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Fear of childbirth, I am afraid to give birth

Pregnancy - always waiting for something new.I was childless - become a mother, a mother was the girl - my mother and become a boy (or two girls, or mother-heroine) ... any innovation always creates anxiety: because you can never be sure one hundred percent that expect a "beyond"It will be absolutely fine, and you deal with it.The most common fears are concentrated around the same natural question.And many of them have managed to find the answers.

I am afraid that my baby is developing as something wrong

you are pregnant a couple of weeks, but listen closely to the "alarm" on the part of the body.Slightly pulled stomach - and you're flying headlong search for the reason for the Mama forums.Someone sneezed a couple of meters - and you're in the arms of a thermometer to wonder about the risk of colds, because in the first trimester should be especially careful.And all the while waiting for the stress when the puzozhitel cheerfully pushes you to handle, or sticking out his pyatochku - that he does

not beep? ..

How to cope?

not neglect the necessary examinations calendar.Many mothers admitted that after the first ultrasound and their fears for the health of a few crumbs abated.

Do not focus on the medical aspects of pregnancy.There is nothing wrong to follow the set of weights, testing and timely adjustments arising problems.That's coming in civilized countries all healthy people.Remember that pregnancy is not an illness, but a completely natural condition for every woman.

If there is any suspicion, keep in mind that the probability of detection of disease, and its further development are not the same.Yes, and any deviations from normal development are not yet diagnosed.

I'm afraid I do not make a baby

In fact, a healthy baby in the womb is held very tightly, and ask him out until the time is not so easy!In addition, the vast majority of all abortions, according to statistics, occur when the woman is unaware of her pregnancy - all event perceived as a normal menstruation.This is due to the fact that the fertilized egg is most vulnerable when "traveling" on the fallopian tubes and the uterus was not fixed.With increasing gestational age, this risk is greatly reduced.

How to cope?

period of increased danger is the first trimester, when formed the beginnings of all the organs and systems of the future baby.At this time more carefully guard against environmental effects - all kinds of viruses, nicotine and alcohol, radiation exposure to the sun, vibratory massage.

Terms 2o-24 weeks and 28-29 weeks are critical for women with a high content of male sex hormones (especially if you "receive" the boy).If you are one of them, the results of tests you may be given special preparations to maintain the level of female hormones.

Despite your natural position, reducing its activity you still have.Get plenty of rest, give up excessive exercise, forget for a while about extreme sports, go to fitness for pregnant women.

I am afraid that can not bear the pain of labor

If in any film the main character pleases to give birth, she is sure to be screaming and require urgent anesthesia.Having seen such pictures, but still heard plenty of stories recently given birth girlfriend ("If I had known that this would happen, no way to disagree!"), You begin to nervously expect the beginning of the process.And timidly hope that can still pull yourself together.

How to cope?

only 20-30% of the pain that sometimes mothers feel really justified by muscle contractions.The rest - the result of a purely mental stress, expectations and fear childbirth, fear of giving birth.Women who own situation, give birth consciously tell you that the pain was quite tolerant or almost not at all.The stronger the panic, the more pain: for the blood is thrown out the stress hormone adrenaline.As a result, the muscles tighten, blood vessels, and nerves of the uterus are squeezed - all this and a major source of pain.


Paradoxically, but it increased anxiety of pregnant woman is helping her prepare for the changes that it is expected to tune in and motherhood.

pain in childbirth is fundamentally different from what you experience in diseases, injuries, bruises.Labor pain is not an enemy, but an assistant who brings the long-awaited meeting with the child.Set yourself before the birth that will meet the pain, and then, oddly enough, it will be much weaker.Learn basic

several ways to pain relief during labor: massage, breathing techniques, postures.Do not rely on the versatility of one of them.Your friend easier to tolerate generic pain, lying on its side, and you, on the contrary, can experience relief if the period of strong contractions will stand or walk.

sometimes becomes a kind of "litmus test" exhibiting all the fears and complexes, which slept in a woman (by the way, and her husband, too) all previous life.Fears of birth, fear of giving birth is not to drive into or dismiss them as annoying flies.Share your concerns with your doctor, experienced friends.Do not hide their anxiety, they have to find a way out - you can throw out the negative energy through exercise, dance or drawings.If you feel that a victory more often on their side, be sure to ask for help to the perinatal psychology.They will help to separate the wheat from the management of emotions and learn to how to deal with them.After all, a happy mom - a pledge and mental and physical health of its future remains.

