Different ways and methods of ecology

XIX century
, when European dandies and ladies stained teeth yellowish solution, to highlight to date at the time pale, long gone!In order not to be old-fashioned, to the standard program for dental care - toothpaste, toothbrush and floss - should add irrigator.The pulsating stream of water by the instrument, even favorite cleans bacteria nooks inaccessible during normal brushing.Irrigator also called hydro-massage for the gums - improves blood circulation in them.Different ways and methods of ecology help avoid many mistakes.

But do not overdo it!Use it should be two or three times a week - no more daily use irrigator can increase the sensitivity of the gums.

In April, during the spring on the shelves there are interesting greens: smells like garlic, looks like a lily and is called bearish onions.It Ramson - resident forests, a storehouse of vitamins C and B9 (folic acid).Mistresses love to add the bright green leaves in salads, soups and sauces.But Allium included in the Red Book of Ukraine, there

fore its collection and sale is prohibited.

not support
various merchants, and wild garlic cultivate yourself through various methods and techniques of ecology: April - is the time for planting bulbs it (they can be purchased from the growers).Flat area or a box on the windowsill, shadow, sufficient moisture - everything you need leeks for active growth.

Our feet just rejoice in the spring - time care for female beauty does not remain: light shoes and boots, no ice and male attention.But this afternoon.In the evening, the ladies complain of swelling, of varying severity, and pain in the legs.What surprised: the legs had to work hard for the day!A person can three times around the Earth at the equator - that distance (around 120,000 kilometers) it overcomes in his life.Women also tend to make repeated round trip with the additional loads: on his heel and with a large bag on his shoulder, to increase the load on the joints significantly.

If the ladies' legs painfully react to a variety of long promenades, while the fold knees heard something similar to the crunch, it is better to prefer a comfortable ballet flats or shoes with low heels wide.Your doctor will help you choose special insoles (insoles), which correctly distribute the load on joints and mute shock during heel contact with the ground.

If we compare the Earth
head baby, the supply of fresh water - it is only a tear in his eyes due to the different methods and techniques of ecology.Scientists predict that by 2050 they almost run out, and more than 4 billion. Will not be able to meet even the daily fluid requirements.Reduce the time spent in the shower at least for a moment - it will save one person 11 -15 liters of water a day.As an option - take the air shower: special nozzle flow of water saturates the air in a ratio of 3 to 1. The volume and light drops refreshed at least pleasant and more economical!

Limit the use of various disposable utensils and plastic bags.Plastic and polyethylene do not decompose in nature in a natural way - in the Pacific already floating "island" that consists entirely of human waste.After eating all this garbage, die every year 100,000 whales, seals, birds and turtles.Make printing on a printer with the two sides of the paper, because for its production chopped wood, spent large amounts of energy and water.Savings of 25 packs of A4 sheets rescued from cutting down a single mature tree, and each page will save the future generations of the various 10 liters of water - so much require the production process.Optimally choose paper made from recycled materials - this is usually referred to in its packaging.

summer temperatures promote
air conditioning, and in winter it to lower the heater to 1,5 ° C.Just think, but the atmosphere will be cleaner at half a ton of carbon dioxide a year!Most use public transport.As the Earth travels more than 750 million cars, polluting the air exhaust.But every liter of gasoline saved you save the atmosphere of 2.3 kg of C02.A weighty reason to think about the car with a small engine capacity or avtogibride.