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What is the best painkiller during childbirth

best medicine fact that neither I nor my child is not accepted, according to many women.And with that, all the experts agree.Your safety and the health of the newborn - for doctors of paramount importance.That's why you have every right to get all the information about the drugs that are going to be used during labor.The doctor must tell you what options are useful medications in your particular situation, on the basis of health, pregnancy and labor process itself.From the list you can choose any drug and route of administration.Do not ask your advice can only be, if there was a real threat to your life and the life of the baby.In this case, your main task - to find a good specialist and fully trust him.Be calm, without the need for major indications and any appointments you will not do.

No pain

Of course, you have enough inner strength to go through the whole process of the appearance of a baby into the world.However, even the most courageous woman may need help from the outside.There are sever

al groups of analgesic drugs which are used in different phases of delivery.It is necessary to know how best to take pain medication during labor.

1. Preparatory phase

If you give birth for the first time, this stage can last for many hours.Contractions during this time, as a rule, are rare, but often very painful.If they do not lead to the disclosure of the cervix, you may be offered intramuscular anesthesia - it will allow to dive into a light slumber and sleep for a few painful hours, which, of course, save your strength for the upcoming birth.Such effective anesthesia for 3-4 hours.


intramuscular anesthesia can be the cause of fetal kardiotokogramme sleepiness, which is written in childbirth.But after the termination of the performance of the drug immediately bounce back.

2. The active phase of labor

This period can be used as an intramuscular anesthesia and epidural anesthesia.In the first case it is important to make an injection for 30-40 minutes until the baby's born, or crumb can be born sleepy and sluggish.Do not worry, very soon he will find inherent activity.

If epidural drugs are introduced into the epidural space in the lumbar region (loses sensitivity lower body).This type of anesthesia has no toxic effect and does not get into the blood of any mother or baby.However, such approaches are not all anesthesia.Contraindications to it is obesity or surgical procedures on the spine.Another important condition - the establishment of regular contractions (at intervals of 2-3 minutes).If you spend anesthesia earlier labors may subside.


Intramuscular anesthesia has no negative effects.After 3-4 hours anesthetics completely dissolve in the blood can not be detected.

In the case of spinal anesthesia for cesarean section may be headaches.They are easily removed with special manipulations.Neurological lesion in this case, are rare.The space at the level which is injected, does not contain the spinal canal to get to the nerves extending almost unreal.Technique of such anesthesia worked out very well.

Do I need antibiotics?

women are carriers of group B streptococci, which significantly increases the risk of contracting the disease of the newborn remains.Plus, streptococcus, having a negative effect on the placenta, can cause fetal hypoxia.That is why at the 36th week of pregnancy, expectant mothers over the recommended smear done (with the external genitalia) to determine the presence of streptococcus.If it is found in labor use antibiotics (such as penicillin).Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed to women as a prophylactic measure.For example, if a pregnant i8 hours ago water broke, and labors have not yet begun.

Add speed

just so rushed crumbs no one will.But if suddenly a situation where a delay may affect the status of the child and state of health of the mother, doctors can stimulate labor.For example, if a woman comes to the hospital with irregular contractions, the Vedas which has departed 5:00 back, or in particularly difficult when it is necessary to birth occurred in the daytime.

1. Preparatory phase

In the preparatory phase of labor, a special preparation in the form of a gel, which is inserted into the vagina.It consists of natural analogues rodostimulyatorov prostaglandins, which prepare the cervix for the upcoming genera - shorten it, make softer, provide disclosure.

2. The active phase of labor

In the active phase of labor, when contractions are not strong enough and frequent, the cervix is ​​not disclosed or labor, began rapidly, abruptly terminated using oxytocin, which increases the frequency of uterine contractions.Such labor induction is often performed with anesthesia.Oxytocin is administered with a dropper before regular contractions and cervical opening.Time to use it strictly individually - for someone to 7:00, for someone 16. If after this stimulation had no effect, it is stopped and childbirth end caesarean section.Information that oxytocin severely constricts blood vessels and thus is the cause of high blood pressure in the future mother and the lack of oxygen (hypoxia) at the kid, is hopelessly outdated.The impact on vessels of synthetic analogues of the natural hormone produced by the placenta, is minimized.


It is important to use oxytocin, just waiting, when the cervix become soft, mature.Excessive haste doctors who prescribe such stimulation in the preparatory phase of labor (cervix elongated, dense), often leads to a cesarean section.


Use birth noshpy and papaverine are not scientifically justified.Often these funds are designated to relax the cervix and expedite the process of the Code.However, they are able to remove only a muscle spasm, while the cervix is ​​the connective tissue.In this situation, their application makes sense.

Deep Dive

Abroad general anesthesia during childbirth is rarely used.For example, in the US only 5-7% of cesareans.Whereas in our country, its frequency of use close to 70%!Initially, my mother is an intravenous injection, a woman put to sleep, then through a tube introduced narcotic gases, supporting her in this condition throughout the operation.

allergic reaction to narcotic drugs occurs only in 1 per million women.The main risks for the mother and baby associated with an experienced and well-coordinated work of a team of doctors.In order to use drugs in the blood of the baby hit the minimum amount necessary to remove it from the uterus as soon as possible.

In addition, it is important that the baby right into the hands of neonatology.It can be observed drowsiness and respiratory muscles weaken.If a pipsqueak glotnet amniotic fluid you need someone to help him clear his throat.Experts estimate the condition of the baby.If he did not find any signs of hypoxia (lack of oxygen), it will be with other kids, just under a close supervision.If any, may require incubation with an oxygen mask.In any case, all the consequences of the use of general anesthesia for the baby eliminated in the first days of his life.

, customized strongly against the use of any medications before birth can sign a special document.It indicates that whatever the outcome of the generic process all the responsibility they assume.

In some cases, when women are extremely painful contractions that do not lead to the disclosure of the cervix, it is enough to replenish stocks of body fluids.This relaxes the smooth muscles of the uterus and contractions become productive

first anesthesia in labor for cesarean section was used in 1847 by J. obstetrician. Simpson.It was chloroform.

reasonable precautions

in many hospitals all expectant mothers without exception, put a drip with saline.What for?To be able to immediately respond to any emergency and immediately remove them.Childbirth - expected, but highly unpredictable process.That is why we need to have constant access to the vein that in emergency cases through the catheter can quickly establish the necessary medicines.Sometimes moms appoint a drip of saline solution with glucose.This is especially important for those who have not eaten for a long time before delivery.In this case, glucose is a great source of energy, which will certainly come in handy, and my mother during labor, and after the first time she will be able to afford to press their long-awaited baby.Saline and glucose are completely safe for mother and crumbs.