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Baby sick ARI

However, without tears and screams can and should do.Play with the baby, rather than threaten and be violent!And do not tune in advance for the fight.Stay calm and remember that your attitude is transmitted little one.You will manage to distract him from his discomfort, and everything goes like clockwork.How to cure a child, read the article on "The baby fell ill ARI."

Rub the chest and back

Doctors often advise rubbing the back or chest colds baby medicinal ointments based on aromatic oils.These funds are very well heated.However, the crumb can be frightened unusual for him manipulations.Especially if you initially approach procedures with caution, perhaps remembering his own negative childhood experiences ... But you do everything on the highest level!Not to proceed with the manipulation swoop.Prepare the baby.Scary just what it is unknown.But if tot see how you're doing massazhik his favorite toy, then grind and allow yourself.Pretend squeeze a little ointment from the tube and apply it on the b

ack of teddy bears and dolls.Sentenced that the toy was warm and cozy.Then ask the young: "You want to try?" Most likely, he will not give up!Wait until the crumb carried away game, watched his emotional state.Getting immediate procedure only when you will intuitively sure: now everything will pass without resistance from the child.By the way, receiving "First, commit manipulate toys, and then to attract the baby" works in relation to any medical procedures.The main thing is do not demand obedience from the baby and execution of your will.Resistance unpleasant - quite natural childish behavior!Therefore, do not quarrel with the crumbs when you can do without conflict.

Give medicine

Fortunately, modern medicine for kids produced mainly in the form of a liquid medicine having a pleasant taste.Manufacturers added in preparation fruit flavors and sugars.So bitter pill diluted in a spoonful of compote, it has little to do.Although there are different situations.Sometimes you want to give, and a tablet.Yes, and some potions kids flatly refuse ... Forced to keep the baby and the whole family is forced to give the medicine - not an option.Try to do without extreme measures.Go on a trick: when she toddler drink medicine, demonstrate how much you liked it.Do not worry, children's dosage of any of the classical drug will have no influence on your body (but just in case, check with your doctor).It is important to do this before the baby will have his decisive "no".Provoke him to imitate you.Another option - to give the little one medicine at the time that you poish loved it from the spoon compote, juice or milk.Unbeknownst to change a baby spoons to scoop drink with medicine or the dissolution of the tablet.Naturally, the child feels a substitute and immediately wants to spit out the medicine.Say: "And now a quick wash down now will again kompotik!»

important all this is done instantly that the kid is not fixated on a bitter taste.You can still drink potion fun toys, focusing on priority.Saying: "Who will give a spoonful of bunnies, then - cat now - Masha and Sergei ... Strictly one after the other!What are some good kids, everyone knows his place! "Beginning with the year in children there is a need" to do everything "to feel they belong to a group.So beat it!

an enema, candle

intestinal infections, constipation or atsetonemicheskom Stroke can not do without cleansing enema.The pediatrician will tell you how to prepare a saline enema or a decoction of chamomile.Do not hesitate to ask the doctor in detail, clarify all controversial moments.General rules are as follows: temperature of the liquid enema should be equal to body temperature (about 37 ° C), solution should be administered slowly and enema tip before use to lubricate child or warm vegetable oil.Infants under 6 months you must enter the 50-60 ml of liquid, crumbs to 1.5 years - 70-100 ml of 1.5 years - 180-200 ml.The solution was prepared as follows: dissolve a tablespoon of salt or baking soda in one liter of boiled water.And from this solution take the necessary amount.As for the candle, before use, carefully read the instructions.Bear in mind that suppositories can be divided depending on the dosage.Cut part of the candle clean knife.

for baby up to a year, which is not yet perceived the symbolic games, the main thing to do everything as quickly as possible.Do not focus on the negative feelings crumbs, let your actions will be clear and consistent.It is better if someone from home will help you.After the procedure, be sure to soothe toddler, push to yourself, whisper in his ear: "It's all over! ..." The kid two years after the first play to give an enema, affliction of it trickles of water.You have the house flowers grow in pots?Excellent!Let pipsqueak with enemas will water the plants.Interested?Now tell me: "Imagine that within you too live the little flowers that are very thirsty.And now we will give them a bit of moisture. "Motivates the baby!Still afraid and feels that it would be uncomfortable?In this case, diversions unlikely to work.But do not lie to your child, not hard: "It does not hurt, do not invent!" So you depreciate his experiences.Honestly explain what will have to wait and be unpleasant.But added that the toddler had a large and cope with everything.Stroke will show the child: "For me, your feelings are important, I understand them."This approach will not cause injury chubby little boy.Understand that any mentally healthy baby will resist enema, angry, and crying.And if you deny his emotions, he may decide that they feel unsafe.But you're mom, you're taking all the manifestations of the crumbs!So do not ask him obedience and patience.Do not get carried away game of the baby?Do everything quickly and pity the child sympathize with him.

