Thick and long lashes without adding

Girls, have thick and long lashes without capacity, without a doubt are the undoubted demand for men.Recent simply can not miss a girl.

And now let's talk about how to make your eyelashes without building looked great.First, you need to choose the right mascara.You may ask: what it means right?This means that, initially, you have to determine what exactly is missing your lashes: length, volume, curved shape.On this basis, it is necessary to choose the mascara.If your lashes sparse - buy carcasses to create the volume, if short - buy lengthening mascara.Immediately I want to disappoint you: this mascara, which could at the same time create the effect and scope and extension, and incredibly tempting bend just yet.

Long eyelashes without the capacity can be obtained, if cared for properly.You have to make every day to shoot a special tool, with much try to take it easy.First, for a moment put cotton swabs with means on the closed eyes, let alone the means to dissolve the ink and the remnants of other cos

metics, and only then dry them.Make it a rule, no matter how tired you are, you should always clean the face, especially the eyes of makeup.

also lashes do not like when you sleep on your stomach, so you will injure them, shortens their lives.

very good effective way to lengthen the lashes, making them black and expressiveness is castor oil.But in any case, not inside!To strengthen the eyelashes castor oil applied topically, topically.To do this, apply a small amount of oil on the lashes, and then use the brush to smear them carefully.This procedure should be done daily for a month, and if you have the opportunity and desire, it can be longer.

With this tool you can achieve without increasing thick and long lashes.Do not believe me?And try.In addition, because it will be your eyelashes.Consider the cost of their care: compare how much a bottle of castor oil and how much is eyelash.The difference is significant?The most conservative estimate castor oil fifty times cheaper than the eyelash.In addition, capacity is necessary to update every twenty days.Again, the cost of time and money!

tell you about myself.I too used to not believe that it is possible to achieve self-thick and long lashes.So to start, I decided to make eyelash.In addition, I have poor eyesight, and therefore, I have to wear contact lenses.The fact that the lens is not very compatible with the building, I did not consider.Eyelash cost me a tidy sum of money, but they were all the flowers!Berries started later.I usually sleep on your stomach, which is contraindicated after extension.After the first night of the new cilia were left on my pillow.When I put on the lens of the cilia and "left" me and besides, one of them hit me in the eye, which caused unbearable pain.A few lost in the evening, when I took off the lens.Thus, in just a few days, I lost almost all of the cilia, which I built up.You can imagine how I felt sorry for wasted time and money.Then a friend advised me to try castor oil, but it warned that the result will be only a few weeks.I carefully follow its recommendations, on a daily basis is applied to cilia castor oil, and a month later the result struck me very - thick and long lashes without adding!

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