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Eidetic memory, creative thinking

carried out in Germany in the 30-ies of XX century, experiments have shown that 100% of students in schools of children - eidetic (40% of them - are clear, and 60% - hidden).After 50 years, this percentage is almost close to zero ... The development of science and technology has taken away the ability of children to the imaginative thinking so naturally to them.Tales requiring imagination, replaced cartoons and computer games, and in school is based on cramming, which deprives the child's possible to imagine.But imaginative thinking - not just creative component.It contributes to the harmonious development of the crumbs, so that increases the ability of concentration and memory memorability.Eidetic - memory, creative thinking - subject of the article.

memory with a tear?

If kids learn to read and count child psychologists and educators are advised to 5-6 years, 2-3 year olds crumbs important to expand the range of their direct experience.And since children initially perceive the world through images

, the most important thing in this age - the development of imagination, fantasy, in other words, eidetism.To understand how the things you do with remembering, with a toddler can be a simple test (one of them is at the end of the article).According to the results easy to say how the child develop concentration, as well as auditory, visual and motor memory.Often the baby copes with the job only half only because I do not know how to remember.But in the future (school, college, work), the child will find a huge amount of information required to memorize, and the only way of its development will be cramming.

Game Association

eidetic offers simple and interesting for the baby of the memory techniques that are effective and do not give to miss even the most restless children.

• Remember the words

most simple to the child - to make of them an unusual story in which words follow each other.For example, given the words: eyelashes, goose, sea, chair and bicycle.Ask the kid to come up with a fantastic story that is sure to be remembered for his great.For example: "Slapping her eyelashes, the goose stood gazing at the sea, on which floated a chair, and on the shore, cast ashore, lay the bike." This method can be attached with a list of things that should be put on a pipsqueak before going out (overalls, a sweater, hat, scarf, mittens, socks, boots). Alternatively, try to come up with the toddler poem. pronouncing it, the child should be a picture and (preferably) a sequence of objects.

• Remember the movement

Then you can help your favorite fairy-tale characters baby. For example, to remember dance moves - a step right, step left, jump on the ground, clapping, turning on the spot. Let it be Spider-Man, who dodges the blows of the enemy, stepping right, left, then jump over the ledge, cottonhis hands let the cobwebs and turning on the spot runs. Please come up with these stories you have, but soon the baby itself will take the initiative.

• Remember the pictures or images

Teach your kid to turn plans into account.Prepare cards with pictures of animals, household items, nature.For every 5-10 pictures you have to invent a story on the theme of travel, sports, study or friendship.The development of memory and attention in the future will help the child to quickly learn the letters and syllables, of them put words and memorize them.Using associations baby develops the ability to quickly find original solutions and to generate original ideas.Eidetic system teaches children to memorize without memorization, stress, based on association and memorable special items.For example, to remember the word boy (boy).You can think of a rhyme "is with you", and draw the boy walking - this picture and the phrase exactly postponed in memory of the child.

children do well remember what is drawn. It is not invented and the real (albeit on paper) an image. Therefore,so often the method of associative pattern used in memorizing poems. Still, listen to poetry like all children, but repeat them not everyone can. And even eager to speak at the Christmas party, many kids are not able to learn a very simple poem. The words are not remembered, confused lines, and the failure of all the child's desire to deprive the act. So, you need to ... draw a poem - a consistent and clear. Some words to portray it does not, but that's okay. Looking at the picture, pipsqueak can repeat a poem, and when doneit several times, it zasyadet firmly in his memory.

Volume perception

One may familiarize the child with the concept of form, showing a "round" ball or "square" cube, for him it will be dull and uninteresting occupation.But connecting his imagination and attention in the game you can get results much more quickly and, of course, fun.

• Developing game

"What changed?" Put on the table a few items, among which are balls, cubes, open book, pencil, doll. Ask your child to name each thing and try to remember them. Then move the toy and cover sheet ortowel. The problem kid - guess where a subject is. And to remember what was on the table, it is necessary again to apply the method of the story - believe me, the child's imagination knows no boundaries, you just give him a chance to use it.

open everyDay

eidetic system - this is a game, thanks to which the child quickly and easily remembers the words, numbers, poetry, and later - the date, sophisticated definitions, foreign languages. It is important to constantly return to this game - walking, pay attention that the tree looks likeSeven, Four hid in the window, and a butterfly with folded wings, reminiscent of three. How to remember which buses go from the subway to the house?Very simple: 73 - wood, on which sits a butterfly, and 28 - a swan with glasses.

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