping child.But the value of this attribute is a night of rest, with a high orthopedic effect, the same is great.

so that the principle of "natural is better" in question is not valid with pillows.There are other fineness in the choice of pillows - shape (square, horseshoe, square, etc.), stiffness, and quality napernika.In addition cushions should be qualitative and change to new, depending on the service life.ATTENTION!Pillow chosen strictly individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the child's size and age.

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