drip nose

ARD Scarce ill and had a runny nose?We'll have to constantly moisturize the nose with saline.It is important that mucus is not turned into a dried crust, because it is in such an environment, life is good microbes.Plain water for these purposes is not suitable.Only saline well absorbed and does not irritate.By purchasing industrial or prepare yourself: Single teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm boiled water.Heat the liquid to a temperature of 37 ° C.Drip nose conveniently from a syringe without a removable tip.Suffice it to pour into each nostril 1-2 ml.Bear in mind that nasal sprays are not suitable for children under the age of two years.The introduction of pressurized fluid can cause otitis media, inflammation of the ear.Better not to risk, and to give preference droplets.Show chubby little boy is buried nose kittens and dogs (toy).Let the kid play with myself interesting for him "priborchikom."For example, it can drip spout pictures in the book and consider what magic produced on paper droplets.That he himself wanted to try!No?Suggest "drink" spout.Say everyone knows how to drink by mouth, but in order to obtain a liquid nose, need special skills.Scarce wish to prove their exclusivity!Another idea - while playing fingers dripping little one on her hands on her knees.It's fun!Then, under the noses drip.And quickly produce the desired manipulation.Nothing, if slightly gets wet.You dry it instantly.Admit it, the nerves of the most expensive toddler!

irrigated throat

If sore throat or tonsillitis in the surface of the neck crumbs active microbes - the perpetrators of inflammation.And the doctor will prescribe irrigation with antiseptic solutions.By the way, the procedure is justified only if the bacterial disease.Usually, it is simply a red throat - a natural satellite of any ARI.In this case there is no need for special handling.The neck will return to normal as soon as the body cope with the crumbs disease (usually 7-10 days from the onset of the disease).Of course, give your child first learn to drug packaging, even under your supervision, he explores the amazing "tricks", he repeatedly pushes the piston.Do not forget that the unknown is frightening.Therefore, a child screaming in fear: "Do not touch this medicine!", Take his medication and then immediately push for irrigation throat - it is wrong.So you only exacerbates anxiety baby.Come and play!Imagine a baby that in a tube with a drug - food for butterflies, bees and ladybirds.And go to "feed" imaginary insects.Baby will like to look like "pollen" is sprayed into the air.Think of the story as if butterflies and bees hiding somewhere, and your toddler to the task - to find them.So have fun for a while.And now it's time to find the latest butterfly!Where is she hiding?Of course, the crumbs in the neck!He did not refuse to feed her!Bear in mind that irrigation throat shows exclusively for the children after two years.And this manipulation in any case can not be performed when the baby is crying loudly.So there is a risk much choke.For infants receiving safer medicines and tablets.Your chubby little boy about three, but you do not go with him to resolve the issue amicably irrigation throat?It is better to give up the procedure and ask the pediatrician for a reasonable alternative to this kind of treatment.

Clear nasal passages

to small slept peacefully, while he has a cold, it is necessary that the tip was clean.Otherwise, the mucus prevents breathing and pipsqueak will often wake up.Sometimes doctors prescribe for these purposes vasoconstrictor drugs.But they also need to drip after total nasal hygiene.To use the baby aspirator - a special blower, made on the basis of an enema, but vice versa.Again, do everything as quickly as possible, and then - perhaps their sun.But after a year and a half baby easy to teach yourself to deal with nasal hygiene.With the game!Together with the baby popyhtite as hedgehogs, show each other how well the little animals are able to sniff and "gurgle" spout.Arrange the competition!Whoever has the best of all, it turns out to puff, gets the prize: lint.So the kid will remember you need to cleanse the nose movement.And it will be to understand what he wants from the mother when he says, "to blow your nose!".Or play in airplanes.Cut out about a dozen light paper squares.It is convenient to use for this rustling wrapping paper candy.Put all the squares on the palm.Encourage your child to blow Now the so-called airplanes.Happened?Excellent!Complicate the task.Again, add up all the squares on hand.Ask crumbs took a deep breath (and myself join the fun!), Close the mouth and blow hard on the airplanes nose.That's the result!Come up with your game!And you see: you and your baby will find a common language in almost any situation.Now we know what to do if the baby was ill ARI.

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