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Care for dry, brittle hair

problem brittle, dried hair can be solved in several ways.First Trim the ends of the hair, if wear haircut, hair cut.You can go to a beauty salon, equipped termonozhnitsami they sealed the hair ends and prevent them from further destruction.Then you need to carry out a course of treatment, and only then paint or do perm.

There are, of course, and are a mask for dry and brittle hair, to help cope with this problem.In these masks-enactors have moisturizers that contain plant extracts and proteins.They help to restore the structure of hair.Now on sale there are special liquid hair ends with a high content of silicones, "sealed" posechennye tips.


If you prefer all ready means of their own, do not deny yourself the pleasure to tinker with the hair.

• Rinsing your hair, add water a little lemon juice.

• Very useful for dry hair mask of a mixture of lime infusion and low-fat yogurt (in equal proportions).Apply it on freshly washed wet hair and leave on for 20 - 30 minutes, then rinse

with warm water.

• The perfect tool for brittle hair - nourishing hydrating mask with castor oil or burdock.To do this, take egg yolk, 0.5 parts. L.oil and 1 h. l.brandy, mix everything carefully and rub into the scalp and hair roots.Wrap your head warm towel (warm it on the battery) and hold the mask 30 minutes.Rinse with a mild moisturizing shampoo agent.

• You can use a wide range of finished cosmetic products.However, they are natural and will give visible results only in the course of treatment, at least a month.

hair thins

Summer "molting" - a natural phenomenon.However, if the hair is left on your pillow after sleeping in the hands after scratching, they do not have enough vitamins and nutrition.You can not do without special shampoos, balms and masks that will help to cope with unwanted hair loss.

• Elixirs - the actual innovation in the field of care for dry brittle hair.They are also effective, and hair loss.They concentrated all the necessary hair restoring force and energy in the form of vitamins, nutritional oils and plant extracts.

• Nourishing oil for hair, produced by many firms, especially good for restorative care.They restore the destroyed protective Greases hair, however, generally remain partially on the hair and cause some effect of weighting the hair.

• Cosmetic serums and ampoules for hair contain nutrients in a concentrated form, and therefore provide more rapid and visible results.

• Tonics and therapeutic and preventive lotions also contain nutrients for the hair and scalp.They are indelible forms and more suitable for oily hair.


If you see that part of the funds for hair care includes products such as dimethicone, cyclomethicone, amodimethicone and other silicones, feel free to buy them.You get the ease of combing and protection of color, soft, healthy and shiny hair.

dull and lackluster

Hair, lost luster, is best suited shampoos and conditioners containing volatile oils and silicone oils.Furthermore, there are silicone oils, which are included in formula medical masks, waxes and creams.

Silicones are evenly distributed over the surface of the cuticle, and how to smooth the hair scales, enveloping his rod.This gives it a shine and smoothness.After applying the silicone on the hair and scalp left feeling soft and silky.Already after 2-3 uses funds from silicone hair will shine like the well-washed glass.And then take a break for a couple of weeks.The fact that the overloaded silicone oils are difficult to color hair, and after a while lose volume.

Owners colored hair need to use balms-conditioners with the effect of "diamond dust".The most brilliant effect give atsidofaery-conditioners with a pH of 2.5 - 3.5.They acidify the hair, preventing the leaching of the cuticle.Or balms-enactors, which include gidralizovanny keratin.After applying these tools hair rinse thoroughly and rinse with cool water.This will close the scales and revive light reflection.

updated Beautician HAIR

Combing the hair and scalp massage is necessary for strengthening and improvement of the hair and scalp.And then you come to the aid of a variety of brushes and combs, which we sometimes do not attach due importance.

• If you have long and quite thick hair, use a massage brush with a few needles.

• Those who wears a haircut, it is helpful to use a brush with frequent, dense bristles.

• Very useful brush with mixed bristles made of natural and artificial materials, but damaged hair brush is best to use only natural ingredients.

• For all types of hair combs are good and combs made of wood.They not only take care of the hair, but do not give a fat strands osalivatsya and dry - split.

• Be sure to brush your hair 2 times a day, spending slowly brush over the head 50 - 60 times.

Start combing from the tips of the hair and gradually move to the roots.Tilt your head forward and go brush, combing the hair forward.This procedure improves blood circulation and strengthens hair roots.

WASH wisely

Care for dry brittle hair - is not only to use potions and masks and properly combed.Your hair will have a healthy appearance, if properly washed.It may seem strange, but it is necessary to rinse your head for at least 5-7 minutes under a strong stream of water.Otherwise cleaners deposited on the hair, conceal their natural shine and extinguish light reflexes in colored hair.

sure to pay attention to the acidity of purchased shampoo.Select one on which there is a mark "pH balanced".This reduces the leach effect shampoo.But to eliminate it completely is possible only with the help of various acidic compounds.

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