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Folk remedies How to cure a cold child

The causes of the common cold may be a few, most often it is a symptom of infectious diseases such as viral and bacterial origin.And because it may be the result of an allergy, in this case, rhinitis provoke various allergens such as dust, odors, pollen, animal dander, etc.

As you know, our nose is a kind of guardian of the way of a variety of viruses, bacteria, dust, as well as still and "battery" that warms the cold air.In order to carry out its direct functions, the nose has a unique structure.To the cold air warmed, it must pass on the "labyrinth" of the nose, filled a huge number of blood vessels.For effective relief from dust and bacteria, the inner surface of our nose is lined with a layer of cells with a large number of cilia, so they provide a promotion of "uninvited guests" to leave.But in addition to the cilia in the removal of foreign objects are involved special mucous secretion, which are also produced by surface epithelial cells of the nose.These cells are found, and the very first come

to grips with viruses and bacteria, giving the body time to prepare for a more serious attack.Typically, a cold lasts between 7-10 days, but in rare cases, the proper and timely treatment, as well as with a strong immunity, the timing of a cold flow reduced to 3-5 days.

Let's talk about how folk remedies to cure a cold child.The most important in the treatment of the common cold, is its prevention and warning, for it is necessary to direct all efforts to restore immunity and hardening.As a precaution, you can use garlic, which is recommended to cut slices and arrange around the home, or hang as an amulet around his neck.Traditional medicine is widely used garlic as to prevent and to treat all thanks to the special composition of volatile production, has an antibacterial effect.Based vegetable oil and garlic can prepare a remedy for the common cold, which is best taken for 2-3 days after the onset of illness.For this medicine you need 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil mixed with 1-2 cloves of garlic and insist approximately 12-24 hours, instill 2-3 drops into each nasal passage, store in the refrigerator.

Very often the cause of discomfort in young children with a strong head cold is mucus that accumulates in the narrow passages of the nose.Independently children up to 2 years can not blow his nose, then can come to the aid of the juice of Kalanchoe , it should drip 1-2 drops in each pass, as a rule, it causes sneezing, with whom and dismissed the nasal passages.Moreover, the juice of this plant possesses anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect.It has similar properties of aloe , but the juice of this plant in the application should be diluted with water, as it is very bitter to the taste.To liquefy thick secretions from the nose of the people using fresh squeezed juice of beets , it also instilled 2-3 drops.Very good results gives a mixture of beet juice with fresh honey.

for aftercare rhinitis in folk medicine uses various vegetable oils, such as: rosehip oil, sea buckthorn oil, menthol oil .Their instilled 1 to 3 drops 3 times a day, depending on the age of the child.

as advice on how to treat people's means runny child can use nasal lavage 2 times a day infusion of herbs: chamomile, calendula, thyme, mint, sage. You must observe the rules nasal lavage, to avoid getting water in the auditory pathways.

Often in reference books on folk medicine, can be found this way of treating the common cold in infants - burying breast milk into the nasal passages 2-3 drops before each feeding.

for the treatment of rhinitis can be used to warm up procedure , but only if the child is not temperature.You can warm their feet in hot water, or put the child in socks bags with mustard, or lubricate the sole turpentine.After these procedures, the legs should be sure to wear warm socks.

In addition, as a treatment for the common cold and can offer smelling procedure , and you can use menthol oil, which is applied to the nose and sinuses, as well as the ears and temples.

Well help inhalation with herbs (calendula, chamomile, eucalyptus, etc.), oils (menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus, anise), mineral water, baking soda.

very effective acupressure , who spend 10 to 20 days, the first massage symmetric point at the nose wings, and then under the nose, upper lip, then you need one finger to massage the tip of the nose, and then move to the inside of the eye, nearwith the bridge of the nose, and continue on ledges neck massage, and finish the stimulation pads at the base of the index finger of his left hand first, and then the right, and in the same sequence massaging pad of his thumb.These procedures can be repeated up to 5 times a day, but also with the proviso that the baby's body temperature is not above 37.5 degrees.

If the cause is allergic rhinitis, as it very often is added also allergic conjunctivitis and skin rash, often need to wash out the nasal cavity with a solution of salt and iodine, as well as the infusion of chamomile and calendula.

Another reason may be the presence of rhinitis in the nasal passages of the child of foreign bodies, which they very often put into the nasal passages of the game here without the help of parents ENT physician can not do.

Yet if the runny nose in a child is not held for longer than 10 days, it is a serious occasion to reflect and seek medical advice because of inflammation in the nasal cavity can cause serious diseases of the ear, or develop into chronic forms, which lend themselves very difficult to treat.