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Poor eyesight parents, how it will affect the child

vision plays an important role in the development of children.The child grows, develops and is formed as a person.Thus, different visual defects, eye disease - an acute problem not only in medicine, but also in society.Children can not determine that they have something wrong with my eyes.But in the furious pace of life parents notice the problem in a child with vision only when the pathology seen with the naked eye.Conducted in kindergartens and schools often formal examinations.That is why we recommend an annual check-ups of children at the expert - it will help to detect abnormalities at an early stage.In addition to the annual examination by an ophthalmologist, parents must constantly observe the child's behavior - the behavior may indicate the beginning of vision problems.If the child is looking at distant objects and squints when he bends low over the table when he paints and teaches lessons often stumbles and drops things, trying to be closer to the TV if it is often watery eyes - all this speaks

for an early visit vrachaophthalmologist.

Statistics show that the level of eye diseases among children over the past 5 years has grown 1.5 times.This is due primarily to increased stress caused by work on the computer, substandard sanitary conditions of illumination in schools, poor nutrition, and environmental degradation.
How can you protect your favorite children from vision problems?Here the main thing - prevention.
the child's body - a brittle material, which is very easy to mess up because from birth we are investing in our children all the foundations of their future life.Here, both the character and discipline, and health - all important.Thus, from infancy needs to be protected is not yet fully formed baby's eyes from harmful influences.And this applies not only to the children, who already have a pathology, but to the children who did not initially have the prerequisites for congenital eye diseases.
Here are a few simple rules via which you can help save the great vision of his child.And, most likely, it will no longer wear glasses or contact lenses.
  1. Do not put your baby to sleep with the light - it's a myth that children at a young age hardly distinguish between light and darkness.If the child is afraid of the dark, turn on a night light at night.During daytime sleep to close the curtains.
  2. Do not let your child read and play in low light conditions.This will negatively affect his vision.
  3. For younger children, choose books with large and clear images, it will minimize the stress of his eyes.
  4. necessary to eliminate TV viewing for children under the age of three years, and after three - let the kids watch cartoons for no more than 15 minutes a day.The child must be away from the TV at a distance of not less than three meters.Baby toys hang at arm handles, or even further.If they hung low, the child will unnecessarily strain your eyes trying to focus on close hanging toy.And when the child begins to learn to read, buy him a book with as large print.
  5. also need to keep track of your child's posture and proper fit while writing, reading, sculpture or drawing.The distance from the eye to the table should not be less than the distance from the elbow to the wrist of the child.
  6. Try to protect your eyes from the crumbs of bright sunlight - ultraviolet rays harmful to his vision.In the children's room should be a lot of light, and you can use pastel colors in the interior and do not skimp on table lamps, sconces and lamps.
  7. Do not forget the annual inspections, according to the survey plan, designated by your doctor - a pediatrician.In childhood, you can solve almost all problems with vision, because it is constantly developing in children.
If after reading this article, you suspect any abnormalities of vision in your child, you do not hold a visit to the optometrist.Help your child on time.Timely treatment specialist can minimize the development of disease-free and speedy recovery.Remember, if parents have poor eyesight, how it will affect the baby, you know.

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