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A healthy diet for weight loss

«harmful" product

Unfortunately, without some of these products are often people simply can not imagine their life.But if the desire to eat only healthy food from them should be abandoned.We are talking about sugar, canned food, salt, mayonnaise, smoked fish, margarine, sausages, chemical, drinks, fried foods, artificial fats and many others.We should also pay attention to the fast food and fast-food outlets, are particularly harmful and in the diet should not be in any case.Some may be appalled and say, as, for example, can live without sugar or salt?Not so bad, sugar, for example, it can be replaced with honey.

But, of course, do not go to extremes or starve yourself: Occasionally favorite dishes, you can add a little spice and a pinch of salt.Just be aware measure.

Useful products

useful is those products which are made from whole grains: oatmeal, brown rice, bread.These foods contain fiber, which beneficially affect the body: reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol, r

educe the likelihood of gallstones, colon cancer, obesity and diabetes.Without a doubt, the fibers are important for intestinal health.

greens, fresh vegetables and fruit - all this must be in the human diet, both in fresh and in processed form.Vegetables in this best be steamed or stewed, as well remain more vitamins.

Eggs are a source of protein and lutein.In addition, helpful: salmon, milk, garlic, apricots, spinach, lentils, bananas, herbs, chicken.It is necessary to try to use these products every day or at least every other day.

significant weight loss can provide drinking fresh vegetable juices as they do not affect the formation of fatty deposits.Fruit juices are also useful, but it should be borne in mind that they increase the blood sugar level.Exceptions are only lemon, lime and grapefruit juices.

And, of course, is to delete from the menu sugary soda, because they certainly nothing useful slimming body will not give.

rules of healthy eating

When losing weight girl is certainly unlikely to want to somehow harm your health, but because it is necessary to follow some rules and tips:

  • better eat often, but small portions.Do not force the body to stock in the event of a hunger strike.The body needs to know that he will get another batch of energy.
  • Food should be thoroughly chewed and not to rush.Otherwise, you can "earn" problems in the digestive, cardiovascular and nervous system.
  • Food should be fresh, good, if they are raw.
  • menu should be varied.Do not forget the vegetables, herbs and fruits.
  • cooking food necessary for one meal.It has been proved that the food is heated by not useful, and clogs toxins.
  • In the cold season, it is desirable to use a sufficient amount of meat.
  • Periodically make fasting days.
  • fluid should be consumed between meals, not during.
  • If completely eliminate the salt does not work, then it should reduce consumption to a minimum.
  • vegetables steamed better.
  • better to buy low-fat meat, such as chicken, and pork or not it is better to fish.If we talk about beef, low fat is the best of them - beef.It is also worth knowing that the least amount of fat and bones found in the loin.
  • Do not skip breakfast.At breakfast, eat a good cheese, milk, lean meat, eggs, yogurt, fruit, cheese, vegetables, black bread.

And finally, a healthy diet is not always rejects the old favorite recipes.For example, chicken, roasted in the package, it is a good alternative to fried.

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