I'm afraid that my intimate relationship with her husband will not be the same

faced in the first weeks of pregnancy fatigue, drowsiness, nausea, you no longer want to return to an active sex life in the next five years.And then the "third wheel" becomes your growing tummy - to find a comfortable position every week is becoming increasingly difficult.In this difficult period, beloved husband often left behind, and you involuntarily start to think that it will last forever.

How to cope?

In the first three months of pregnancy, lack of sexual desire is natural.You have increased the content of female sex hormones, which is necessary to maintain the pregnancy.But the number of male hormones (natural aphrodisiac), on the contrary, decreases.It is not surprising that during this period you nothing and no one wants.In the third trimester hormonal storm will end, and your wish will come back to you.

feel welcome, despite the spots, begemotnuyu grace and reach the nose stomach is not so simple.Despite the fact that men find pregnant women very sexy, you yourself is very difficult to come to terms with the ever-changing body.What can you advise in this case?Not limited to a single dimensionless overalls.Allow yourself at least one beautiful dress and beautiful lingerie set, especially since all of these wonderful things you can wear for some time after birth.

Even if sexual pleasure does not inspire you, there are things that certainly will bring you a lot of pleasant moments.For example, hugs, kisses, a massage or a gentle stroking.All this will allow you not to lose in the first nine months of their sensuality and quickly back into shape immediately after birth.

I am afraid that I can not breastfeed

Breast milk - the most valuable thing that my mother could give a child.But then this is what you will not be able to?Suddenly, you have too little (big) breasts, "wrong" nipple, not the heredity, stress ...

How to cope?

According to experts on breastfeeding, your psychological readiness to breastfeed as long as possible - the main component of the success of breastfeeding.It all depends on your attitude.If you firmly believe that you will have milk, and you can feed the crumbs as much as he will need, then so be it.

About Before birth you certainly read a lot of advice and tips for breastfeeding.But one thing - to know the rules massage breast pumping or applying baby to the breast, and the other - to put them into practice.Be sure to ask the nurse at the hospital or the more experienced neighbor in the ward to show you all these simple wisdom at least once.

If you plan to return to work immediately after birth, or your nipples "absolutely not designed for breastfeeding" (are flat), you will come to the aid of special breast lining the nipples for feeding and lining the chest to collect milk.

I am afraid that I can not love the baby as he is, and to be a good mother to him

Considering photos with smiling blond angel, you start dreaming about that soon at hand, you will peacefully snuffle and own miracle... And then suddenly recalled how a few days ago you brought out of himself noisily in the store baby.And it is clear to you that you love children, not all and not always.Suddenly and your pipsqueak can not make you "proper impression," and you can not treat him with maternal tenderness? ..

How to cope?

knowingly Nature has provided a period of as much as nine months before the child's birth.During this time, without forcing events, you have the ability to adapt to a new period of his life, even if you are feeling is absolutely not ready for motherhood.You do not have to try to think through everything in advance.The future - in the future, but today we have to live for today.Be sure to childbirth much in your life will change, including the impact on children.

Many women are so obsessed with pregnancy and childbirth that almost do not notice what he is, the baby, whom they had just given birth.If you're among them, do not worry: the rate of mental reactions and switching all very different.After a while caring for baby and you make love it.

Before the birth of the child decide for yourself: I'm not going to look for him cause for all these "oh, but why?" Or "Oh, well that's okay?".I'll just watch and enjoy the way he claps eyes, sticks out his tongue and smacking his lips, looking chest.And seldom try to compare it with other kids.

Fears good!

Since ancient times, pregnant women have tried as much as possible to protect against the negative effects of sad experiences stress.But here's the paradox: the long-term research of psychologists show that light and brief stress in the womb children are absolutely essential.Those whose mothers carefully guarded against any unrest, bad transferred birth.Growing up, they were lost in the collision with the slightest difficulties in life, cope with difficult grievances, anger, negative assessments of their actions by others were more passive than peers.They explain this by saying that when the mother is experiencing stress, her body "shares" with the baby physiology of residence and compensation.Learning this is the mother's womb is much harder than inside.So fear and excitement mothers are as necessary for the child as vaccination against measles.In small amounts, of course!