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Features comprehensive assistance to families in which children use alcohol, drugs

course, every child knows that alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking is dangerous to health.But few people can explain what exactly is the danger.Students daily witness scenes where adults were drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, on the TV screen in almost every film show the same alcohol and smoking.

Not only does the child as a teenager wants to assert himself as a person and feel like an adult thereby imitating him, starts to drink and smoke.So even children have a cognitive dissonance because of conflicting information about smoking and alcohol.And this is another reason why students are trying alcohol and cigarettes.They wonder how they actually affect the body.

most important to your child at the time of the facts found and the threat of the use of hazardous substances.In no case did not intimidate or threaten the child.Everyone knows that the more parents forbid something to do, the more kids want to do.It is proved that many children who drink alcohol or smoke is very strict parents, wh

o do not talk about these bad habits, but simply prohibited.

So this becomes the forbidden fruit for the children especially sweet, and they try to smoke and drink outside the home, in every possible way to hide it from their parents.

It would be better if you talk quietly with the child on the theme of the dangers of alcohol and smoking, and your voice will not be a strict "no".Your children need to know that you can always talk about these issues at any time, and you will not scold or rebuke them.

primarily during non-intrusive and does not force a conversation about the dangers of alcohol and cigarettes should tell what alcohol and tobacco.Then, it should be explained that some people abuse alcohol and smoke cigarettes despite the proven harmful to the health of those habits.Tell us what any substance, other than food, once in the human body, can be very dangerous for human health.Further it should be mentioned that these bad habits can lead to violations of the impressive features of the organism, to weaken health and sometimes fatal.And most importantly, say, starting to drink or smoke, it is difficult to have to eliminate this psychological and physical dependence.

So our advice to parents.

At the age of 8 should be especially elaborate on the following points:

- food, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes - are completely different things;

- adults can occasionally drink a small amount of alcohol, and the child is not, since alcohol has a detrimental effect on the formation of the brain and other organs of the child's body;

- adults can smoke, but children are not present, as it can lead to many different diseases at school, and most importantly because of the cigarettes kids do not grow;

-narkotiki destroy the human body, so they are not allowed to use at any age.

At the age of 11:

- information about the dangers of alcohol, drugs and smoking should be expanded and become more complex;

- need to produce irrefutable evidence in the form of discussions.Children at this age are drawn to knowledge and do not accept the teachings;

- tell me that some adults have a pathological dependence on harmful habits;

- alcohol or cigarettes leads to a serious damage to the lungs, brain, liver and other organs.

few tips on how to protect the child from bad habits:

1. Parents must take an active part in their children's lives.This lowers the likelihood that children will get into trouble.Adults need to know all the friends of their children, where they walk and what they do.Try often invite them home.It is better to play at home under your supervision.

2. spend more time with their children.Talk about their interests, to support them in all endeavors.

3. Always help the children at the first request.The child should feel important.

4. Give your child in some sports section or themselves play sports.Schoolchildren who are constantly busy with something less time and effort to smoking or alcohol.

5. empowers teens responsibilities at home or at the cottage.Duties allow them to feel part of the family and realize the importance of what they do.Children with a sense of self-worth, in rare cases, start drinking and smoking.

6. Protect children from viewing films and programs where adults and especially teenagers smoke and drink alcohol.

7. And most importantly, do not ever drink or smoke in the presence of their children.After all, most of all they mimic you.

Now you know how to tell a child that alcohol, drugs and smoking is harmful.We hope that our course, where we talked about the features of a comprehensive assistance to families where children use alcohol, drugs, will help you avoid this terrible problem.