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How to raise a child without complexes

Complexes never appear together with the birth, they are produced throughout life.And some may disappear, and others - appear.

If a child has some complex, it can be seen immediately with the naked eye.Remember that children do not share with you valuable information such as harassing their complexes.They will hold it all inside, the child with no one to share in this occasion.You have to stop it, and avoid the appearance of complexes in the future.Try to find out exactly what complexes excite your child.Just do it carefully, do not irritate the child, and it may even coming up with a dozen complexes.

If you managed to find out what kind of complex, then start to do everything so that would destroy the complex.If the child thinks he's ugly, convince him otherwise, find ways to prove it.

As.If you are not able to learn in more detail about its center, then you have some work to do and try to get rid of all systems at once.How to do it now and we'll tell you.Let's start in order and sort out the

issue of "How to raise a child without complexes?»

So, if you suddenly notice that your child is suffering from loneliness, he is shy, anxious, do not know how to express their opinion, if he is mistrustful and can not express their hidden talents, then you just have to help the child overcome all hishidden complexes!

First, you must give the child more love, you have to show him that you love him.Any person need love, it is necessary that he needed someone.Tell him that he is very dear to you, that he is the best son.You can express this as the simple words and touch and sight.

general, psychologists recommend hugging child at least 4 times a day - it's not just that it feel good, it is necessary for survival, and of about 8 times a day - this is for the well-being.Hug your child as often as possible.Touch - is a kind of connection with the people, and you should use it with your child in any way.Touch does not leave a will, do not leave a child alone and / or lost.You can also note that bring joy to touch and say the physical reality that we still exist.What about embracing - it is a special joy for parents, which will take them a lot of fun.But some parents go on principle and not to embrace the child, believing that he is old enough, and time, "obnimashek" has already passed.

Yes, perhaps embracing tenderness and use of children - it is hard for you, but you need to step through it and show affection for her child.

Do not hesitate to show affection toward your child, he is likely to answer you the same, because it is actually needed.If you do not give the child to express tenderness, then the wine will hang on you, not on it.

not need to take your child for some special reason, take it on the grounds that he was your child that he is you have such.And remember, he is the only one in the world, a unique, even if the child has complexes.

Now let's talk about self-esteem, because it is very important to raise a child properly.Self-esteem is very closely linked to the complex.You have to remember that people with high self-esteem will not be upset when they are someone will criticize, they are not afraid of being rejected.But if a person has low self-esteem, then it will look lost, it will be very seriously the criticism that comes to him from other people.Any child is highly dependent on incentives which we give it.After all, you only think about how often you praise your child?Chances are rare, because you think that pointing out his shortcomings, he will fight with them.Yes, probably will, but it is unlikely that it is well received, but the systems develop.

You have to remember that the child is not yet a full-fledged person.When you point to the lack of, you are all well considered, as you know well about their shortcomings, but the children ... he is too young and only listens to others, but not himself.

At the moment, you definitely need to ensure that your child is feeling very good, and not otherwise.Sit down with him and decide that it is good, get absolutely all its positive side.Starting today, begin to praise the child for everything.Better to say, "I think you're just fine learned this poem" than "I think you're nice learned this poem."As you can see, the difference in one word, but the child will feel it tangibly and notices.

but see that it also seemed sincere.After all, the child will immediately notice if you are "false", it is even more ugnetet it, which you obviously do not want to.

Different kinds of comments we advise you to reduce to an absolute minimum.Do not forget that curses do not lead to improved results.He's just going to get worse behave, if you will constantly berate him.If so you are very angry at him, then it is better to express displeasure over a certain act, but not on his own.That is not to say that it is bad - it is the main rule!If every day you will tell the child that he is lazy, he will be even more difficult to cope with his laziness, and that's a fact.

We wrote highlights.You can follow our advice, and may or may not follow, but you need to know to get the baby without complexes, so initially it is necessary to educate.Do not leave it all on the child, help him.And if you do not, then the modern society does that for you, but only in their own way.

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